7/17 IMPACT SLAMMIVERSARY REPORT: Radican’s results & analysis of Ulitimate X match, Purrazzo vs. Thunder Rosa, Omega vs. Callihan

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)


JULY 17, 2021

Announcers: D-Lo Brown and Matt Striker


(a) FIRE N FLAVA (KIERA HOGAN & TASHA STEELZ) vs. HAVOC & ROSEMARY (W/DECAY) – Knockout Tag Team Championship match

There wasn’t much to this one. Rosemary got worked over early and then she mounted a comeback and tagged in Havoc. They built up to a spot where Steelz hit a big dive to the floor to wipe out Rosemary and Steve. Havoc countered a sleeper from Hogan into a tombstone for the win.

WINNERS: Havoc & Rosemary in 9:00 to become the new Knockout Tag Team Champions. (*¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: I really think Impact is making a mistake with the inconsistent push of Hogan and Steelz. They just lost the titles and won them back. Now they lost them again and there’s not a clear direction for them coming out of this match.)


The show began with Impact Wrestling Champion Kenny Omega arriving at the venue with Don Callis. They went through a private backdoor entrance. Sami Callihan was shown walking into the building in front of a bunch of excited fans.

(1) JOSH ALEXANDER vs. TREY MIGUEL vs. ACE AUSTIN vs. PETEY WILLIAMS vs. ROHIT RAJU vs. CHRIS BEY – X Division Championship Ultimate X match

Shera and Fulton are banned from ringside. They won’t be in Raju and Austin’s respective corners. Rohit tried to jump off the top to grab the title, but he came off well short and landed on his feet. Alexander then wiped him out with a big kick. The cameras missed what appeared to be a spectacular dive from Miguel to the floor. Rohit and Austin battled up the structure over the top turnbuckle. Raju pushed Austin to the floor and he wiped out a pile of men. It turned out Austin turned the shove into a moonsault. Raju was alone in the ring and he tossed a rope up to the capables. He then used the rope to climb up to the cables, but Williams cut him off. That was a clever spot.

Raju got a long hook and tried to get the X Division Championship off the cables with it, but Miguel cut him off. They did a five way submission with Alexander being tossed Miguel’s leg for an ankle lock. WOW. Alexander draped his arms and legs over the ropes, but Raju knocked him off with a chairshot and he had a rough fell off the cables down to the mat. Bey was climbing with his arms and legs across the cables and Austin came off the ropes and caught him with a cutter and the fans lost their minds. Alexander had Bey and Williams on his shoulders. Williams had been climbing the cables and he turned it into a double Canadian Destroyer! Alexander hit C4 on Williams a short time later. Alexander and Bey fought on the cables. Both men got the title off the cables. Austin tried to grab it with a springboard. Alexander finally fought off Bey and he was left up top alone with the title.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 22:00 to retain the X-division Championship. (****¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a tremendous opener. Raju was fantastic here, coming up with different ways to try to get to the title when he wasn’t able to climb up to the cables. The action was non-stop start to finish with some crazy spots mixed in. Some of the spots weren’t smooth, but overall this was great.)

They went backstage to Gia Miller. Don Callis came out of Kenny Omega’s locker room. Callis said Dreamer’s power was increasing and his blading fingers were all over the No DQ stipulation. Callis said if it weren’t for Impact Wrestling, he’d be in jail for attacking people with his bat. Callis called Callihan a sociopath that will do anything and Impact put him in a No DQ match. He said he didn’t want to see Omega scarred by a piece of garbage like Callihan. Callis ran down a fake timeline of events in Omega’s life that he had been there for. One of them was being drafted first in the NHL draft. He said Omega is a God and Callihan can’t kick out of the One Winged Angel. After Omega delivers that move, his work in Impact will finally be done. ‘

Brian Meyers was out first with Sam Beale. Tennille Dashwood was out next with Kaleb. Matt Cardona was out next. A video played and it was Chelsea Green doing her hot mess gimmick. The fans applauded as Cardona and Green kissed. The announcers said Chelsea had a cast on her arm, but had been cleared by doctors.

Green and Dashwood went at it before the bell, but they were pulled apart before the match started.


Meyers dominated the action and worked over Cardona during the early going. Cardona tried to tag out at one point, but Dashwood dragged Green off the apron. Green got the hot tag and ran wild. Dashwood went for a low blow on Cardona a short time later, but Cardrona was wearing a cup. Cardona gave Meyers a gas mask and Green gave him a Destroyer. Cardona wiped out Beale and Kaleb with a dive to the floor. Green ended up hitting a low blow on Dashwood with her cast. She then finished off Dashwood with the Unprettier for the win.

The fans chanted welcome back as Cardona posed Macho Man style with Green playing Elizabeth.

