Radican’s 6/12 Impact Against All Odds blog: results and analysis of Swann vs. Morrisey, Rosemary vs. Purazzo, Omega vs. Moose main event

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)


JUNE 12, 2021

Commentators: Josh Matthews and D-Lo Brown

(1) The Good Brothers vs. Sami Callihan & Tommy Dreamer

Lots of weapons involved. Dreamer room a chair right to the legs and was back up in seconds. Good Brothers hit Dreamer with a Magic Killer through a table, but Callihan made the save. Callihan eventually hit Gallows and then Anderson with a bat. He made the cover on Anderson for the win.

WINNERS: Sami Callihan & Tommy Dreamer in 12:00. (**1/2)

(2) Joe Doering (w/VBD) vs. Satoshi Kohima (w/Eddie Edwards)

Rhino tried to interfere at one point, but Kojima countered him and whipped him into the guardrail. Kojima hit the Koji-cutter late, but Doering countered a clothesline attempt into a big DVD. He the hit a twisting powerbomb for the win. This was a good match, but it didn’t last long enough to really develop into much.

WINNER: Joe Doering in 9:00. (***1/4)

Decay promo. Rosemary said they would become tag team champions.

(3) Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju vs. Petey Williams vs. Trey Miguel – Five Way X Division Chanpionship #1 Contender match

Austin hit a crazy springboard double leg drop on Raju and Bey. He got a two count on Bey. Williams hit a Canadian Destroyer off the top, but Miguel broke up the pin at the last second. Miguel went up top, but Mad Man Fulton came out of nowhere and knocked him down to the floor. Four men attacked Fulton and he hit them with sick combination move. He tried to drag Ace Austin on the top of the pile, but the red ruled it a no contest. Fulton helped Austin to the back after the match.

The action was really good until Fulton interfered. The announcers indicated the situation would be resolved on Impact this week.

WINNER: No contest in 12:00. (***)

An ad played for Slammiversary teasing the appearance of wrestlers. The screen flashed and showed Kazuchika Okada, Samoa Joe, and Chelsea Green.

They showed a shot of Daily’s Place.

(4) W. Morrisey vs. Rich Swann

Morrisey dominated the action early. Swann went after his legs, but he just powered right through it. Swann mounted a comeback and jumped off the steps and knocked Morrisey up with a running kick. Swann then hit a 450 to the floor from the apron! Wow! Swann hit a 450 off the top a short time later for a near fall. Morrison sat up and Swann kicked him right in the face. Swann hit a Phoenix splash off the top, but Morrisey countered it and held onto Swann. He stood up and hit a F5!

Swann countered a chokeslam and went for a handspring, but Morrisey nailed him with a big boot. Morrisey hit a power bomb and then held on for a second one. Morrisey stood over Swann told him to bring it and Morrisey hit a big twisting power bomb for the win.

It’s clear Impact is comfortable pushing Morrisey higher up the card given how he was portrayed in this match while getting the win over Swann. It was a very impressive win.

WINNER: W.Morrisey in 13:00. (***1/2)

Deonna Purazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan were interviewed backstage. Purrazo told them tonight is their night to prove themselves to her.

(5) Jordynne Grace (w/Rachel Ellering) vs. Tennile Dashwood (w/Kaleb with a K)

Grace and Ellering won the tag titles from Fire & Flava and then lost them back. Kaleb interfered and helped Tennile drag a Grace from the apron to the floor with the red distracted by Ellering, who was protesting the interference. Grade mounted a comeback and hit a big running double knee strike to the back and then a sliding elbow in the same corner. Kaleb tried to drag Tenille away from Grace, but he couldn’t get a grip on her hand as Grace drove her away:

Tenille kept going after Grace’s shoulders during the match. She mounted a comeback and hit a crossbody out of the corner for a nearfall. Tenille got a deep cover, but Grace got the bottom rope to break the stacked pin. Grace got a rear naked choke, but Kaleb distracted the red. Ellering took Kaleb off the apron. Grace screamed at Ellering for helping. A short time later Tenille rolled her up with a small package for the win.

Grace ran back into the ring after the match and Tenille shoved Kaleb in front of her. She nailed him with a Michinoku Driver. This was good, but there’s been a lot of interference up and down the card. It seems like it’s too soon to tease tension between Grace and Ellering.

WINNER: Tenille Dashwood in 12:00. (***1/4)

Brian Myers and Sam Beale were watching the matches on a monitor. Myers was quizzing Beale on what he was learning. Jake Something walked in and told Beale not to listen to Myers. Something and Myers went face to face. Myers quizzed Beale on what he learned. Jake Something walked by and told Beale to do the opposite of whatever Myers told him. Something challenged Myers who told Beale to write down in his notes not to take the bait before walking off.

