4/9 GCW’S THE COLLECTIVE – ACID CUP 3 – Day 2 report on quarterfinal, semifinal, and finals matches of the tournament

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


APRIL 9, 2021

Announcer: Kevin Gill


Dragon Bane ran around the ring, but was grabbed by Calvin Tankman and he was promptly power bombed by Tankman. This lead to a near fall and then a series of offensive moves for Tankman on Dragon Bane. After a while the two men traded chops, with the mic larger Tankman getting the advantage with a scoop slam. Bane then dodged an assault by Tankman and countered with a hurricanrana.

Bane then followed that up with a top rope dive landing right on the concrete below, leading to a 2 count for bane over Tankman. Bane followed that with a super kick and a Mexican Destroyer, this was followed by a shooting star press for a near fall. Tankman followed up with strikes and a Tankman Driver for the pinfall.

WINNER: Calvin Tankman in 6:40

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun match with the always impressive Tankman having to go against the high flyer Dragon Bane. Tankman looked like the guy to win this whole tournament the way it was booked.)


Lee Moriarty started by getting AJ Gray on the mat and making Gray wrestle his style. Moriarty locked up Gray’s knee, and then transitions to a head lock with his thighs. Gray got to his feet and suplexed Moriarty, changing the match to his style. The two men traded strikes in the corner and in the middle of the ring. The strikes turned to chops and slaps to the face, with Gray winning the exchange, Moriarty’s reward was a suplex into an abdominal stretch.

Moriarty was able to fight back, and he was able to get a waist lock and a German Suplex on Gray. AJ Gray then can back with a handful of strikes of then a big Lariat. Moriarty then made a quick move and rolled up AJ Gray for the Pinfall win.

WINNER: Lee Moriarty in 5:42

(Sage’s Analysis: This was a mild upset to me, but I like putting over Moriarty he is so good.)


Both men started the match with one finger salutes. Cole Radrick passed up a test of strength and tried a leg hook, Arez was having none of that and then grabbed Radrick’s arm and the two tumbled on the mat, then battled on their feet, and then back to the grappling. This lead to both men running into each other, leading to stereo falls and kip ups. Arez then did a dive onto Radrick and then hit a series of kicks on the concrete. In the ring Radrick hit a number of kicks and got a two count on Arez.

Radrick pulled the straps down on his singlet, and the two men slapped each other in a kneeling position and then standing. Arez the hit a back breaker for a near fall. Arez hit a lucha move to grab the back of Radrick and get an abdominal stretch. Arez then had a four limb submission and got a two count from that on Radrick. Cole Radrick hit a bridging suplex for a near fall of his own. Arez hit a missile dropkick, a lariat, and a double stomp off the top rope leading to a near fall for Arez on Radrick. Cole Radrick then hit a power bomb for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Cole Radrick in 8:42

(Sage’s Analysis: I am surprised by this result as well. It makes since to have GCW guys in the semi-finals, but Arez really impressed me in his two matches and I would love to have seen more of him.)


The two men started with a lock up, and a test of strength. leading to summersaults and flips while their hands were locked in together. The hold was broken on the ropes and both men relocked their hands in a second test of strength. This was followed up by many pinning attempts by both men, which finally broke the hand holds. Brayden Lee took the advantage out of this and transitioned to rest holds, Jordan Oilver got control and did the same. Both men, now freed ran the ropes and hit several high paced moves, leading to the outside of the ring. Lee got back into the ring and did a dive, he was caught by Oilver.

Now in control Oilver hit several moves against Lee. Oilver had a head scissors on Lee, Lee was able to get to his feet and hit a fall away slam. Both men got up slowly after this, Oilver put Lee in the corner and the men went to the middle rope. Lee slammed Oilver down to the mat. After this both men traded forearms, chops and slams. Lee hit a springboard clothesline for a near fall, Oilver followed that with a step up kick and a Blue Thunderbomb off of the middle rope for a near fall. Lee hit a poison Rana and a power bomb for a near fall. Oilver dodged a 450 and then he landed a head kick for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Jordan Oilver in 13:06

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match, that had different styles like the Arez and Aramis match yesterday. The matchup of Radrick and Oilver is a fun Semi-final to get to the finals.)


