AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS 5/24 Sage’s Report on Orange Cassidy vs. Kyle Fletcher, Double or Nothing Go Home Show

By Tyler Sage


MAY 24, 2023

Announcers:Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz


Orange Cassidy leaned in the ropes to avoid an attack by Kyle Fletcher. The Australian ran in and hit a big boot and got a two count for his quick and intense attack. Fletcher did a dive to the outside and slammed Cassidy’s injured back into the barricade. After a continued beatdown in the ring, Fletcher had Cassidy on the outside and tried to set up a moonsault. But, Cassidy pushed Fletcher and then hit a DDT on the apron. Cassidy then hit another move to keep Fletcher on the outside as he tried to win via count out.

Fletcher rolled in at nine and the two men battled, Cassidy dodged with his hands in his pockets. Fletcher hit a pump kick and then applied ground and pound punches. Fletcher applied a delayed vertical suplex and completed the slam. [c]

Cassidy hit a Stun Dog Millionaire as the show retuned for a near fall. Fletcher pulled Cassidy off the apron and onto the middle rope, Cassidy pushed his opponent off and tried for a DDT. But, he was caught by Fletcher and he applied a driver leading to a two count. Each man battled until an elbow strike by Kyle dropped Orange.

Fletcher hit a kick in the corner then he tried a big slam, Cassidy countered and left both men laying on the mat. Both men stood and Cassidy tried lazy punches, they traded pinning attempts. Fletcher then hit two tombstone pile drivers and got a near fall after the second.

Fletcher was seated on the top rope and set up a driver off the top rope, which he hit. Cassidy was able to kick out of that move. Fletcher then hit a running leg strike then tried a signature move. Cassidy countered that with a DDT then Fletcher tried another pile driver. Cassidy rolled through and pinned Fletcher.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

(Sage’s Analysis: I don’t really have an opinion on Kyle Fletcher, but if I was a fan of his I would not be happy that Orange Cassidy was unbeatable will all his good stuff. But, I am not that fan and he doesn’t even go here so to say. So I do like Cassidy being an unbeatable babyface at this point.)

-Ricky Starks announced he was going to enter the Casino Battle Royal and he was attacked by Jay White and Juice Robinson. [c]

-Jungle Boy Jack Perry had a dark lit sit down promo, he discussed all the drives he has made to Las Vegas and how he has grown as a wrestler. He said that the wrestling ring has made him who he is and live the life he wants to and that come Monday he will drive home the AEW World Champion.

-FTR came to the ring. Cash Wheeler said it would be easy to say Jeff Jarrett is trash and has worked his way to teh top though his words. But, he said that Jarret has outsmarted them and been lucky. He said that luck runs out on Sunday. Dax Harwood said that Jarrett does a lot to stay relevant but can’t. He said that two TNA rejects will not be tag team champions and to check with Dixie Carter about job security.

Mark Briscoe came out and joined them in the ring. Cash said he knows that he is mad and do not let them make him look stupid. Cash said they went to hell and back with him last year, he said they would do that for him now. Mark asked about the pile driver, then Dax demanded a handshake. Mark slapped Dax and left the ring. Mark then walked up the ring and pushed Karen Jarett and slapped Jeff Jarrett. He grabbed Jay Lethal and said he doesn’t care about the others and is tired of this bullshit.

-Sammy Guevara was backstage, Renee told him that the MJF offer was still on the table. Sammy said hell no to laying down at the PPV. Sammy said that he was not for sale, that day jobs int he past offered him promotions to leave wrestling. He made it in pro wrestling and will be the man to take that title off of MJF. [c]


Blake Christian and Buddy Matthews started the match, the special rule of the match was one man in, one man out. Tags were not needed, which would have been a good rule the first year of AEW. Brody King and A R Fox were legal and he was out, then Blake was in and King slammed him and tagged in Black as he laid in a kick.