(6) Impact Women’s Tag Team Champions Fire & Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) vs. Susan & Kimber Lee

Lee floated over Hogan in the corner and favored her knee. Susan ran into the ring and raked her eyes as the red checked on Lee. Lee “recovered” and caught a charging Steelz with a kick to the head. Steelz finally countered Lee with a modified rana. Lee and Steelz both tagged out and Hogan ran wild. They did a really strange spot where Lee tagged in Susan. Susan was rocked, but she got a leg submission on Hogan. Lee went up and hit a swanton on Hogan after she had fought off Susan. The announcers said this was all part of Lee’s plan. Steelz wiped out Susan with a missile drop kick. Then she finished off Lee with a big frog splash for the win. This was really good from start to finish minus the one spot that made no sense.

WINNERS: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz in 10:00 to retain the Impact Women’s Tag Team Championship. (***1/4)

(7) Impact Tag Team Champions VBD (Deaner & Rhino w/Eric Young)vs. Decay (Black Taurus & Crazy Steve)

Taurus got worked over early, but he fired back on Deaner and tagged in Steve. Steve ran wild and got a cross face on Deaner. Young shouted at him not to give up. The action is we really good as both teams went back and forth. Young distracted the ref and Rhino tripped a Steve up top late. Deaner then hit the Deaner DDT for the win. A lot of these matches have had interference, but the action was good.

WINNERS: Cody Deaner & Rhino in 11:00 to retain the Impact Tag Team Championship. (***1/4)

A vignette for Maclin aired

They showed footage of Rosemary pinning Deonna Purazzo in a tag match.

(8) Knockouts Champion Deonna Purazzo vs. Rosemary

Rosemary ran wild early and hit a modified Slingblade. They went to the floor and Rosemary hit an exploded on the ramp. Purazzo fired back and kicked Rosemary’s arm while it was wrapped inside the ring post. Purazzo went after Rosemary’s arm once they got back into the ring. Rosemary morning noted a comeback and hit another exploded inside the ring. She went for a submission, but couldn’t lock her hands due to the work on her arm. She struggled and finally got the submission locked in, but Purazzo quickly countered it. Rosemary transitioned and got a vice grip submission. Purazzo countered and got Venus de Milo. Rosemary struggled but got to the ropes with her feet.

Purazzo got on top of Rosemary a short time later and took her knee brace off. She let go of it and kicked Rosemary, but Rosemary sat up. She them hit a big spear for a nearfall. Purazzo hit another pump kick a short time later and didn’t wait for Rosemary to sit up. She followed up right away with a piledriver for the win. This was a really good women’s match.

WINNER: Deonna Purazzo in 12:00 to retain the Knockouts Championship. (***3/4)

Matthews and Brown recapped the action that had gone down on the card.

Matthews and Brown then pitched to Daily’s place for the main event.

A video package aired for the main event.

They went to Daily’s place. Tony Schivone and Scott D’Amore were on commentary. Don Callis joined them after coming out with Omega. Omega came out wearing the Impact, AAA, and AEW titles.

D’Amore said Sami Callihan would not appear at the event.

(9) Impact World Champion Kenny Omega vs. Moose

Omega went for Rise of the Terminator early, but Moose popped up on the apron. Moose grabbed Kenny by the throat, but he swatted it away and booted him off the apron. He then followed up with Rise of the Terminator. Moose caught Omega coming off the top rope. They went back and forth. Omega missed You Cant Escape and Moose kipped up and hit a standing moonsault!

Moose mocked Omega’s gun point pose and went for a running boot against the barricade, but Omega got out of the way and he crashed into a pile of empty chairs at ringside. Omega raked Moose’s eyes at ringside and drove his shoulder into the ringpost a short time later. Omega went after Moose’s arm back inside the ring.

Moose broke out of a triangle attempt with a power bomb. Moose caught Omega with a big delayed corner drop kick. Omega fired back and caught Moose with a huge V-trigger for a 2 count. They traded forearms a short time later. Omega turned Moose inside out and then hit a double under hook piledriver, but he sent Moose shoulder-first into the mat with it.

Omega went up top, but Moose surprised him by running up the ropes and hitting a Spanish Fly. He was slow to make the cover and only got a two count. Moose went for another spear, but Omega pulled the ref in the way.

The Young Bucks ran out and hit Moose with a bunch of super kicks and the BTE trigger. They helped Omega lift Moose up for the One-Winged Angel. Omega hit it and the Young Bucks rolled the ref over so he could make the count. The ref slept counted to three.

The lights went out whole The Young Bucks were dancing. Nick was doing the Dude Love dance. Sami Callihan was in the ring and he went wiped out Omega. Don Callis got on the mic and told Callihan to think about what he was doing. Callihan out a chair around Omega’s head. Callis told Callihan he was fired. Callihan let go of the chair and Omega rolled out of the ring. Callis and D’Amore argued to close the show. (****1/4)

WINNER: Kenny Omega in 23:00 to retain the Impact World Championship. (****1/4)

This was a really good main event. The interference made sense, but it seemed like there was interference in almost every match on the show, which dragged it down. I liked this show a lot overall.

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