John Cena talks Roman Reigns and reveals WrestleMania 38 favorite


John Cena returns at WWE Money in the Bank 2023


John Cena says that Roman Reigns has grown since his last match against Brock Lesnar and revealed what match he was looking forward to most at this year’s event.

In an interview with Forbes, Cena stated this year’s Lesnar vs. Reigns WrestleMania match had a lot riding on it and was the match he was most looking forward to seeing.

“It has a big-fight feel,” Cena said of Lesnar vs Reigns. “It’s two of the greatest performers of all time. They had this match not too long ago a few years back, and it did not have the same gravity because Brock is in the conversation by himself as one of, if not the greatest performer ever to step foot in a WWE ring. And I think he’s shown his dynamic ability with this new path he’s on right now. He totally can do it all and he’s not just a strong guy or an agile guy. He has such depth of character. And the fact that he was holding in these promos for so long and unleashing them now—truthfully, it shows how good and how patient and how smart he is.”

“And Roman has grown so much from that match we saw years ago. And now it is truly a coin-flip. These are two of the best guys, at their peak, fighting for the most important prize with narrative and story behind it. And each one truly believes in themselves and their own truth. To me, it’s everything that makes a great story, everything that makes a great matchup, everything that makes WrestleMania so great. That is, by far, the biggest attraction WWE has had in a long time. I very much look forward to that.”

John Cena last appeared in WWE at Summerslam 2021. Cena lost Roman Reigns on that show. During the summer of 2021 and in the lead up to that match, Cena appeared on various episodes of Smackdown, as well as house show events.

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