12/6 WWE NXT TV REPORT: New Day NXT Appearance, final Deadline hype, more


Full NXT preview


DECEMBER 6, 2022

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

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-NXT opened with Von Wagner on his way to the ring as Booker T and Vic Joseph hyped up the triple threat match to determine the wild card entrant for the Iron Challenge at Deadl1ne.


Axiom and Andre Chase made their way to the ring, with Thea Hale and Duke Hudson hyping Chase up backstage before his entrance. The match started with Andre Chase immediately attacking Von Wagner. Axiom attempted to get in the middle of the fray and Von Wagner was having none of that. Wagner put both his opponents in a headlock. They shot him off the ropes, and he took them down with a double shoulder tackle. Chase and Wagner exchanged a quick look, knowing that they needed to team up to defeat the larger Wagner. They gave him a double suplex and Wagner rolled out of the ring. Chase signaled for Axiom to dive over the ropes on Wagner, but attacked as Axiom was going for the springboard.

Wagner made his way back into the ring and focused his offense on Axiom after taking out Chase. Axiom was able to get the upper hand on both Wagner and Chase, pinning Chase after a standing moonsault for two.

Chase took a powder outside of the ring and Axiom and Wagner continued brawling inside. Wagner picked Axiom up in a military press, and threw him outside the ring onto Chase as they went into a commercial break (C).

Back from the break, Von Wagner was solidly in control of both of his opponents. Wagner had Axiom on the top turnbuckle when Andre Chase climbed under Wagner and powerbombed him off the top. He then climbed back up and superplexed Axiom right on top of Wagner. All three men were down, with the Chase U Section making a ton of noise for their leader. Chase and Wagner began exchanging punches with Chase getting the upperhand with a Russian Leg Sweep. Chase hit the Chase U Stomps and then dumped Wagner outside of the ring. Axiom attacked Chase and was met with a double underhook powerbomb by Chase for his troubles for a two count.

Axiom locked in an armbreaker on Chase, with Wagner breaking it up at the last minute. Axiom was then able to get Wagner locked in an armbar and it looked like Axiom may make Wagner tap when Wagner picked him up by one arm and powerbombed him. He then powerbombed Chase and tried covering Chase, but only managed a two count.

Chase rolled through and climbed the turnbuckle. He hit a cross body on Wagner and then rolled out of the ring to recover. Axiom hit a superkick on the dazed Wagner and covered for the win.


Nate’s Take: Axiom is a great addition to the five-man Iron Survival Challenge match at Deadl1ne. His high-flying style alongside Carmelo Hayes, Greyson Waller, JD McDonagh and Joe Gacy should be extremely complimentary to their styles. I thought we’d see Von Wagner enter this match, however it’s already full of heels. A face addition was almost necessary. 

-A vignette for Cora Jade aired with her talking about how she’ll do whatever it takes to win the Iron Survival Challenge at Deadl1ne.

-Julius Creed and the rest of Diamond Mine were backstage with the doctor looking at Julius Creed’s knee. The doctor cleared him to wrestle, but Ivy Nile asked the doctor to look at Julius’s ribs. The doctor said there was too much swelling in the ribs, and took that clearance away. The Creed brothers were not too happy with Nile, though she claimed she was just looking out for her Diamond Mine brothers.

-A vignette aired with Bron Breakker and Apollo Crews down at the local docks for a fishing trip. The two bantered back and forth about whos the better wrestler until Crews said he’s never been fishing before. Breakker showed him how to cast, and then they began complimenting each other on their standing moonsaults. Breakker said that there is so much pressure as the champ. Crews caught a fish, and they seemingly forgot about their feud and began celebrating their catch.

-Bryson Montana was in the ring for a match against Javier Bernal, when Indus Sher attacked him out of nowhere. Bernal made his way to the ring, saw Indus Sher, and then ran away to the backstage area. Indus Sher said that they wouldn’t face Diamond Mine until both Creed Brothers were properly healed up, and they declined a match at Deadl1ne.

-Thea Hail excitedly told Andre Chase and Duke Hudson that she had a match tonight against Isla Dawn. Hudson tried talking her out of it, as Isla Dawn is a major threat. Chase told her to take the match. Hudson came across as the voice of reason.

