11/23 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on William Regal Speaks, World Title Tournament Final, Death Triangle vs. The Elite (Match 2 of 7), More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


NOVEMBER 23, 2022

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Taz

-William Regal was in the ring to start, he was booed. MJF was cheered when his name was mentioned. But, Regal was booed again when he said MJF would not speak until next week. He then rhetorically asked why he and MJF were aligned, he said a few weeks ago he sent an email to MJF. He said that we would see that email next week and it would explain all. Jon Moxley’s music hit and he walked out to the ring.

Bryan Danielson ran tot he ring to get in-between Moxley and Regal, mainly holding back Moxley. Danielson said he didn’t know why Regal did that bad thing, but that all three of them have done bad things. He begged that he didn’t attack Regal because of his bad neck and brain injuries. Danielson then slapped Moxley and then said he was sorry. Danielson then said his dad struggled with alcohol like Moxley, he said that he didn’t understand when it happened. He said Regal was the one to help him understand his dad’s addiction. He said he was able to love his father because of that. He asked Moxley to save Regal for him, because he loves William Regal.

Moxley bent on the ropes and began to shake, the crowd cheered for him. Moxley mouthed to Danielson to get out of the way. Moxley got in Regal’s face, he said he only wanted one thing. That was to run as far away as he can and to never come back. He then instructed Regal to walk and keep walking.

(Sage’s Analysis: An up and down open for a lot of reasons. This made Regal one of the biggest heels in the company, but MJF is still getting cheered so that is a huge issue. Also, Moxley remained the heart and soul character. I am still down on almost everything Danielson does outside the ring in AEW and this was no different.)

-Keith Lee was backstage, he was asked about his relationship with Swerve Strickland. Lee couldn’t answer, Swerve came into frame, Swerve put his hand on the camera and they talked off air.


Jake Hager put on Cassidy’s sunglasses, Cassidy went for the hat and then put his hands in his pockets and did OC kicks. Cassidy dodged a strike and then took a shoulder tackle from Hager. Cassidy was able to knock the hand off of Hager, Cassidy picked up the hat after Hager was sent to the outside. Cassidy dove tot he outside with the hat and was caught and thrown into the ring post. Hager got his hat back. [c]

The Best Friends came out during the break, they caught Cassidy and then Orange was able to make a comeback. Cassidy tried a move from the top rope, he was caught then hit a Stundog Millionaire. Hager kicked out at two, Cassidy tried an Orange Punch, Hager caught him and slammed his opponent for a two count of his own.

Hager tried a Hager Bomb, dodged a counter and then applied an ankle lock. In the hold, Cassidy took Hager’s hat off so Hager broke the hold. Cassidy hit an Orange Punch and pinned Hager.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

(Sage’s Analysis: I like goofy matches, and this was A LOT. Not good, this should not be on such an important episode of dynamite. The Factory and QT Marshall coming out after didn’t add to the credibility.)

-The Factory came out to confront The Best Friends, The lights went out and The House of Black came out. They took out the Best Friends in the ring. After that they turned to and beat up The Factory members on the apron. Local Talent and “Security,” came out and were beaten up as well. [c]

-A recap of Jungle Boy’s win at Full Gear was shown. He said that he was glad he got to share that moment with Luchasaurus.


Ethan Page yelled at the crowd for cheering for Ricky Starks, he then kicked the tapped ribs of Starks and posed in the corner. Page worked over Starks more and then did some jumping jacks. Starks hit punches in the ring into the corner as Page fell into a seated position. Page fought back and hammered Starks in the adjacent corner. Page continued to work over the ribs of Starks as the announcers were more concerned with jokes than selling the early part of the match. Both men were on the outside as the break started. [c]

Page dominated throughout the break, Starks started his comeback as fullscreen returned. Starks tried a DDT from the ropes, but Page countered and slammed Starks on the top rope. Page was sent outside and Starks did a dive, but Hathaway pushed Page to safety and Starks hit the floor. Hathaway was ejected for his actions.

Starks was thrown back into the ring, Page went to the top rope, but Ricky was able to get up and meet Page at the top rope. The two men battled, Starks won the exchange and hit a superplex on Page. Both men traded strikes after they both got up, with Starks hitting a swinging neck breaker. Starks then hit the DDT using the ropes, he got a near fall for his effort.

Starks tried for the Roshambo, but Page countered and hit a slam. Page tried for Ego’s Edge, Starks rolled through and hit a spear on Page. Starks hit another spear and got the pinfall win.

WINNER: Ricky Starks

(Sage’s Analysis: A really solid and psychologically sound match, which was a nice salve for the opener. Also, I am happy they are putting a strong Baby Face in from of MJF, at least he should get booed next to Ricky.) 

-A video from Wardlow talking about losing the TNT Title was shown. [c]

-Jade Cargill said she would not be talking about Bow Wow. Mark Sterling also came in and said that she would not be talking about Bow Wow and he made Hogan sign a document that she was no longer a Baddie.


The crowd was very pro CM Punk to start, as expected in Chicago.

Kenny Omega and Rey Fenix started the match, as the crowd was very lively. The Elite quickly all teamed up and beat down all of Death Triangle. The Bucks took out Penta and Pac on the outside as Kenny kept up on Fenix inside. Kenny then went for a dive, but Fenix hit a cutter and then dove down on to all other combatants on the outside.