Black took down Christian and then took him tot he apron and hit a knee strike to the floor. Black tried a German and Christian rolled through and tagged in Metalik, who took out Black. He and Christian dove out and took out Buddy and Black. Fox and King were alone in the ring, Fox bounced off the ropes and was stopped by King. Fox then drop kicked King tot he outside as Fox hit a springboard senton to all five men on the outside.

Fox then tried a 450, Matthews dodged and then set up a stomp and then applied a inverted cloverleaf hold. Fox grabbed the rope but it didn’t count per match rules. Metalik entered and was put in a knee bar, then King choked Christian over the apron like he did with Darby. Fox tapped out as his teammates were taken out.

WINNER: House of Black

(Sage’s Analysis: This is how you build up a team, I have been lukewarm to cold on House of Black for a long time. But, this match was quick, fun and made all three guys look like total badasses. Good Stuff.)

-A recap of the feud between The Elite and BCC was shown. The BCC were backstage, Danielson said that they want to get the ROH tag titles and end The Elite this week. Jon Moxley talked about how they are the best in teh world, this is the major leagues and are you willing to stop up and deliver when it counts. He said that the BCC will deliver in a storm of violence, and you will see the difference between professionals and amateurs. [c]

-MJF’s music hit, he walked over and drank Tony’s water at the announce table and spit water at a fan. MJF said they call this place Sin City but he thinks they should change it to virgin Vegas. He said he wants Sammy to put his tongue into an outlet, Darby to climb Mt. Everest with his shoes untied, and Jack Perry to talk and bore himself to death. But, he said that he is above that. The match includes four homegrown talents that no one knew four years ago. He said they have been the best part of AEW and they in fact are AEW. However, he said that he doesn’t want to be AEW anymore and is tired of the lack of competition and the lack of respect from the fans.

He said that Tony Khan knows that his contract is up and suddenly he has to wrestler three men and doesn’t even need pinned. He said that he may take his ball and go home, he said that he has run faster with that ball than anyone. He said the other three men are talented but they are not on the level with the devil.

Darby Allin’s music hit and he walked to the ring. MJF said he was glad he came out on his stilts, he asked what he wanted. Darby said he has lost a lot, but never his mind. He knows who he is, he was a guy working at a dollar store and then moved to Atlanta and lived in his car. AEW called and saved his sanity, he said no other company is gonna let him skate with Tony Hawk or climb Mt. Everest. He said that he needs to become world champion and be that symbol for AEW. MJF hit a low blow, then Sammy Guevara’s music hit and he ran off MJF. MJF was on the ramp, Jungle Boy’s music hit and he attacked and clotheslined MJF. Perry then picked up the belt and lifted it.

-A recap of the Wardlow and Christian Cage ladder match was shown.


A test of strength started the bout, with Taya Valkyrie sending Lady Frost to the mat. Taya caught Frost as Frost was running the ropes, Frost countered the slam attempt. Valkyrie worked on Frost for a while, until Frost countered in the corner. Frost then tried a running attack but was taken out by Taya. Jade and company walked out just before the break. [c]

Lady Frost was in control and hit a spinning front flip in the corner, then hit a spinning body splash. Valkyrie then hit a spear to even the odds and both women were down on the mat. Both combatants then laid in forearms, until Taya hit a sit out slam and a cover for a two count. Taya then hit a big stomp and looked over at Jade.

Frost hit a roundhouse kick, Taya then hit a back breaker. Taya then hit Road to Valhalla and won via pinfall.

WINNER: Taya Valkyrie

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match that helped set up the PPV match, I think Frost has a ton of upside. The crowd just couldn’t care less.)

-Tony Khan announce that the first Collision will take place in Chicago at the United Center. Half of the crowd chanted CM Punk and half seemed to boo. [c]

-Adam Cole was backstage and was asked about his friendship. He said that they are more than friends, they are family. He said that the cost BCC has rung up is too high and they will pay in blood.

