1/15 Sage’s Report on GCW Say You Will: Jeff Jarret in Person, Matt Cardona vs. Ricky Morton, Allie Katch vs. Kylie Rae, PCO vs. AJ Gray, Bandido vs. Blake Christian, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


JANUARY 15, 2022

Announcers: Kevin Gill and Dave Prazak


The Scramble featured Alex Zayne, Dante Leon, Nick Wayne, Ninja Mack, Dark Sheik and Gringo Loco. The match was much like the previous days scramble with high spots from all. Including numerous dives and even a four person Doomsday Device. The match’s finish was a spinning power bomb by Gringo Loco on Ninja Mack off of the top rope.

Winner: Gringo Loco in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: An insane spot fest that surprised and delighted the entire ten minutes. Gringo Loco won both days scramble matches.)


The two men did things to get the cheers, and jeers of the crowd. Deppen and Bailey then did some fast mat based moves and then traded stiff shots in the ring. Deppen was then in control after a crazy dive into the crowd. Bailey then made a comeback and controlled via a brawl on the outside. The match came back in the ring with Bailey still in control.

The men traded kicks and strikes, Bailey then tricked Deppen and hit a spinning splash on a prone Deppen. Tony Deppen then was able to counter with a code breaker, the men then went back and forth until they traded wrist control and hit moves as each man had control of the other via the wrist.

Deppen locked in a submission that Bailey had to break with a rope hold, Tony then hit a pile driver for a two count. The men then shared a Spanish Fly. Bailey then hit a double spinning kick on Deppen. Bailey then hit a One-Winged Angel like move for a near fall. Bailey went for a shooting star press, Deppen kicked him on the way down. Deppen then was able to get a quick pin on Bailey with a little help from the tights of his opponent.

WINNER: Tony Deppen in 13:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Another really great pro wrestling match. Tony Deppen is so great in teh ring with anyone. It is surprising that Deppen has not been picked up post ROH, he is just so good.)


The match started slow as the men tried to figure each other out and traded some standing holds and counters. The match then up the speed and intensity as the men traded athletic moves and counters. Christian as in control for the early part of the match, Bandido made a counter with a Military Press.

Bandido was in control after that move for several minutes. Christian came back with a chop and the men battled evenly. AT this point Christian and Bandido had near falls against each other and then they battled on the outside. Bandido hit a Lethal Injection and then Christian hit a missile dive out onto Bandido and a fan. Christian then hit a moonsault for a near fall. Both men were laying then they went into the closing sequence.

Here Bandido went to the outside and Christian did a front flip dive out onto his opponent. In the ring, Christin hit a low 619, then a 450 splash for a near fall. Christian hit a Frog Splash for another near fall. Christian then hit a backdrop suplex for the pinfall win.

WInner: Blake Christian in 20:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match, these two really have some good chemistry. I would have shaved 5 minutes off of this one to make it special, but it was still very good.)


This was a pure rules match, as it was for the ROH world title. Scorpio and Gresham traded holds and mat based moves against each other for the first several minutes. Gresham was in control until 2 Cold was able to switch that momentum and get a few minutes of offense against Jonathan, mainly working the knee of Gresham.

Gresham and Scorpio traded chops, with scorpio winning the exchange. After a while of Scorpio offense that culminated with a front flip splash from the top rope onto Gresham. The men worked back and forth in a believable way until both were on the mat. Gresham was then able to lock in a head lock that put Scorpio to sleep for the win.

WINNER: Jonathan Gresham in 15:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A good worked match that was very psychologically sound, as the work rate was not gonna be there. Th match picked up big time at minute 10 until the end.)


PCO started the match by diving out onto AJ Gray as he walked to the ring. The two men then brawled on the outside to start, Gray was sent into rows of chairs. Gray was then put on a chair and PCO did a front flip off the apron onto the seated Gray. The match now moved into the ring as AJ Gray took control.

Doors and chairs were thrown into the ring and both men battled around the accessories. PCO then did a flip onto a door that Gray was on, but he dodged the dive. PCO then tried a springboard move that missed, but was covered up fairly well. PCO then did a PCO flip out on the apron where Gray was laying with a chair.

Back in the ring, Gray hit a legit chair shot to the head of PCO. Gray then went to the top with a chair and hit a leg drop with a chair for a near fall. Each men then grabbed pieces of the broken door and took turns hitting each other. PCO then speared Gray through a door. PCO then set up four chairs and put Gray on them chest down. PCO then went to the top rope and did a flip dive on the back of Gray.

PCO then set up the same set up and tried for a moonsault, but Gray moved and PCO landed on the chairs himself. Gray then put the chairs backwards and PCO put Gray on them. PCO got to the top and Gray slammed him onto the chairs. Gray then hit multiple running lariats. On the 6th lariat he got the pinfall win.

WINNER: AJ Gray in 15:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This match was rough in lots of ways. But it was very entertaining and if you like street fight matches this is for you.)

-Matthew Justice called out Atticus Cogar. 44OH! came out with Cogar and surround Justice in the ring. 44OH! jumped justice, Jordan Oliver ran out and tried to make the save, but he was taken out as well. Eventually One Called Manders came out and made the save. They ran off the likes of 44OH!

-Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green came out for their match. Green said she knew that they all cared how she was doing, Green said that after their therapy session today her and Matt are better than ever, she introduced Matt Cardona as the new ECW TV Champion. Cardona demanded respect for his wife, he asked why he brought a garage can to the ring. He said the GCW stands for Green/Cardona/Wrestling and that he became the new champion. He said that he hasn’t talked to Paul Heyman since he was fired and he can kiss his ass. He said that WWE would get to him about using their logo, and he threw the title in the trash. He then said that he would kill Joey Janela next week. Cardona then said he was gonna sing the crowd a song, he sang parody of Bye Bye Bye.


Cardona ran out of the ring as the match started, Green followed him out to the floor area. Cardona got back in the ring after a few moments. After a few moments Morton was on the mat and then got up and shoulder tackled Cardona and then worked him into the corner. Morton hit a head scissors, then Green tried to trip Morton, this was followed up with a cheap shit by Cardona. Cardona worked the match for several moments until Morton made a comeback and got a quick rollup on Cardona.

WINNER: Ricky Morton in 7:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This was less of a match and more of a story starting with the promo to begin and end this segment. But very good all the way around for a story perspective.)

-Cardona got on the mic and apologized to Morton and GCW, he said he lived his dream wrestling him tonight. He said that he hopes they both win next week and went for a handshake. Green hugged him and then hit a low blow and Cardona took out Morton. They had Morton’s leg in a chair, Joey Janela ran to the ring and made the save. Janela got on the mic and said he would sacrifice Cardona next week.


Allie Katch and Kylie Rae started by trading holds and mat moves for the first few minutes. Rae then took control and worked over Katch in the ring. Rae got a chair from under the ring and the two battled with the chair as both tried to use the weapon. Rae continued her assault and got a two count on Katch.

Allie Katch fought back and put on Rae’s bow and hit several cannonballs in the corner on a seated Kylie Rae. Katch then stood up Rae and hit several forearms and then whipped Rae into the opposite corner and then Katch locked in a head lock in the middle of the ring.

Rae stood up and both traded shots, Rae hit a number of comeback moves and got a two count on Katch. Kylie Rae then grabbed a door from under the ring. Kylie controlled the next few minutes with rest holds and then she propped the door in the corner. Katch hit a running Knee to take out Rae. Katch then put Rae on the top rope and hit a superplex and then a Death Valley Driver through the door. This lead to a near fall for Katch.

Rae then grabbed half of the broken door and hit Katch several times, this led to a cross-face hold on Katch. The hold was broken with the bottom rope. The two then battled on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Katch hit a head kick and then a pile driver to get the pinfall win.

WINNER: Allie Katch in 20:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match with a logical story, a little slow but that was due to the length. This match would have been ideal if it were 12-14 minutes. But, it still delivered and the post match angle was great as well.

-After the match Katch got on the mic, she said she was winded and doesn’t know how people cut promos after a long match. She said that she busts her ass against the best in the world. She said a year ago she was hiding behind meows and that no one would like her for her. She said you need to ask yourself what if your dreams do become a reality. She said that Ruby Soho has not been at GCW and she is, it’s her dream match. But, it’s her house and she will beat her next week. Jeff Jarrett then entered the ring with a guitar. Jarrett smashed the guitar over the head of Katch. Jarrett then got into it with a fan as he left the venue.


Jay Briscoe and John Wayne Murdock started the match, The two battled until some glass tubes were introduced. Jay grabbed some tubes of his own. Murdock hit an overhead strike on Jay, Mark Briscoe entered the ring and he took out Murdock. Bentley then took on Mark as Jay entered the ring and the brothers took out Bentley. The match then went out on the floor as Mark dove out onto the floor.

All four men battled outside using items given to the by fans, including a bucket of beer. The match made its was back to the ring. The Rejects worked as a unit in the ring against Mark Briscoe. Jay entered as was thrown through a door. The Briscoe’s then teamed up and battled as one on the outside. All four men then seated on chairs and and did a circle of punches and chops.

Back in the ring all four men traded chops and forearms, Jay hit a lariat to break the stalemate. The Briscoe’s hit a tandem neck breaker for a near fall on Murdock. The Rejects teamed up and put a door on two chairs. Mark Briscoe came in tried to fight 1 on 2. The Rejects hit a super destroyer through the door, Jay entered and broke up the pin. Jay hit the Jay Driller on Bentley, Mark then hit the Froggy Splash to get the pinfall victory.

WINNER: The Briscoes in 20:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Another barnburner of a street fight, like the Briscoe’s other matches in GCW. This was a great way to end this show and I do wonder who they will take on next week, FTR? Rock and Roll Express? The Hardy Boys, if Jeff is allowed to work not sure about his WWE release and if he has to wait 90 days.)

-Jay Briscoe got on the mic and said no tag team in the world is on their level. Jay said they have a match next week, Jay said any tag team in the world is welcome and it’s an open challenge.

Final Thoughts: Another good show that advanced key stories going into the Hammerstein show. I liked the show on Friday night slightly more, as I though some matches tonight were a little long and this show would have rocked if it were 3 hours not 3 hours and 30 minutes.



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