Pac was tagged in and all three members of Death Triangle beat up on Kenny. Pac and Kenny then traded moves, Kenny went for the mask of Pac, but the ref pulled Kenny off. Matt Jackson hit a dive off the top down onto the floor onto the Lucha Bros. Kenny got a two count on Pac, he then tagged din Matt Jackson as the break started. [c]

The Elite dominated Pac during the break, when the show returned to full screen Pac had slammed Kenny into The Bucks. He then almost tagged in Penta, but Penta was pulled off the apron. Kenny then pulled an Ace Steel and bit the arm of Pac. Penta was finally tagged in and did a splash onto the bucks and then hit back breakers on all three members of The Elite. Rey Fenix was tagged in and he jumped on the ropes and took out Matt.

Kenny and Pac were tagged in, Kenny hit a V-Trigger and snap dragon suplex after Pac was distracted. The Bucks then ripped off the mask off of Pac The Elite hit a BTE Trigger on Pac’s exposed face. Rey broke up the pin. Nick Jackson dove out on The Lucha Bros. Kenny hit a V-Trigger on Pac, the tried a OWA, Pac escaped. Kenny then hit a GTS on Pac for a near fall.

Matt Jackson was tagged in and set up the Meltzer Driver, Rey ran the ropes and made the save as Rey then dove out and took out Nick and Kenny. Matt Jackson then hit a low blow on Pac, Matt then got the hammer and Penta hit Matt with his own hammer. Pac then pinned Matt.

WINNER: Death Triangle

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun and athletic match. I liked The Elite working heels, Kenny was a bit much with the bite and GTS but I like the idea of having fun with the crowd in the match, as you don’t need to know the insider stuff for the match to still work. I figured this would be booked as death triangle being up 3-0 to start the best of seven.)

-Renee was on the stage area, she announced that AEW and Thunder Rosa have agreed that she relinquish the women’s title. Jamie Hayter was announced as the AEW Women’s Champion. Hayter was asked how it felt, Britt Baker grabbed the mic and said that Jamie is the World Champion. [c]


Jamie Hayter and Tay Melo started the match, with both showing off their mat skills, when they stop dup they ran the ropes. Anna Jay ran in and Jamie Hayter hit a suplex on both her and Tay Melo. Britt Baker was tagged in and was thrown into the wrong corner, where Willow Nightingale was tagged in as was Anna Jay. Willow and Anna battled onto the floor as the break started. [c]

Skye Blue was in control against Jamie Hayter when the show returned. Britt Baker was tagged in, all six women were involved quickly as Blue hit a Code Blue, Britt Baker ran in and hit a move for the pinfall win on Skye Blue.

WINNER: Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun match that could have used more time, all six worked hard and made the match feel important.)

-Backstage FTR and Top Flight were talking. Dax Harwood said that he was impress by them, Dante and Darius said that FTR were a dream match for them and challenged them to a fight on Rampage.

-The Acclaimed came out and were about to scissor, but Sanjay, Lethal and Double J popped up on the screen. The Acclaimed didn’t care an scissored. [c]


Chris Jericho flipped off Tomohiro Ishii, Jericho yelled in Japanese and was slapped by Ishii. Both men then traded slaps until Ishii hit a takedown. Jericho retreated to the outside. Jericho reentered the ring, both battled with slaps and forearms. Both men locked up and Jericho locked in a headlock. Jericho then tried a shoulder tackle, but it failed. Ishii hit one of his and took Jericho off his feet.

Jericho slapped Ishii, who then started to trade slaps with Jericho. Both men were trading slaps as the final commercial break started. [c]

Both men slapped throughout the break, the crowd was chanting “Slap Forever,” in the arena. Jericho’s chest was legit bleeding from the chops. Ishii laid in more and more chops and then took down Jericho. Quickly Jericho stood and laid in shots in the corner and dropped Ishii and then laid in more chops as Ishii stood.

Jericho then got on the middle rope and punched down, Ishii pushed off and got a two count on Jericho. Ishii was stuffed on a shoulder tackle, Jericho then got a boot up and took down Ishii. Jericho was dropped with a punch, Ishii was on the apron and brought Jericho out onto the apron. Jericho hit a DDT on the apron and both fell to the floor.

Both men beat the ten count and laid in forearms in the middle of the ring. Jericho dropped Ishii, but Ishii hit a suplex. Jericho had fighting spirt of his own and hit a Lionsault for a near fall. Jericho then hit a codebreaker for another near fall, as he sent through the history of Jericho Finishers. Jericho tried the Judas Effect, but Ishii blocked and hit a head strike.

Ishii then hit the sliding lariat for a near fall. Ishii tried for a brain buster, but Jericho countered into a Walls attempt. Ishii hit a move and then a running lariat for the near fall. Jericho countered out of a brain buster and Jericho locked in a Walls of Jericho hold. Ishii rolled onto his back, but Jericho applied the Lion Tamer and tapped out Ishii.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

(Sage’s Analysis: Wow what a main event, the legit blood from the slaps and the stiff work rate along with the history of Jericho. All of it worked for me, great stuff.)

-After the match Claudio came out and stopped Jericho from attacking the announce team.

Final Thoughts: An up and down show, the show had its highlights. The best of seven series will be fun for sure, Moxley and Jericho delivered as always. I also think the Women’s division feels robust, maybe more than ever. But, the mess with the face/heel dynamic with MJF and Hayter/Baker is a real problem. Also, this show felt a bit like the Nitro after Bash at the Beach 1996. One of the biggest moments is AEW history happened and we have to wait almost two weeks to start telling the story.

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