-Adam Cole came out for his contract signing, Chris Jericho followed. Tony Schiavone said everyone agreed to no physicality. Tony said AEW is not responsible for anything that happens at the match, Cole signed the contract. Cole said he knows why Jericho made him watch Britt Baker get beat down in front of him. He said maybe because he is a scumbag, but he did it because he thinks he can do whatever he wants and AEW should be thankful to have him. Cole said we will see how invincible he is at the PPV. Cole said that it has taken all he has to not beat him right now, he instead explained that he will break both his legs, shatter his jaw, break his hands and called him a bitch.

Jericho said he isn’t a bitch, he isn’t from Las Vegas. He said that his head injury must have ruined his memory and he showed Cole the clip of Britt being beat down. Jericho asked what kind of man would allow that to happen, he called Cole a coward. He said he would knock Cole’s teeth down his throat. Jericho signed and said that he is outsmarted. Jericho said that there are five of them and two of them. Cole said he made a call and had backup. Cole reveled that Sabu would be his backup.

-A video was shown to set up the Women’s Title match.


The two men evenly battled until Strong sent Garcia to the mat and brought him up while in a headlock. Both men traded chops until Strong sent Garcia to the mat on a slap. They continued to trade slaps and chops, until Strong hit a kick tot he face of Garcia. [c]

Garcia was in control and danced as he had a DDT set up, Strong took advantage and got up and took Garcia out with a lariat and a drop kick. Strong then hit a knee strike and an above the head slam. Garcia battled briefly, Strong then hit a back breaker and a near fall after. Garcia rolled away and got a two count on Strong. Both men traded chops until Garcia hit a slam for a near fall of his own.

Garcia set up the Dragon Tamer, Strong turned his body and sent Garcia into the middle rope. Strong hit a gut buster and then his finisher for the pinfall win. [c]

WINNER: Roderick Strong

(Sage’s Analysis: Like the Valkyrie match it was technical and well worked. But, the crowd didn’t care at all.)


All four men started the match battling, the BCC fellows were sent to the outside and both Rey and Penta dove out onto them. Back in the ring it was Penta and Wheeler battling as Rey entered with a tag and was about to do a spinning attack, but Claudio hit a European Uppercut and stopped the attack. Claudio then took on both brothers as Yuta distracted them and Claudio got a cover going into the break. [c]

Wheeler was in control of the match, Claudio entered and did the giant swing and released Rey onto Yuta and was covered for a near fall. Penta called for the hot tag and got it, leading to a big splash on Wheeler and then a head scissors on Claudio. Penta then took out Yuta for a two count.

Penta then applied an arm hold that was stopped by Claudio. Penta attacked Claudio with a head kick, Rey then ran in with one of his own. Rey and Penta then hit stern kicks in Yuta. Claudio picked up Rey, was kicked in the stomach and dropped Rey on Yuta leading to a near fall.

Rey set up Wheeler as Penta tried to set up a dive, Claudio pushed him to the floor than dropped Rey. Claudio sent Yuta onto Rey for a near fall as Danielson complained about Yuta’s cover. Claudio attacked Rey behind the ref’s back. In the Confusion The Young Bucks emerged from under the ring and stopped Claudio from entering and allowed Yuta to get pinned.

WINNER: The Lucha Bros

(Sage’s Analysis: A fine match that felt like a 17 minute match in 12, the heels getting screwed over isn’t super ideal in a vacuum. But, setting up The Elite screwing over BCC works for me in this instance.)

-Jon Moxley came out and told them to enjoy their time until Sunday. He said that it will be the most violent match in the history of AEW and that the BCC will go too far and if you don’t like blood buckle up because you haven’t seen anything yet.

Final Thoughts: A fine AEW go home show, the matches were fine and not super consequential. But the main matches were built in a good way, the main two being the world title and Anarchy matches. The other matches had video packages and that was fine. The Jericho/Cole match segment felt forced and Cole went too far for what this feud is. Also, Sabu! What year is it?


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