2/1 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Darby Allin vs. Samoa Joe, Jon Moxley vs. Adam Page, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


FEBRUARY 1, 2023

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz


Jon Moxley attacked Adam Page as he made his entrance, the two battled on the outside with Moxley in control before the match officially started. Moxley threw Page over the barricade and then Moxley jumped off the barricade and hit a sledge hammer move. Page fought back after and traded strikes, Moxley then quickly applied a submission and then let go after a while.

Moxley grabbed a chair and then put it on the same leg that he had applied a submission too, Moxley went to the top rope but Hangman threw the chair at Moxley. Page hit a suplex onto a flat chair on the floor, he then threw Moxley then a chair in the ring. Page entered and the match started officially. Each man traded punches as Moxley was bleeding above the right eye.

Moxley applied a leg lock once more, Page was able to get to the ropes and broke the hold. Page was in control for a while as the ref continued to check on the cut eye of Moxley. Each man traded chops in the middle of the ring until Page hit a fallaway slam on his opponent. Moxley was able to hit a kick to the head on Page to get control as both men were on the apron. Page had a Fireman’s carry applied, and threw Moxley, eye first into the ring post. [c]

When the show returned, Page jumped off the top rope and hit an avalanche Death Valley Driver, for a near fall on Moxley. Moxley hit a cutter that left him and page flat on the mat, both got to their knees at the four count and traded strikes as they got to their feet. Moxley hit a suplex to end this exchange. Moxley then hit a front chancery suplex off the middle rope and then hit hammer and anvil elbows on Page.

Moxley then hit BCC stomps on Page, Moxley then tried for the DDT, but Page fought out. Moxley rolled and applied an arm lock. Page got a foot on the rope to break the submission. Hangman tried a moonsault to the outside, Moxley dodged and then set up the ringside table.

But, Page was able to hit a pop up power-bomb on Moxley through the table. Moxley beat the ten count, but Page hit a lariat and Deadeye for a near fall on Moxley. Page set up a head kick, Moxley dodged and hit a King Kong Lariat. The men then traded strikes again, Page then hit a small package suplex into a cover for a near fall.

Hangman was in Buckshot position, Moxley dodged, but Page then hit a tombstone pile driver and then a Buckshot Lariat. Moxley then countered and rolled through with a stacked pin for the pinfall win on Page.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match, Adam Page is the Swiss army knife of AEW working any and all styles, much like Danielson. The ending was a little weird, but only because I thought it would have been a non-finish to get to a PPV match.)

-Post match Page and Moxley got into it. Claudio and Wheeler came in to separate both men as they flipped each other off. [c]

-Renee was backstage with The Bunny and Jamie Hayter. The Bunny said great win last week on Rampage, then offered a challenge to fight her. A video appeared then of Saraya and Toni Storm beating up Britt Baker.

-The Acclaimed came out and rapped.

(2) THE ACCLAIMED vs. ????

The jobber team scissored before the match, one of the two was thrown out and they other ate a scissor me timbers. Bowens hit a slam and Caster hit a Mic Drop for the pinfall win.

WINNER: The Acclaimed.

-The Gunns came out and said that they want a shot at the tag belts, Caster responded by saying yo to the crowd. Anthony Bowens said they were interrupting the most popular tag team in wrestling and that they are forever champions. Bowens said he would ask the people if the Gunns deserve a title shot and they booed in unison and said no. Billy Gunn broke up a fight and then said he was done with all of this and walked out.

One of the Gunn’s said that he was walking out on them like when they were kids and to go drown his pain in a pill bottle like he used to. Billy walked back and got into the Gunn’s faces, he asked if they had big boy pants and said that match would happen next week on Dynamite.

-A highlight of Junglehook was shown, Jack Perry was backstage. Perry said he enjoyed his time with Hook but he is going to go forward all by himself.


Konosuke Takeshita ran and hit a boot to the face of Brian Cage as soon as the match started. Takeshita hit another as Cage was on the apron and then did a dive down onto Cage. Brian Cage fought back and then had Takeshita in a power-bomb position on the floor and threw his opponent into the ring post. Back in the ring, the men traded forearm strikes and then chops. Takeshita caught Cage on a rebound and hit a Blue Thunderbomb for a near fall. Cage took control after that and then hit a suplex off of the apron and onto the mat. [c]

Takeshita hit a drop kick, this left both men laying on the mat. Takeshita was up first and hit a stiff German Suplex for a two count. Cage hit a buckle bomb and then tried a slam, but Takeshita countered and hit a Liger Bomb for a near fall. Takeshita hit a spinning elbow, Cage hit a slam and an elbow. Takeshita hit a Brian buster, then once more for a near fall. Cage hit an F 2.5, then both were on the ropes, here Takeshita hit a brain buster off the middle rope. He then hit a knee and got the pinfall win.

WINNER: Konosuke Takeshita

(Sage’s Analysis: A really strong match by both men, Takeshita and Cage both looked great and told a god story throughout the match.)

