HEYDORN’S NXT 2.0 RECEIPT 6/28: Breakker and Grimes deliver passable final hype for Great American Bash


NXT 2.0 analysis


This week’s episode of NXT 2.0 has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-Remember last week when I said how silly it was to have the top two babyface women’s tag teams face each other? And not just the two top babyface teams, but collectively the four top babyfaces on the women’s roster? Remember? Well, the crowd reaction this week to the opening contest proved my point. Nobody in that crowd knew who to cheer and the result was an audience simply sitting on their hands.

-Diamond imploding was a long time coming, but the angle this week worked well. The Creed Brothers are better babyfaces and will shine nice beating Roderick Strong at the Great American Bash.

-The Creeds need to have the same characters when moving on from Strong. They play the Diamond Mine role so well and have a much higher upside, so should keep the gimmick over Strong.

-Another Giovanni Vinci squash and an effective one. Sure, he’ll need something more substantial soon, but he’s not there yet.

-Kiana James got a decent size win against Indi Hartwell. Hartwell isn’t a superstar, but has some equity due to his association with Johnny Gargano back in the good ‘ol days. Maybe it’s nothing, but is likely a sign that James is in the broad plans for the NXT 2.0 brand.

-Umm. They killed off Two Dimes? Is that what that was? If so, the angle is immediately in the conversation of worst ever.

-That ridiculous angle aside, the D’Angelo/Escobar feud has quietly been pretty good. Time to wrap it up, though – likely at Great American Bash next week.

-Much like the situation in the women’s division, what the hell is happening with Carmelo Hayes and Grayson Waller? Two top five heels on the show feuding against one another? An egregious mistake.

-Sanga and Xyon Quinn? Both ice cold. Quinn lost their match and then cut a shockingly tone-deaf promo about how great he is. Not a good sign.

-Not getting the Nikkita Lyons thing. I mean I get it from one perspective, but not from the hey is this a wrestler that can draw perspective. Just watch her entrance. She’s performing steps, singing to herself, and then poses in the ring like she’s out there practicing it for the first time. Nothing about the act comes across as natural at this point.

-It looks as if Solo Sikoa is on the outside looking in for both the NXT Championship and the North American Championship. Not a smart call given the authentic momentum he’s built for himself.

-A good show closing angle and final piece of hype for Bron Breakker vs. Cameron Grimes next week at Great American Bash. The story of the match is set with Breakker’s injured shoulder likely be the focus and Grimes walked the line of being a jerk, but still a likable babyface well. Breakker held his own out there, but again, wby are these two feuding? Two top babyfaces on the show? It just makes zero sense.

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