WINNERS: Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green in 6:30. (**3/4)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was short and perfect with what they were going for. It wasn’t a huge surprise that Green was Cardona’s mystery partner, but the crowd was thrilled to see her anyway and she looked good here in limited in-ring time.)


Morissey hit a SOS slam early. He sent Edwards to the floor and continued to work him over. Edwards blocked a kick and sent Morrisey’s leg into the ringpost. Morrisey shook it off and knocked Edwards off the apron and into the guardrail. The fans fired up and chanted for Edwards, but Morrisey tied him up in the ropes and pounded his chest over and over. Edwards suddenly countered a suplex and hit one of his own. They went back to the floor and Edwards backdropped Morrisey on the ramp. He then caught him near the apron with the Boston Knee Party. Morrison beat the ref’s count at 7. He walked into the ring and hit a F5 that sent Edwards knee-first into the mat.

They went up top and Edwards fired up and hit several headbutts. He then hit a sunset bomb and a big punt kick. Edwards then hit a blue thunder bomb for a nearfall. Edwards went for a charge, but Morrisey dragged the ref in the way. Morrisey then caught him with a running boot. Morrisey set up Edwards for a big move, but Edwards countered it. Edwards ate a punch from Morrisey, but bounced off the ropes and hit a Boston Knee Party. Morrisey rolled to the floor and when Edwards came through the ropes he had a chain wrapped around his fist that the ref couldn’t see. Morrisey hit a punch. He then hit a big powerbomb on Edwards for the win.

WINNER: W. Morrisey in 11:00. (**¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: Morrisey and Edwards didn’t have great chemistry. Morrisey looked good here, but Edwards has a lot of size on him and didn’t sell as well for Morrisey as well as some of his other opponents have.

The goal here seemed to be to push Morrisey and protect Edwards in the loss, which hurt the match a little.)

A video aired with someone painting long live the king on a canvas.

A fan was interviewed at ringside about who he wanted to see. Fulton and Shera came down to the ring. THey were yelling at the ref. The announcers said they were still upset about being banned from the Ultimate X match. Scott D’Amore came out and played to the chants of his name.

He said he know Fulton and Shera were upset about being banned from ringside. He asked if they were ready for action. He said instead of having security remove them he had a couple of guys ready to beat them up. FinJuice then came out to a big ovation.


The announcers said this was free wrestling even though it’s on the PPV. Fulton and Shera argued. Finlay ended up pinning Fulton a short time later for the win.

WINNERS: David Finlay & Juice Robinson in 2:00. (n/a)

(Radican’s Analysis: That was a pointless way to fit FinJuice onto the card as a surprise.)

Moose was out first to face Chris Sabin. He had a really nice silver and yellow ring robe on that covered half his chest. It looked like a fancy toga.


Moosed missed a running dropkick in the corner. Sabin went after Moose’s leg with a dragon screw. Moose missed another running dropkick and Sabin hit a hurricanrana and another dragon screw. He then locked in a figure 4 on Moose. Moose finally caught Sabin with a running lawn dart in the corner to cut off his momentum. Moose launched Sabin across the ring a short time later with a one-armed biel. Moose eventually went up top after jawing with the crowd. He went for a moonsault, but Sabin rolled out of the way.

Sabin pulled the ropes on Moose as he charged at him and he spilled to the floor. Sabin had the upper hand, but Moose nailed him with a fallaway moonsault slam. Both men were down as the fans went crazy. Sabin smartly rolled to the floor to avoid the pin. Sabin charged at Moose a short time later, but Moose powerbombed him into the apron. Moose then picked Sabin up and swung him from side to side into the guardrail. They went back and forth and Sabin got a leverage for the upset win.

WINNER: Chris Sabin in 14:00. (***1/2)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a really good match. Sabin tried to chop down Moose’s legs during the early portion of the match. Moose then mounted a good comeback and ran wild on Sabin in spectacular fashion, as Sabin got swung around like a wrecking ball. The result was a bit of a surprise, but there’s definitely room for this feud to continue.)

Decay was shown backstage with the Impact Knockout Tag Team Championship. Rosemary said they shed blood to win the titles. Decay closed the promo chanting Decay together and laughing.

A video package aired for the tag title match.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack were out first. Fallah Bah came out and said Impact asked if he could find a replacement for TJP. He said that he said no way Jose. No Way Jose then came out to be his partner.


The match started slowly with The Good Brothers controlling the action. They worked over Swann for a long period of time. Swann fired back on Gallows. Gallows tagged in Anderson, but Swann caught him with an enzuguri. Swann finally tagged in Jose, who ran wild. Anderson cut him off with a big spinebuster and Doering ended up tagging into the match. Gallows tagged in and the two big men began trading blows.

