VIP AUDIO 6/8 – The Fix Mailbag (pt. 2 of 2): Punk’s return, Sami in Saudi Arabia, Collision hype, casual fans, Callis crowd heat, WWE women’s titles, Adam Cole, Montez Ford, JBL, Flair with WCW belt on WWF TV, more (107 min.)


SHOW SUMMARY: In this episode of The Fix with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller, they respond to listener emails on these topics.

  • Will WWE get the women’s titles on the matching show?
  • Is the AEW crowd actually invested in booing Don Callis? How does it compare to Dominik Mysterio’s heel heat?
  • Is there a reason to be disappointed in Sami Zayn being so enthusiastic about going to Saudi Arabia?
  • Will C.M. Punk acknowledge the issues with The Elite? Is a lost opportunity not to do so?
  • Is Punk the best traditional babyface in AEW, and shouldn’t he be given a chance to win over fans who are disillusioned with him?
  • Is Punk vs. Elite or Punk vs. MJF a bigger match for AEW?
  • How about an Orange Cassidy & Juice Robinson tag team called Orange Juice?
  • Are there wrestlers you haven’t seen live that you really want to or match concepts or events you haven’t seen live that you want to?
  • Is it petty for WWE to restrict arenas booking AEW events near their bookings?
  • Details on Todd’s viewing and listening habits when it comes to non-pro wrestling and pro wrestling areas of his entertainment. Also, Todd’s To Do List in his life.
  • Why don’t networks take a gamble on a smaller company like MLW or Impact rather than spending so much on WWE or AEW?
  • Does Rampage’s line-up for Championship Friday that Bryan Danielson had input in show that he’s not a great booking mind and Vince McMahon was the best thing to happen to his career?
  • Should AEW be doing post-event media Q&As with some wrestlers in character and others out of character such as MJF and Bryan Danielson last time?
  • Was JBL really a tough guy or just an arrogant, cocky prick?
  • What’s the story on Ric Flair’s World Title belt from WCW being digitized on WWF TV?
  • Which three figures from wrestling history would you most want to have a dinner with? What would you serve them?
  • Might Tony Khan start an on-air feud with C.M. Punk to try to spark Collision ratings?
  • Todd ranks Barry Darsow’s gimmicks including Repoman and Demolish Smash among his others.
  • Which ROH rivalries are the most important in history and why have some gotten more recognition over time than others?
  • Is Montez Ford overrated in terms of being a future singles star just needing the chance?
  • What is a casual fan, exactly? Is the term used improperly?
  • Is June the best time for AEW to pro
    mote Forbidden Door each year?
  • Could Punk show up brandishing his own AEW World Title belt, pointing out he never lost it?
  • Is there something off about Adam Cole in AEW compared to his prior stronger performances? Is the timing right for MJF to face Cole?
  • Is AEW’s hype for Collision coming up way short of its potential?



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