NXT UK HITS & MISSES 4/29: Kay Lee Ray shines, Gallus on the comeback trail, more


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Teoman vs. Rohan Raja – PUSH

Tonight was the debut of Rohan Raja. This match started out very hard-hitting and Raja came out on fire. Teoman showed why he has a nice upside as well. For his first match on the brand, Raja had a nice showcase in a loss due to ref stoppage.

Kay Lee Ray in-ring segment – HIT

The in-ring segment tonight with the champ was with Sid Scala. They had her come out to talk about her reign as champion and about what’s next for her reign. Sid came out and announced that there would be a five woman Gauntlet Match to crown a new number one contender.

Levi Muir vs Shai Samuels – MISS

This was just a squash match for Samuels to get a win. Muir is a nice-looking young guy and with a little bit more training could be something. This match was nothing special. Shai is a fine heel, but just doesn’t do anything for me in or outside the ring. Shai got the win to bounce back after the tag team loss from last week.

Aoife Valkyrie vs Meiko Satomura – HIT

Another match for the Final Boss Meiko Satomura to show off why she is called the “Final Boss.” This is the biggest test Valkyrie has had in her young career in NXT UK. The match started with both women showing their technical skills. As the match went on the striking from both women was showcased. Having Meiko on your roster provides opportunities for others on the roster. Valkyrie stepped up in this match and showed who she is as a wrestler. Meiko got the win after a good fight between both women.

Symbiosis (Primate, T-bone & Eddie Dennis) vs Gallus – HIT

This was a match that had been built up for the last few weeks and served as a blowoff to the feud. Overall, it was a well wrestled six-man tag. This showed that Gallus is on the comeback and being built to be back up on top in the company. They had to fight back in the match from the bottom, but they did for the win.

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