6/29 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Blood & Guts, Jade Cargill in action, Max Caster & The Gunn Club vs. Danhausen and Mystery Partners.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


JUNE 29, 2022

Announcers: Taz, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


Dan Lambert complained before the match about The Best Friends being at ringside. As a result, they were sent off. The match started officially with the crowd chanting freshly squeezed. Cassidy tried for a slam, but Page was still too strong. Cassidy then sent Page outside the ring and then dove out. The match reentered the ring with Page hitting a slam and then a shoulder block. Ethan Page then put Cassidy’s hands in Cassidy’s pockets and then punched him in the stomach. Page then hit a vertical suplex and smiled for the camera. Cassidy was on the outside and teased to pour a bottle of OJ over him, he did not but hit Orange kicks and laughed. [c]

Cassidy tried a sunset flip, but Page stood his ground. Page hit a slam and tried a pin for a two count. Page then set up Ego’s Edge, Cassidy got his hands in his pockets to block the move. Page then set it up once more, Cassidy rolled through and sent Page into the corner. Cassidy then went to go up and was distracted by Lambert, Page took advantage and hit a power slam for a near fall.

Page flipped off a kid in teh front row and then tried a move, Cassidy hit the Stun Dog Millionaire and then a spinning DDT for a near fall. Cassidy then slammed his elbow pad to the mat and signaled for the Orange Punch. Cassidy then was distracted and hit fake punches and then drank the OJ. Cassidy then hit an Orange Punch and a body slam for the pinfall win. [c]

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun opener that continues the new found momentum for Orange Cassidy. Page is a great heel to work character’s like Cassidy, he brings out intensity and allows for some fun spots. Also, Cassidy drinking OJ and getting Popeye like strength is a fun gimmick if they do it every so often.)

-Tony Schiavone was on the stage area, he introduced Christian Cage. The crowed booed as Cage started to speak, he waited and then started once more before being cut off. He said that he had been asked for bringing up Jungle Boy’s Father. He said he never apologizes and said he was sorry that Jungle Boy’s entire family wasn’t dead. He then said Detroit’s only redeeming quality was being close to Canada. He said he requested a match, but it wasn’t for him. Luchasaurus came out to a very Kane like song and appearance with flames at ringside.


Luchasaurus, now with a black mask and black facial hair and tongue. He quickly smothered Serpentico and won via submission.

(Sage’s Analysis: Evil Luchasaurus feels more like a thing than I would have thought, tickle me intrigued. Also, I love this heel version of Christian.)

-Scorpio Sky and Wardlow were backstage, Sky said that he has taken Wardlow out before. Wardlow said he was over all the talking. Sky said that next week they would fight for the TNT title in a street fight.


Cash Wheeler and Austin Gunn started the match with a lockup and then Wheeler applied a headlock. Wheeler then tossed Austin and then hit a big arm drag, Dax Harwood then was tagged in and continued the assault. Danhausen then tagged in and was thrown into the other team corner. Colton tagged in and git some moves, until Danhausen countered and then hit an arm drag on all three men. Colton then attacked form behind and regained control. [c]

Team Caster and Gunn dominated Danhausen throughout the break, once the show returned to full screen the tag was attempted but Danhausen was thwarted. He finally made the tag to Dax, who ran rough shot with Cash taking out the other team. Harwood hit six German’s on Austin Gunn. Gunn then hit a neck breaker, leaving both men laying.

Danhausen got tagged in, he then hit a pump kick and then cursed Austin. Bowens entered the ring and tried to hit Danhausen, he missed and hit Austin. Danhausen then pinned Austin for the win.

WINNER: Danhausen & FTR

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun match and a good way to use Danhausen, hopefully this was a one off for FTR. The end sequence between the heels was surprising and I like the new direction.)

-Post match Billy Gunn sided with Caster and Bowens over his sons, by pushing Austin to the mat, blaming him for the loss.

-Jay Lethal and co. challenged Samoa Joe for the ROH TV title at the Death Before Dishonor PPV.


Jade immediately grabbed Leila Grey and stuck her with punches, and then picked up and slammed Grey for good measure. Jade then hit a fall away slam, after a pump kick by Grey. Cargill hit an uppercut, and taunted the crowd, Grey hit a school girl pin attempt. Jade then hit a bull dog and then a slam. Jade then hit the Jaded Slam for the win.

WINNER: Jade Cargill

(Sage’s Analysis: A fine Jade match, she looks really smooth on power moves.

-Post match Jade demanded some real competition. Stokley grabbed the mic and called out Athena and Kris Statlander. Both women ran out and took it to Jade. Leila Grey came to the rescue and appeared to try and join the Baddies, but she was rebuffed.

-A promo for the Grand Slam 2 was shown. [c]

-The Young Bucks were backstage on a couch, and bemoaned that all there friends were injured. Their only friends were there tag team titles. Matt Jackson said that Yoshi-Hashi and Goto had a shot, at a shot, for the titles on Rampage.