Everyone broke Gallows and Doering apart. The action picked up and Fallah was left in the ring with Swann. Swann had the upper hand, but he walked right into a Samoan Drop. Mack ran into the ring and hit a Samoan Drop on Bah. Doering hit a big Rainmaker variation on Jose a short tie later. He made a lazy cover, but Swann shoved Rhino into him to break up the pin. Rhino tagged in and set up for a Gore on Jose. Gallows distracted Rhino and Anderson nailed him with a Gun Stun. Gallows tagged in and hit the Magic Killer on on Rhino for the win.

WINNERS: Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows in 10:00. (***)

Omega was shown backstage glaring into the camera. Sami Callihan was also shown staring into a camera backstage.

(Radican’s Analysis: This started slow, but it got really good late. It seems like a smart move to put the belts on Gallows and Anderson, who are getting a lot of exposure in AEW lately working with Omega and The Young Bucks.)

A video package on Deonna Purrazzo aired showing her tapping out various women in Impact. She is facing a mystery opponent tonight.

Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo was out first. The announcers wondered who she could be facing. Thunder Rosa ended up coming out to face Purrazzo. Rosa got a big pop coming out for the match. Rosa got right in Purrazzo’s face when she got into the ring

(7) DEONNA PURRAZZO vs. THUNDER ROSA – Knockout Championship match

Rosa got a rollup for a nearfall. She then hit a big dropkick on Purrazzo against the ropes. Purrazzo caught Rosa coming through the ropes and hit an elevated divorce court. The fans booed as Purrazzo played to the fans. Purrazzo got a standing crucifix, but Rosa drove her into the turnbuckles. They battled up top and Rosa shoved Purrazzo to the mat. She then nailed her with a missile dropkick. Rosa sold her arm before getting to her feet.

Rosa had the upper hand, but Purazzo hit an Italian leg sweep. She locked in a Fujiwara arm bar. She went for the Venus De Milo, but Rosa countered it into a choke. Purrazzo countered and got the Fujiwara in. Rosa escaped, but Purrazzo nailed her with a suplex for a 2 count. Rosa kicked out and Purrazzo immediately grabbed her wrist. Rosa countered and hit a DVD onto her knee. She sat on top and grabbed her leg, but Purrazzo kicked out at the last second.

Rosa went up top, but Purrazzo cut her off. She sent Purrazzo down to the mat with a big headbutt. Rosa came off the top and hit a double stomp to Purrazzo’s back. She set up and stacked pinning combination with both of Deonna’s legs over her head, but she kicked out at the last second. Both women traded blows. Purrazzo hit a jumping pump kick. Purrazzo fired back with a buzzsaw kick. Purrazzo got a jackknife for a nearfall. She then hit the Queen’s Gambit for the win.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo in 10:00. (***¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a fantastic match. I wish they had had another three to four minutes to let the match build a little more. This was very good and the crowd really enjoyed Rosa as Purrazzo’s surprise opponent.)

Mickie James’s’ music played just when Purrazzo was about to get on the mic. The fans chanted welcome back at James, who said it was good ot be in front of a live audience. She said Nashville loves hardcore country. Purrazzo said this was her moment and her division. James said she was right. She told her she isn’t there to fight. James mentioned she’s the VP of NWA Empower. She said she was here for the best and she invited Purrazzo to come to Empower. Purrazzo said every company wants her.

Purrazzo said she didn’t respect her enough to let her have her moment. She told James to grab her moment and get the hell out. James nailed Purrazzo with a slap. Purrazzo shoved James, who nailed him with a kick to the head.

The next Impact Plus special is on July 31 with a mixed tag tournament. D-Lo then said their next big PPV was Bound For Glory. He said they’re going to the desert. A video package aired showing Las Vegas scenery. New Japan and AAA logos floated over the screen.

They went to a video package for the Omega vs. Callihan main event.

Sami Callihan was out first. Don Callis came out to his music next. The fans chanted you got fired at him. Impact World Champion Kenny Omega was out last. Omega also carried the AEW World Championship and the AAA Mega Championship. The fans chanted you suck at Omega.

David Penzer did the formal ring introduction. Callis interrupted Penzer and the fans chanted you got fired at him. He said real men don’t quit, they get fired. Callis then did his over-the-top introduction of Omega. He said that Omega is tougher than Nick Gage.

(8) KENNY OMEGA (W/DON CALLIS) vs. SAMI CALLIHAN – No DQ Impact World Championship match

Callihan attacked Omega at the bell and hit a piledriver for a nearfall. Callis joined the commentary booth. Callihan threw a bunch of weapons into the ring and grabbed a headlock, which got a pop from the crowd. Callihan tried to carve Omega’s forehead with a fork, but Omega fended him off. Callihan charged at Omega in the corner with the fork. Omega got out of the way and he stuck the fork into the top turnbuckle. OMega went for a rollup, but Callihan took out a pizza cutter and raked it across Omega’s head. Omega came up bleeding as Callis complained about Dreamer and D’Amore for allowing the match to be a No DQ.