-A vignette for Tony D’Angelo aired, hyping his in-ring return. (C)

-After the break, a TikTok aired showing Edris Enofe and Malik Blade get in a confrontation with Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen.


D’Angelo returned to action for the first time in more than three months, taking on Xyon Quinn. The two made their way to the ring and the bell rang. They locked up with Quinn shooting D’Angelo off the ropes. D’Angelo hit a shoulder tackle and gloated to the crowd. Quinn took advantage, and backed D’Angelo into the corner. D’Angelo ducked out of the way and hit a massive clothesline on Quinn. He picked Quinn up and put him back down with a snap suplex. Quinn reversed a big right hook, and fired punches back at D’Angelo and then hit him with a Samoan Drop.

D’Angelo rolled out of the ring to regain his composure. He then got back in the ring and hit Quinn with a spinning powerbomb for a quick win.


Nate’s Take: After returning from injury, a strong return is a must. Getting a win over someone as visually impressive as Xyon Quinn was also a smart move. Sure, Quinn is basically a glorified jobber at this point. But he has an intimidating look that makes him feel like a bigger threat. 

D’Angelo grabbed a mic and asked Stacks if he saw any rust in the ring. Stacks said no, no rust. D’Angelo said that during his rehab, he made some new connections and that he still has his sights set on Wes Lee and the NXT North American title since Lee was the one who injured his knee in the first place. Wes Lee made his way to the ring and he told D’Angelo that right now, he has business with Dijak and D’Angelo needs to wait. D’Angelo said that Dijak will have to wait. Dijak showed up on the video screen and said that nobody will stop him from decimating NXT. Stacks then attacked Lee, but Lee was able to escape before Stacks and D’Angelo were able to double team him.

-Vic Joseph and Booker T cut to a backstage vignette from last week where Security Guard Hank was told by Charlie Dempsey that he doesn’t belong in NXT. Hank challenged him to a match.

-A vignette for Scrypts aired.


Charlie Dempsey disrespected Hank Walker last week, leading to this match tonight. They both made their way to the ring and immediately locked up when the bell rang. The two exchanged some blows back and forth until Dempsey backed Hank into the corner. Hank looked super angry, and powered out of the corner. He knocked Dempsey down a few times before Dempsey was able to lock in a modified armbar submission on Walker. Dempsey noticed Smackdown’s Drew Gulak make his way down the ramp for some reason, which distracted him just enough for Walker to power out and make his way to his feet.

Walker hit a Thesz Press and followed it up with a bodyslam. He tried to run the ropes for what looked like a superkick, but Dempsey countered and went for a single leg crab. Walker tried to power out, but Dempsey turned it into a modified bow and arrow submission for the win.


-A vignette for Zoey Stark aired, hyping her as part of the Iron Survival Challenge.


-Pretty Deadly were in the ring, decorated for Christmas, after a commercial break. They wanted to share their Christmas story, as they both sat on Santa’s Chair to read the story. Their story was a parody of “Twas A Night Before Christmas” as only Pretty Deadly could deliver, filled with sexual innuendo and praise for how awesome Pretty Deadly think they are. The two hugged after the story, when all of a sudden The New Day’s music hit.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston made their NXT Debuts, drinking in “New Day Rocks” chants from the crowd. Woods said that it was a great story, but they wanted to know WHO would be facing them for the NXT Tag Titles at Deadl1ne this Saturday before challenging them for their NXT Tag Titles at said PLE.

Wood and Kingston used the Christmas Decorations and attacked Pretty Deadly, standing tall holding both NXT Titles high over head to end the segment.

Nate’s Take: New Day in NXT?! Against Pretty Deadly?!?! YES PLEASE!

-An Isla Dawn vignette aired where she told Alba Fyre to watch her match tonight against Thea Hail

-Javier Bernal was approached by McKenzie backstage where she asked him why he was looking over his shoulder just now. Big Body Javy said he’s not scared of anything. McKenzie thought he was scared of Indus Sher. Javier said he wasn’t scared, and they then asked Ikeman Jiro for an unbiased opinion. Ikeman called him Big Body Chicken to end the segment.