Lee Moriarty ran in toward Calvin Tankman, Tankman picked him up and slammed him down into the mat. Tankman was in control and he began to work the ribs of Moriarty. The attack lasted several minutes. Moriarty got a head kick in when Tankman ran into the corner, he then went to the top rope but was hit by Tankman. That turned into a gut buster off the turnbuckle, sending Moriarty to the floor.

Back in the ring, Moriarty made a comeback and hit a head kick and a double stomp on Tankman. Moriarty then hit numerous kicks on Tankman, Tankman countered and hit another gut buster for a near fall on Moriarty. Moriarty was able to counter and he tried to lock in a sleeper hold, but Tankman comeback. Moriarty responded with several elbows until there was a ref stoppage.

WINNER: Lee Moriarty in 9:23

(Sage’s Analysis: A match that was pretty slow most of the way to protect Moriarty in the Finals. But, the last three minutes were good and I liked the ref stoppage finish.)


Radrick hit a series of German Suplexes to start, Jordan Oilver followed that with a big lariat. Both men traded forearms form a seated position, Cole Radrick hit a drop kick to send Oilver into the ropes, and the a Lionsault onto Oilver. Radrick followed that up with a series of chest kicks, Oilver followed this with a slam to put him his control. The men traded forearms and chops one more, this transitioned both men to the mat in opposite corners.

Oilver hit a German suplex, and then got Radrick into a waist lock, leading to another suplex. The two men battled back and forth with a lot of near falls and neither man was able to get an advantage. Oilver was able to hit a sit-out power bomb and a shinning wizard to get a series of near falls to get us to the end stages of the match. RadRick pulled down his singlet and the two traded slaps on their knees. Oilver hit a Yakuza Kick to get the pinfall win.

WINNER: Jordan Oilver in 8:55

(Sage’s Analysis: This was a really good match, best of the show. It was hard hitting and fast paced form start to finish. I am really surprised that they went this hard even though Oilver has another match to go.)


The men shook hands to start the match, a test of strength followed up to a full body press of Jordan Oilver on top of Lee Moriarty. Oilver and Moriarty then battled over wrist control and locks to the limbs of each other, with both men looking for an advantage. Oilver rolled out to the outside and poured a bottle of water on himself, and he reentered the ring. The two then had another lock up with a test of strength with Lee winning that exchange. This lead to a shoulder check sending Oilver to the mat, but Oilver followed that up with a hip toss and drop kick combo.

The two then traded chops in the corner, Oilver tossed Moriarty into the opposing turnbuckle, Moriarty sold his injured ribs as a result. Oilver tried to slow the match down with a submission move on Moriarty involving both men seated and Moriarty’s arms pulled behind his body. Oilver transitioned to a dragon sleeper hold, and then to a seated full nelson hold. Moriarty countered by torquing both ankles of Oilver. Both men then stood and Oilver Irish Whipped Moriarty, and then vice versa occurred, giving Moriarty the advantage.

The match was no on the outside of the ring, where Oilver was seated on a chair as Moriarty worked the hand of Oilver. Moriarty was then tossed head first into the ring post. Back in the ring, Moriarty continued to work the hands and arm of Oilver. Moriarty had wrist control of the same arm, both men traded slaps, Oilver eventually was able to get out of this predicament.

Both men were down, the referee started a ten count, where both men got up. Moriarty hit a German Suplex for a near fall, Oilver followed that up with a gut kick and then a Yakuza kick for a near fall. Moriarty rolled out of the ring, Oilver followed slamming Moriarty on the ring apron. Moriarty then did a drop off the middle rope and locked in a near arm breaker, but Oilver  transitioned into a Boston Crab and submitted Moriarty.

WINNER: Jordan Oilver in 14:20

(Sage’s Analysis: A really great match, this and the Radrick match were must see matches. Acid Cup 1 winner – Joey Janela (AEW) Acid Cup 2 winner – Chris Dickinson (ROH) Acid Cup 3 winner – Jordan Oilver (???))

Final Thoughts: A really good tournament that gave me and hopefully you a sneak peak into who are going to be big names in wrestling over the next 1-5 years.

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