Brown and Striker asked Callis why he was complaining after he put Omega over as a deathmatch god. Callihan set up for a dive, but Omega nailed him with a trash can lid. Blood was shown pouring down Omega’s face. Omega tossed a bunch of plunder into the ring. Omega hit a moonsault with the trash can. It looked like he got a bad angle and the announcers said he got Callihan’s ankle. Omega set up for a One Winged Angel, but Callihan escaped. He rolled up Omega, who kicked out sending Callihan right into a chair set up between the turnbuckles. Callis left the booth to talk some trash before going back to the booth. Omega got a fork and went after Callihan’s forehead. Callihan was also bleeding heavily. Callihan got stabbed multiple times with the fork. Omega then dug the fork into his mouth.

They went to the floor and Omega tossed Callihan into the guardrail. Callihan fired back and went for a chop, but Omega ducked and he chopped the ringpost. Omega then suplexed Callihan back-first onto the apron. The fans chanted for Tables. Omega set a table up on top of Callihan and hit a double stomp off the apron onto the table. Omega set up a table at ringside and they went at it on the apron. They eventually stood on top of the table. Omega set up for a piledriver. Callihan grabbed Omega’s groin to block it. This is the sturdiest bumping table ever. Callihan set up Omega and hit a piledriver and the fans went nuts.

Callihan ended up powerbombing Omega into a board set up in the corner. The fans gasped when Omega kicked out. Callihan went under the ring and got a chair wrapped in barbed wire. He set up Omega’s for a Razor’s Edge onto the chair, but Omega slipped out and hit a V-Trigger. He then hit a bulldog onto the steel chair, a powerbomb onto the steel chair, and a V-Trigger, but Callihan grabbed the ropes at the last second to break up the pin!

Omega set up a pile of plunder and superplexed Callihan through it for a nearfall. Omega hit a V-Trigger against the ropes. He set up for the One Winged Angel, but Callihan slipped out. Omega countered a piledriver. Omega was up top and Callihan dragged him out of the corner into a tombstone on the chair covered in barbed wire for a nearfall! WOW! Omega threw a bunch of salt in Callihan’s face. A blinded Callihan hit a piledriver on the ref. Omega hit a belt shot to Callihan’s head with the ref down. Omega hit a piledriver on the belt. The fans counted to 11 and a ref ran down and Callihan kicked out at the last second.

Omega punched the second ref. The Good Brothers tried to come down, but Sabin and Edwards cut them off. Callihan hit a double underhook piledriver for a tremendous nearfall due to the first ref slowly waking up and making the count. WOW! THe fans chanted for Callihan. Callihan went under the ring and got thumbtacks. Callis said this is ridiculous on commentary. Callis ran to the apron to distract Callihan. Omega tossed a bunch of tacks into Callihan’s face after he sent Callis running. Omega hit a big V-Trigger. He then kneeled into the tacks and hit a big V-Trigger for a two count. Omega sold shock. He got more tacks and shoved them down Callihan’s mouth. Omega then hit a huge V-Trigger. Omega then hit a One Winged Angel onto the tacks for the win.

WINNER: Kenny Omega in 28:00 to retain the Impact World Championship. (****¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: Man that was incredible. Kenny went all out here doing a hardcore match against Callihan. Omega totally leaned into Callihan’s strengths and they had a crazy match from start to finish. It was an old school hardcore brawl. The fans added a ton to the match going nuts for the big spots. The finish was awesome as well with Omega using the tacks that Callihan introduced into the match to his advantage to put Callihan away.)

After the match, Callis yelled at Callihan. The Good Brothers came out to celebrate with Omega. Matthews said there are so many sides to Omega, who continues to have great matches night after night. The lights went out and Bullet Club music played. Jay White’s music played and Jay White slowly walked out holding the NEVER Openweight Champion.

The fans chanted Switchblade. Omega and The Good Brothers with Callis backed away to the opposite side of the ring. White stood opposite Omega. The Good Brothers and Omega threw up the too sweet. White stalled and they went off the air. It sounded like someone else was coming to the ring as the show went off the air.

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  1. Why the fuck does Impact continue to write matches in which their wrestler loses the match to a guy who doesn’t even wrestle for the company. I get the invasion angle but I don’t understand why Impact wrestlers lose to Omega on Impact PPV’s??. IMO, Omega is not that good, and he’s certainly not the best of all times, and Callis is nothing more than a loud mouth punk. Also, why put the Impact tag titles back with Gallows and Anderson??? They show up more in AEW than for the company they get a paycheck from.

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