-The bell rang and the two locked up with Dawn backing Hail to the ropes. Dawn knocked Hail down and then hit her with a running double stomp to the chest. Dawn then locked in a modified sleeper hold for a solid minute, with Hail finally able to break out last minute. Hail made her comeback and hit an exploder suplex followed by a springboard senton for a near fall.

Dawn was able to get the upper hand very quickly, and planted Hail with two clotheslines for the win.


After Dawn’s win, Alba Fyre showed up from under the ring and attacked. A gaggle of referees tried to pull them apart until Dawn went for the poison mist on Fyre. Fyre ducked, and it hit one of the referees, allowing Dawn to escape.

-A vignette aired for Kiana James, hyping her for the Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadl1ne.


Jensen and Enofe kicked things off, with Enofe fired up and laying his punches in on Jensen. He tagged in Blade, and they double teamed Jensen with Blade covering for two. Blade got Jensen into an arm wrench and shot him off the ropes. Jensen dodged and made a blind tag to his partner, Briggs. They hit a double body block and then a double punch to the face to Blade.

Briggs tagged Jensen right back in, who laid it in on Blade. All of a sudden, Kiana James’ assistant was shown putting an envelope into Jensen’s jacket. The distraction allowed Blade to tag in Enofe. Enofe hit a big knee on Jensen and climbed to the top for a massive elbow for a two count.

Von Wagner made his way to the ring and attacked Odyssey Jones providing a distraction, allowing Jensen to tag in Briggs who double teamed for the win.


-The four men showed each other respect after the match, making us wonder what the heck this angle was about in the first place.

-A vignette for Roxanne Perez aired, hyping her for the Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadl1ne.

-Brooks and Jensen go backstage after their match and hype up Fallon Henley for her match. Jensen revealed that Kiana James put two VIP tickets to Deadl1ne in the envelope that was delivered to his jacket.


The bell rang for the match to determine the wildcard entrant in the women’s Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadl1ne. Indi attacked both Choo and Henley with a series of body slams before Henley reversed with a rollup for two. Choo and Henley hit a double dropkick on Indi. Toxic Attraction was shown watching backstage.

Indi rolled both Choo and Henley up, who kicked out at two. Indi stayed in control, until she went for a bulldog and was pushed off by Choo. Choo hit a chinbreaker on Henley and they traded blows back and forth until Choo ran her into the ropes and knocked Indi off the apron.

Choo and Henley continued to go back and forth until Choo hit her sleeper elbow drop for a two count. Indi broke it up and she and Choo tried doubleteaming Henley. Henley reversed, and took out both Indi and Choo before the commercial break. (C)

After the break, Choo was shown climbing to the top rope to hit a move on Henley when Indi knocked her into the tree of woe position. She threw Henley at Choo, and then stomped a mudhole into Choo. Henley rolled up Indi for two and dropkicked both her opponents. She hit a neckbreaker on Indi and Choo broke it up last minute.

The three women traded blows before Indi threw Choo out of the ring and hit a big boot on Henley. Choo tripped up Indi from the outside and hit an overhead belly to belly on Henley. Indi then caught Choo and hit a spinebuster for two when Henley broke up the count.

Indi got Henley to her feet, but Henley reversed and climbed to the top rope. Indi hit her in the face, and then climbed up to hit Henley with a superplex. Henley held on, and Choo ran in to complete the Tower of Doom spot.

Indi was rolled up in a crucifix by Henley for two. Choo then quickly hit a brainbuster on Henley for two. Frustrated, Choo climbed to the top and hit her splash on Henley. Indi broke it up and dumped Choo out of the ring and covered Henley for the win.


-Toxic Attraction was shown backstage talking about the Iron Survivor Challenge match when Indi Hartwell walked in and said that Saturday is her day, and that she’s the one to dethrone Mandy’s title reign.

-Vic Joseph and Booker T ran down the NXT Deadl1ne card

-Greyson Waller hosted a Waller Effect for everyone in the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge, himself, D’Angelo, JD McDonagh, Axiom, Joe Gacy and Carmelo Hayes. Waller called an overweight gentlemen in the front row a virgin before introducing everyone in the match in an insulting way for each.

They began reading fan tweets asking about the Iron Survivor Challenge. Everyone began bickering between themselves, as expected and into a massive brawl to go off the air.

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