-Jim Ross came out and joined the commentary team for the Blood and Guts match. The cage lowered and then a promo video was shown hyping and laying the ground work for the match. Kingston and Jericho were framed as the main characters for the match. The JAS came out first they had matching red pants, red mesh shirts and red fedoras. [c]


Claudio Castagnoli and Sammy Guevara started the match for each team. The bell rang with the crowd on its feet, Claudio quickly hit running uppercuts in the the corner, Sammy took his suspenders off and hit a chop, but Claudio hi t a huge uppercut and then then match moved into the second ring. Sammy did a series of rope jumps to get to the other ring after four bounces. Claudio went for a elevated uppercut, but Sammy countered into a cutter. He went for a kiss with Tay at ringside. Claudio started to swing Sammy, but Daniel Garcia entered and fought off Claudio. [c]

Wheeler Yuta entered as the show returned to get the numbers even. Wheeler hit three German’s on Garcia and then three on Sammy. Claudio and Wheeler then teamed up as Jake Hager entered the fray. Hager and Claudio stared each other down in opposite rings, Claudio then entered the left ring and the two men battled with Claudio winning the early exchange with a spinning uppercut.

Garcia and Hager then overwhelmed Claudio and then were in control of both Wheeler and Claudio. Jon Moxley entered next and teamed up with his BCC friends to take out the Red Devils of the JAS. Clasuio set up a chair in teh middle of the left ring, Yuta slammed Sammy into the chair. At the same time, Moxley was stabbing a fork in the head of Garcia. Moxley, Yuta and Claudio then combined to take out a now bloody Garcia. Sammy was the next target, then all three went and took out each member of JAS with stereo elbow strikes.

Parker of JAS entered and then immediately used the ropes and then ran all around to avoid his opponents. Claudio eventually grabbed him and hit a gut wrench slam, then all three members of BCC took turns tossing him around and hitting him. After some time the advantaged JAS fought back and were in control before each side had four men each. Ortiz then entered the match and he immediately took out Parker and then Hager followed by Sammy. [c]

When the show returned Daddy Magic joined the match making it five men for JAS and four men for BCC and co. JAS were in full control at this point, as Moxley was now bleeding as well. Santana entered as the fifth member of his team, with a table and a barbed wire bat. Santana dropped the bat and sold a leg injury on a slam and rolled away from the action. Claudio and Moxley then emerged and Moxley put skewers into the head of Magic Daddy.

Jericho entered as the final member of his team, and hit Claudio with Floyd the bat. Ortiz took out Jericho and hit him with a chair. Sammy hit a cutter off the top rope to end Ortiz’s attack. Claudio then hit an inverted fireman carry slam on Hager, Jericho then hit a codebreaker on Claudio, as Jericho posed for the crowd.

Eddie Kingston entered the ring with a kendo stick and the match officially began. Eddie hit every member of JAS with the stick on his way to Jericho. He finally reached Jericho and hit him with the stick, Hager stopped Kigston from pouring the rubbing alcohol on Jericho after the attack. Tay then put the alcohol back into the ring, giving it to Jericho. Team BCC set up a table, Kingston and Ortiz double power bombed Hager into said table.

Moxley and Yuta poured multiple bags of tacks on the right ring area, while Claudio and Kingston moved the mat pad, exposing the wood on the left. [c]

The complete brutality continued during the break as Moxley was slammed into the tacks by Jericho. Chris then locked in the walls of Jericho in the tacks. Eddie Kingston balled up tacks and punched Jericho with them to break the hold. Kingston and Jericho then battled into the other ring, where Jericho sprayed him with an extinguisher. Tay Conti took out the ref and opened the cage, Ruby Soho came out to even the odds.

Jericho climbed to the top of the cage and was followed by Kingston, up to the top. Kingston hit punches and bit the head of Jericho, before hitting a backlist. Sammy then climbed up to the top and hit Eddie from behind. Sammy and Jericho then stalled a bit and Kingston hit a low blow. Kingston then tossed Sammy into the crash pad below. [c]

Kingston and Jericho were still battling at the top of the cage as the show returned. Jericho locked in the Walls on top, as Claudio climbed up to the top. Claudio hit a running boot to break the submission hold. Daddy Magic climbed to the top as Claudio was swinging Jericho on top of the cage. Kingston put Jericho in a submission as Claudio did the same to Daddy Magic and it appeared that both tapped. Claudio’s music hit and Kingston was pissed that he didn’t get credit for the win.

WINNER: Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz and Blackpool Combat Club

(Sage’s Analysis: A match that lived up to the name, I like the finish as it is simple and sets up an issue between Kingston and Claudio without Claudio quiting to save Kingston, as I thought it was going there. The match and crowd were hot the entire hour. All 12 men worked their asses off and deserve credit for making an hour gimmick match this good.)

Final Thoughts: A great show, that felt different than the past few weeks in terms of intensity, direction and format. The post PPV episodes of Dynamite are some of my favorites, this was no different. The Rampage show seems to be pretty loaded and I liked the build thought the show to build up Friday’s episode.

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