9/22 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on AEW Grand Slam Kenny Omega vs. Bryan Danielson, Britt Baker vs. Ruby Soho, Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


The crowd went wild as the bell rang, before the men locked up. The two talked in the middle of the ring and then began the physical contest with a collar and elbow tie up. Kenny hit a chop and Danielson wiped it off, the two locked up once more. Danielson hit a mid kick forcing Omega to the mat, He then had wrist control and worked mat holds on Omega. Kenny was hit out of the ring, he came back in and then chopped Bryan several times, sending him to one knee.

The two engaged in a test of strength, with Danielson switching and snapping the wrist of Omega. Danielson then landed hard chops and kicks in on Omega. Omega was sent to the outside once more and then Danielson dove out onto Omega, Danielson then threw Omega into the ring post and then threw him back in the ring, where he landed a double knee on the arm/shoulder of Omega.

Danielson was in control of the match and had numerous rest holds, Omega then countered and used several stomps and chops to regain control of the contest. Omega then slowed the match down with knees, elbows and chops. Kenny attempted the you cannot escape, and Danielson could not. Kenny went for the moonsault after and Danielson got his knees up and he regained control. Danielson dodged with a backflip and a running knee and then a running big boot.

Danielson then hit kicks in the corner and then hit a top rope hurricanrana leading to a two count. Omega was able to hit a snap hurricanrana to get Danielson off his feet, and out of the ring. Omega then jumped over the top rope and dove onto Danielson. After a flurry Danielson was able to lock in the cattle mutilation hold, Omega was able to break the hold. Omega rolled to the outside after, Danielson did a knee to the outside and then kicked Omega. Omega hit a snap German suplex on the entrance ramp. Omega then ran down the length of the ramp and hit a super V-Trigger. [c]

Omega controlled during the break, Omega then hit a buckle bomb that threw Danielson over the top rope and onto the apron. Omega then hit a missile drop kick and got a two count for his troubles. Omega went for a full nelson, and it was countered. Omega then went for a a German, then a knee to the neck. The two men were on the middle rope, here Kenny went for a suplex. Danielson dodged and then he hit a backdrop off of the top rope.

Danielson and Omega got up at the same time, they traded chops, kicks, elbows and knees. Danielson then hit a tight suplex and got a near fall on Omega. Danielson tried to get to the top rope, he was cut down. Omega then went for an avalanche snap dragon, hitting it. Omega went for the cover and got a near fall. Omega did the finger gun and hit Danielson with a V-Trigger. He then set up for the OWA, but Danielson countered with a poison hurricanrana.

Omega went for a second V-Trigger, Danielson dodged and hit some kicks. Danielson went for a running knee, Omega countered with a power bomb and another V-trigger. Omega then went to the top rope and went for a phoenix splash, but Danielson rolled out of the way. Danielson then hit several body kicks, while Omega responded with elbows. Danielson then kicked Omega in the head, he then stomped the head of Omega and locked in the labelle lock, Omega dodged and the announcers said there wa son 45 seconds left in the match. The men were on their knees and traded shots as the bell rang.

The two men continued to fight, The Young Bucks and Adam Cole ran out to save Kenny Omega.

WINNER: Draw in 30:00

(Sage’s Analysis: I feel like my initial reaction will evolve in the coming days. But, I loved this match for the first 29:15. The story to me was that of two students and fans of the sport doing a history of wrestling for a new audience. The fist five minutes were really slow and plodding like a match from the 50’s and 60’s the match then ramped up slowly (with some insane dives mixed in) before having the climax of the match. This was Omega’s ramp length V-Trigger until the last near fall. It was really all you can ask for when it comes to psychology and in ring athleticism. I did not like the announcement of 45 seconds left and the finish, with the AEW standard run in. But, I do get it in terms of booking. I just think having the courage to have Omega win or lose in this spot would have been more impactful. The rematch now has to be at least 45 minutes.)

-Daniel Bryan ate a super kick and then Jurassic Express and Christian Cage came out and made the save. [c]

-CM Punk came out to the ring to talk about his match later tonight (shown on Rampage). He said that he was glad he was not wrestling after that match. He then said New York City to get the applause, he said that people are saying they want the old CM Punk, he said careful what you wish for. He then called out Hobbs and Team Taz, he said he wants to have a mean face, but the crowd makes him happy. He said that when his music hits he is happy and smiling, and he is happy to see everyone. He said that Team Taz wants to take it all away from him. But they won’t, he said that he needs this, he said wrestling was his once again. He then said that Hobbs should have finished the job, but he didn’t and now his is gonna tuck his ass in and put Hobbs to sleep. [c]


MJF offered handshake to start, Pillman Jr. took him down with a double leg takedown. Pillman won and exchange of counters and hit arm drags and backdrops against MJF. This was quickly countered and both men traded chops in the ropes. Pillman hit some moves to show that he could outsmart MJF. This was not taken kindly as MJF hit a shot in the mouth of Pillman.