-Jericho and the JAS were backstage. Jericho was accused of cheating last week, he denied it and said that Starks wants another match. Sammy Guevara then talked about the Gauntlet that they lifted from MJF. Starks has to beat both of 2.0 then Garcia or Guevara to fight Jericho at the PPV, thumbs down from me on this. [c]

-The Elite were off site and they talked about the challenge from Top Flight and AR Fox. Page, Hardy and Kassidy walked in and demanded a fight at Rampage.


Timothy Thatcher used underhand strikes to get leverage and got Bryan Danielson down and into the corner. Thatcher dominated there and then as the men stood up. Danielson’s arm was behind his back as he charged Thatcher into the ropes. Danielson then applied a leg lock and then manipulated the knee joint of Thatcher in many directions.

Thatcher rolled out of the hold and then worked over the tapped up shoulder of Danielson. But, Bryan was able to fight back and hit chops and kicks in the corner on Thatcher. Danielson broke another elbow hold by getting his foot on the bottom rope. [c]

Thatcher dominated throughout the break, Danielson hit headbutts to get some daylight, but was slammed to the mat for his effort. Thatcher chopped and struck Danielson until he was seated on the top rope. Here, Danielson powered out of a suplex attempt and pushed Thatcher to the mat. Both men were battling once more on the top rope, Thatcher was pushed down again until Danielson hit a missile drop kick.

Thatcher and Danielson traded strong style moves until Thatcher was on his knees eating kicks. Danielson then hit 12 to 6 elbows and a choke on the neck of thatcher. The ref was hit and knocked out, this was MJF’s queue to walk down, but Takeshita ran down and fought off MJF.

Thatcher applied an arm bar as the ref came too, Danielson reached for the bottom rope and got it with his foot. Thatcher then hit a belly-to-belly throw. Danielson then hit a German, then a running knee for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

(Sage’s Analysis: This type of match is not my style as you may know, but this was a high level of a catch style performance, I also like the way MJF was thwarted in the story to save the MJF/Danielson talking segment for later.)

-MJF and Takeshita were fighting backstage and it was announced that they would have a match next week.

-Swerve had a video saying that they have had some light weeks and then calling out Dustin Rhodes setting up a match between him and Brian Pillman Jr. [c]

-Rush was backstage and asked about fighting Bryan Danielson next week, MJF came in and gave Rush a briefcase of cash and told him to rip off Danielson’s arm next week.


Red Velvet attacked Jade Cargill as she was flexing with her belt, starting the match officially in what I call the Wade Keller classic, when the ref starts the match when someone attacks someone else like that. Red Velvet continued the attack out onto the floor and then she tossed Jade into the ring. Velvet got a cover for a one count, Jade then caught velvet and hit a suplex into the ropes. [c]

Jade was doing pushups as the show returned and kicked and covered Velvet for a two count. Kiera Hogan appeared and took out Grey at ringside, Velvet took advantage and hit a kick as the ref was distracted and would have gotten a three count, but Jade kicked out when the real count happened.

Velvet applied an arm submission, Jade picked up Velvet from that position, Jade then hit Jaded for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Jade Cargill

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match by both, a little much on the interference side that didn’t amount to much. But, now Jade is 50-0 and hopefully ending that streak is the real story going forward.)

-Britt Baker was backstage, Ruby came in and asked if Baker was ok.

-Excalibur ran down Rampage and next week’s Dynamite. [c]


Darby Allin came out in a thumbtack jacket, Darby jumped onto Joe to start. Joe fought back and took off the jacket and laid in a huge chop and stomped Darby in the corner. Joe and Darby went to the outside and into the crowd, Joe took Darby up the steps toward the concourse. Darby stopped him and raked the back, but Joe picked up Darby and slammed him on the concrete steps. [c]

Joe hit a rebound chop when the show returned, Joe was slow and meticulous with his offense at this point. Joe hit a body slam, after Darby tried to jump into him. Joe then hit several chops and set up a table onto the barricade. Darby hit a jawbreaker and chops to get some room. But, Joe tossed Darby over the top rope.

Joe then hit a brain buster in the ring, then threw in a handful of chairs, he placed two chairs back-to-back and slammed Darby down onto the chairs. Joe then tried to power bomb Darby into the chairs then hit a Code Red on Joe. Darby then put on the jacket and hit a coffin drop on Joe.

Darby then grabbed a boxcutter and started to cut the ropes on the canvas to expose the wood off the ring. Darby then dove through the ropes and Joe dodged and Darby did a front flip and ran through the table. Joe then put the jacket in the face of Darby, Darby the gouged the eyes of Joe.

Joe was on the wood and Darby got on the top rope and hit a muscle buster on the exposed wood for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Samoa Joe

(Sage’s Analysis: What a Freaking Match to quote Tony, I think Wardlow  and Joe could of happened without the belt on the line, but man what a match again.) 

Final Thoughts: A really well worked show from top to bottom, every match had more highlights than lowlights to me. I also liked the Original vs. Outsider story throughout the show in the Woman’s division.

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