HEYDORN’S AEW DYNAMITE RECEIPT 3/8: Show fails to properly capitalize on AEW Revolution momentum


AEW Dynamite analysis
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This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-How. Do. You. Not. Start. The. Show. With. Some. Kind. Of. Epic. Recap. On. The. AEW. Revolution. Main. Event. Look, AEW had some warranted momentum coming out of AEW Revolution. A great show and a classic main event. Both of which needed to be fawned over in the onset of Dynamite this week. Instead? It’s Orange Cassidy with his All-Atlantic, err, International Championship. Like, you can’t miss like that. For one thing, who knows how many buys you could pull in for the show late if you sell the event like it should have been sold. More importantly though, proper framing of key moments is how you build investment and week to week interest in the product. They ran interviews with MJF and Bryan Danielson later in the show, but and it wasn’t too late, but it was silly and ineffective. And for what? That sacrifice made so they can “get to the action?” Not good.

-Real quick on the International Championship. Someone explain to me how the world title isn’t already that. Waiting …

-Ok, as for Orange Cassidy vs. Jay Lethal? A fine match. Good even and with a solid setup for Cassidy’s title defense next week.

-I liked Ricky Starks tonight in terms of presentation, look, and confidence. He’s a rising star and continues to be. He’s not sure about his future, though? Umm, Ricky, how about that world championship? Juice Robinson vs. Ricky Starks isn’t it for Starks. Think about that. You beat Chris Jericho and now you’re toiling away with Juice Robinson. I believe Tony Khan thinks this is good for Starks because he already knows about Bullet Club and Robinson’s notoriety outside of AEW. Many, many viewers don’t, so this can create a negative perception of Starks.

-An excellent interview from Ruby Soho. She outlined why she turned the way that she did and did it with some gravitas and confidence. I liked the pace of the promo for a heel and she has a clear mission now. The story itself needs work, but promos like this each week can get it to a good place.

-A good promo from Hangman Adam Page coming out of his AEW Revolution death match victory against Jon Moxley. He showed confidence and little of the dark swagger that came out of his run with Moxley. Now, later in the show Page teams with Dark Order again and saves them from a Moxley beating. So, more of this? Not that I don’t like seeing Page and Moxley destroy one another, where else do they go from here? There just isn’t more juice to squeeze out of that feud at this point.

-Both the MJF and Bryan Danielson recorded promos right after Revolution were stellar. They each showed the nature of the match they had, but setup future directions for each as well.

-My goodness. Did everyone hear that pop for FTR? Like, how do you not run with that. Such a missed opportunity, but Tony Khan can still play that card now. FTR gave a mission statement and we’ll see them work to carry that out now. Good stuff.

-So, it’s going to a triple threat trios match next week for the AEW World Trios Championship next week? Nine guys? Not a fan. Also, who are the heels and who are the babyfaces. Right now, it’s all heels. Not good.

-Is Jon Moxley turning heel? A fools errand if you ask me. Moxley is forever loved by the AEW fans. When he’s mean, he’s cool. Unless he changes the gimmick up all together, this won’t work.

-I’m glad Powerhouse Hobbs is the TNT Champion. That’s a good slot for him right now. QT Marshall????!?!??! Seriously? He cannot be a guy that has this type of impact on storylines and angles in AEW. The finish to Wardlow/Hobbs worked for exactly nobody involved.

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