MJF then stomped on the hand of Pillman and then transitioned into a headlock. Pillman was able to counter and get a few pinning attempt that lead to a number of two counts. MJF then countered and got control of the match. [c]

MJF was in control throughout the break, Pillman was able to counter a punch. He then hit a hammerlock slam off the middle rope and then he slammed MJF’s head in the turnbuckle numerous times. MJF countered as Pillman played it up to the crowd, Pillman went for a dive, but MJF grabbed Julia Hart and used her as a human shield. Julia got in Max’s face and Pillman hit a baseball slide out onto MJF and there him into the ring. MJF then countered a top rope move and locked in The Salt of the Earth and tapped out.

WINNER: MJF in 11:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A really solid match that made Pillman look legitimate with the venue, event and length of match. No match wa going to look amazing after the opener and this type of match worked for me in this spot.)

-Jericho and Hager had a backstage promo to set up their match with Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. Jericho also called out Dan Lambert and his goons.


The two men stared with mat based offense, to a draw. Cody landed some elbows, Black hit some knees and then worked around him on the mat. Black then did his seated move and Brandi mockingly did it as well. The match moved to the outside of the ring, where black took out Cody as the break started. [c]

Cody had a two count as the show returned, Black then hit a big punch that knocked Cody out of the ring. Cody beat the count and was pinned as he entered the ring once more, but Rhodes was able to break the count with the bottom rope. Cody the hit a dragon screw in the ropes as the crowd be began to boo. Cody then kick the knee of Black as he was continually boo’d by the crowd.

Black countered and the crowd cheered. Rhodes went for the Crossroads, but Black countered and hit a big move. Black then tried to set up his kick, a Cody Cutter and Crossroads then happened leading to a near fall on Black. Arn feel off the apron, then got up and Cody was thrown into him. Cody went to check on Arn, but Arn pushed him away. Cody then went back for Black and the two men were once again in the ring. Cody was beating up Black, the ref told him to relax and Cody pushed him away. Black then sprayed Cody with Black mist and was able to pin Cody. [c]

WINNER: Malakai Black in 12:00

(Sage’s Analysis: The crowd reaction to and the character of Cody Rhodes was and is the main story of this match, which does not help Malakai get over in any way. The current Cody character is becoming a liability with the live crowd every time he is out there, something needs to change before the consensus is out that he is a John Cena like character in this role.)


Darby and Dax started the match. But Sting and Cash Wheeler were tagged in. Sting wet after Cash, but Dax pulled his shirt and they teamed up for a moment. Darby was upset and that allowed FTR to team up once more on Sting. But, after a few moments Sting was able to get a window of opportunity and took out both men.

Dax Harwood was in and he ran the ropes with Sting and was blocked onto the mat, Sting then fell and landed a low blow on Dax. Darby Allin was tagged in, he sent both men to the outside. Then he tried a double coffin drop but was caught by FTR who laid him out. [c]

FTR dominated throughout the break as Darby tried to get the hot tag to Sting. Allin was able to tag in Sting, he took out Harwood with a spine buster. Harwood countered with an uppercut. Harwood tried to hit a piledriver on Darby. Sting did a splash off of the top rope and then Harwood got a near fall on sting. Harwood tried a piledriver, Sting countered out. He then hit a Stinger Splash in the corner on both members of FTR.

There was a steel chair behind Hardwood and Sting dodged it and Harwood was shown into the chair, this became a near fall for sting on Harwood. Allin hit a coffin drop on Cash Wheeler as a Scorpion Death Lock needed the match.

WINNER: Darby Allin and Sting in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun match for the live crowd, the wrestlers, and the viewers at home. I though For would get the win to set up a match with Lucha Bros, but this was a good spot on a 4 hour show to reenergize the crowd.)

-A recap of Ruby Soho and Britt Baker’s promo from Rampage was shown. [c]

-The announce team ran down Rampage on Friday and some match on next week’s Dynamite.


A collar and elbow tie up started the match, Ruby had an advantage and had a headlock. Britt countered and had a headlock of her own. Ruby then knocked Britt to the mat, she then grabbed a potential kick and landed a knee to the chest, sending Britt to the outside. Soho got on the top rope and landed on Hayter and Reba. Britt then hit a big boot and a swinging neck breaker from the apron to the floor. [c]

Ruby Soho threw Britt Baker into the turnbuckle and took back control of the match. Baker and Soho traded punches, Soho hit a suplex, but was met with a kick as she bounced off the ropes. Ruby then hit elbows and headbutts, Baker hit a leg sweep and tried to get a head lock.

Soho had the waist of Baker and tried to suplex her. Baker countered hit a sling blade and then put on her glove for the lock jaw. Soho got Baker on the ground and catapulted her into the corner, followed by a kick to the head. Ruby then went to the top and hit a senton for a near fall. Baker hit a medium boot and hit a neck breaker after. This was followed up with a pump kick and a near fall resulted.

Baker was able to counter a suplex attempt in the ropes into an avalanche air raid crash for a near fall into the ring. Britt then hit a stomp for another near fall. Ruby was able to get a roll up for a near fall, followed by another kick to Baker. Hayter the got a cheap shot that lead to the Lock Jaw and the end of the match via submission.

WINNER: Britt Baker in 15:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match that told a pretty traditional heel/face story, and that is ok to do in my opinion in main events still in 2021. This was good main event on a good show.)

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