HEYDORN’S DYNAMITE RECEIPT 2/16: Adam Cole finds his main event voice in square off with Adam Page


Full analysis of the hits and misses from AEW Dynamite
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This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-C.M. Punk has had quite a few standout promos since joining AEW, but his work this week setting up the rematch with MJF was special. Punk acknowledged the loss he took, his quest for winning, history, and a fitting stipulation all at once. The tone was serious and sold not only the violent nature of the dog collar match, but also why it’s important for both MJF and Punk to go there in an effort to wrap up their feud.

-Run that tag team title scenario at Revolution back for me again? I liked the Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus promo, but the road to that title match on the PPV is way too convoluted. Just tell a good story and leave it that. There are plenty of strong teams that can be positioned in a viable way as challengers.

-How fun is it that Bryan Danielson vs. Lee Moriarty is on national television? What a great match. The spot at the end was signature mat talent on display and elicited an organic reaction from the crowd. Moriarty kept up with Danielson and is deserving of the opportunities he’s getting. Time on the microphone and more of a character will give him a higher ceiling.

-“I’ll see your promo, C.M. Punk, and raise you,” said Jon Moxley. Moxley was wonderful in articulating his relationship with Danielson and the story between both. That closing line was brilliant and indicative of the Moxley character. Danielson sold it well and this will be great to watch play out on PPV.

-A strong Keith Lee vignette this week coming off of last week’s debut. More to come, I’m sure.

-Wardlow got the opportunity this week to show more than just his work in a squash situation. He sold a bit and it seemed natural and effective. His moment is coming in AEW.

-There’s the Adam Cole we’ve missed out on seeing since his AEW debut. Cole looked like a top star opposite Adam Page and made a confident case as to why he would be AEW World Champion. Cole needs this opportunity to show his main event top tier program chops and this was a strong step in that direction.

-Adam Page could have used the time on the mic this week to talk himself up as champion after such a violent encounter with Lance Archer last week. It’s not in Page’s character to brag, but conveying some sort of swagger and confidence will help his presentation stay strong against an alpha like Cole.

-Does anyone really want to see Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston? Like, I get it, big stars and fresh match up, but the audience loves these guys too much. Neither is getting booed, so pitting them against each other is curious.

-Thunder Rosa and Mercedes Martinez are going to be sore today. That thing was stiff and really fun to watch. Rosa getting the “W” clearly positions her for a title match against Britt Baker at Revolution. That rematch is a long time coming and will help round out the PPV nicely.

-Good on AEW for giving Jay White some promo time, but more needs to be done. Why does this guy matter? For him to have influence and impact, they have to tell their audience just who the hell he is and why he matters. Broad strokes won’t work. Definitive detail will.

-So, a triple threat match is on the horizon for the TNT Championship at Revolution? Seems that way with Darby Allin getting screwed out of his opportunity by Andrade and Andrade taking out Sammy Guevara. Not a bad way to go and it will be a car wreck of a match that nobody will be able to look away from.

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