9/11 ROH TV RESULTS: Pageot’s alt-perspective on Violence Unlimited vs. La Facción Ingobernable for the tag titles, The Briscoes vs. Bandido & Horus, Woods vs. Ferrara under pure rules

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


SEPTEMBER 11, 2021

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Opening theme.

-Quinn McKay was at the news desk and hyped it being Death Before Dishonor weekend. She ran down tonight’s card.

-The Briscoes were out first for the opening contest. They got a backstage promo where Mark tried to speak Spanish. Jay said they were back on the road to the top.

Rey Horus was out alone, followed by the world champion. They also had a backstage promo. Horus said this was his first time facing The Briscoes. Bandido said they’d show them the real lucha libre.


Horus and Jay started but Jay requested Bandido. Bandido escaped some chain wrestling and posed. They traded headscissors and had a stare down heading into the break. [C]

The Briscoes had Horus isolated and double-teamed him. The brothers took the luchadors to ringside and ran Bandido into the barricade. Bandido caught a blind tag, though, and took out both opponents with a springboard crossbody. The Brisoes quickly took control of Bandido. Horus eventually got the tag and the faces hit some tandem moves on the heels. Everything broke down. Horus ate a Doomsday Device for the win.

WINNERS: The Briscoes in 10:38.

-Code of honor exchanged and the heels(?) hugged the faces. [C]

(Pageot’s Perspective: This is hopefully one of the final empty arena episodes. It’s great that they’re being safe as the pandemic drags on but it’s really hurting the product. The broadcast team can only inject so much energy as two people. If they feel confident enough to have fans at the pay-per-views then there’s no reason not to at TV. In front of a live crowd, this would have been a fine match. In an empty arena, it feels like dress rehearsal.)

-Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham joined commentary for the pure rules match.

Will Ferrara was out first with one of his students(?) accompanying him. He got a backstage promo where he acknowledged being in ROH for a long time. Gresham showed him that his best days are still to come.

Woods also got a pre-taped promo. He respects Ferrara but the pure title belongs to him.


Gutwrench throw from Woods. Ferrara into the corner and he took a big hiptoss. Ferrara grabbed the ropes to prevent another and that counted as his first use. Gorilla lock from Woods. Ferrara used his second rope break. [C]

Ferrara targeted Woods’ left arm but Woods continued to overpower him. Another gutwrench throw from Woods. Woods was too fixated on Gresham and it allowed Ferrara to catch him with a short arm scissor. Woods stood up and slammed Ferrara with one arm. Ferrara used his third rope break to block a German suplex. Elbow to the chin from Woods. Rolling German with a bridge for the pin.

WINNER: Josh Woods in 6:18.

-Woods and Gresham went face to face by the broadcast table.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Decent little match but I maintain that six championships is ridiculous for a company with only one hour of weekly TV. Dropping the six-man titles and TV title at this point would give a real boost to the tag and pure titles and make every belt feel more important and prestigious but I just don’t see that happening. If anything, they’ll probably add women’s tag titles next year and we can get to a point with the pay-per-views where every match is a title match.)

-Brief video recap of Miranda Alize and Rok-C advancing to the finals of the Women’s Championship tournament last week. [C]

-Shane Taylor joined commentary for the main event. Riccaboni clarified that this one was originally planned for the pay-per-view but they elected to bump it to TV so that Lee and King wouldn’t have to wrestle twice on Sunday.

Backstage promo from King and the TV champ. Lee said the dragon has returned. King said the smartest people would win and LFI never lost the tag titles.

Pre-taped promo from the tag champs with general threats about violence.

(3) VIOLENCE UNLIMITED (Homicide & Chris Dickinson) vs. LA FACCIÓN INGOBERNABLE (Kenny King & ROH World Television Champion Dragon Lee) – ROH WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP

Homicide and King started. [C]

Dickinson and Homicide isolated and worked over Lee. King tagged in and distracted the ref so Lee could get a shot in on Homicide. [C]

Dickinson with the hot tag. Everything broke down. Lee took out Dickinson with a suicide dive. Royal Flush from King to Dickinson but he kicked out. King took out Homicide on the floor. Dickinson and Lee traded forearms. Dragonscrew leg whip to Lee. Incinerator knee from Lee to Dickinson for the pin.

WINNERS: Lee & King in 14:08 to capture the tag titles.

-LFI spoke into the camera and sent a message to Shane Taylor Promotions.

(Pageot’s Perspective: I’ve only been back as an ROH viewer for a month and a half so I’m still getting acclimated to the newer acts like these two stables. For a new viewer, neither duo really feels much like a traditional ROH tag team and much more like two singles wrestlers randomly partnered up. As such, it’s hard to get too excited about either team holding the gold. Dragon Lee is now a double champion again, something which seems like it will be inevitable going forward when you have a small roster with six championships.)

Death Before Dishonor lineup update:

Eli Isom vs. Dalton Castle
Jake Atlas vs. Taylor Rust
The OGK vs. The Briscoes
Josh Woods vs. Jonathan Gresham for the pure title
LFI vs. Shane Taylor Promotions for the trios title
Rok-C vs. Miranda Alize for the women’s title
Bandido vs. Brody King vs. Demonic Flamita vs. EC3 for the world title

That’s this Sunday on pay-per-view and Honor Club.

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