NXT TV RESULTS (9/26): Hazelwood’s live report on No Mercy go-home, Coffey-Butch GHI final, Hayes-Dragunov contract signing, Lynch appearance, more



SEPTEMBER 26, 2023

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

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-The show began with Butch’s music for the opening match of the night, the Global Heritage Invitational final. They showed Butch with five points with two wins, one draw, and no losses. Joe Coffey made his entrance next along with Gallus. They showed Meta-Four dressed like they’re at the Kentucky Derby. Coffey stared daggers at Butch as they showed six points with three wins and one loss than Coffey. Vic Joseph said Coffey had the most wins and points.

(1) BUTCH vs. JOE COFFEY (w/Gallus) – Global Heritage Invitational final (winner faces Noam Dar for Heritage Cup at No Mercy)

Butch slapped the gum out of Coffey’s mouth as they began the match. “You got butchslapped” started in the crowd. Butch took the left arm and worked COffey to the mat, putting all of his weight on the arm while grinding the face and ear with his forearm. He stomped on the arm and glared at Coffey. Coffey then took the left arm and worked Butch the the mat. Butch kipped up and worked his foe into a corner. They went forehead-to-forehead, but Coffey just dropped Butch with a right and then went to work with a side headlock. Coffey came off several rope runs, ran through a Butch clothesline with the left arm, and then hit a shoulder tackle where he hit the Gallus cross arm pose. Butch came back and sat on the arm, mocking the pose, and then stomping on the upper arm. He hit an enziguri in the corner and a double stomp to the left arm, then to an armbar. Mark Coffey distracted the ref, allowing Wolfgang to level Butch. Coffey went for a German, but Butch landed on his feet. He then hit Coffey with a forearm out of midair for a two-count. Coffey rolled outside, so Butch climbed and hit a moonsault to all three men. He went back inside and used the ropes to hit a snap German, stomped on the hands, then hit a roundhouse kick to the head. Gallus climbed to the apron and then were thrown out by the ref. [c]

Coffey was in control as they returned, but Butch grabbed the left arm from the apron and countered, hitting a reverse Ten Beats of the Bodhran basically (apron to ring). Coffey hit a stiff shoulder to Butch, then went for a piledriver on the apron. Butch used the ropes to hang on and then hit a DDT on the apron. Back in the ring, Coffey hit a pop-up uppercut and this time was able to hit his crossbody. He went for a German, but the left arm was too compromised until he flexed and then hit one. But was slow to his feet as Coffey set for and hit Glasgow Sendoff. Butch came back and kicked the arm on the lariat, hit an enziguri, but was then hit by the left arm to floor booth men.

They showed a full viewing area for the Global Heritage Invitational. Butch then lured Coffey and locked in a Fujiwara armbar, but Coffey rolled through and hit a jackknife powerbomb. He went and hit another Sendoff into the corner and then hit his All the Best for the Bells lariat, but Butch kicked out. Coffey took Butch outside for the Sendoff into the steps, but Butch moved. He rolled Coffey inside and hit Bitter End.

WINNER: Butch at 12:43 (Bitter End) to win the Global Heritage Invitational and face Noam Dar for the Heritage Cup at No Mercy

-McKenzie Mitchell was in the back with Dominik Mysterio (sporting a black eye). He said he’s finally done with Dragon Lee after defeating him last night and has a free Saturday night. Mitchell said she thought he knew he’d be defending against tonight’s winner of the triple threat match: Axiom vs. Tyler Bate vs. Lee to face Mysterio at No Mercy for the North American Championship. Mysterio stormed off talking about he can’t be treated this way.

-Trick Williams made his way to the ring for his match with Joe Gacy. [c]

-They returned with Tony D’Angelo and Stacks in an Italian restaurant as they discussed their upcoming meeting. D’Angelo calmed down Stacks and told them they’re going to feed them and decide who they’ll be facing at No Mercy. First were Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza, miffed that they were patted down. They sat down looking apprehensive. Carrillo said they appreciated the invite. Garza came here to apologize and not eat, he said, and D’Angelo said that’s on them because they have a six-course meal. More to come…

-Gacy made his entrance with Ava.

(2) TRICK WILLIAMS vs. JOE GACY (w/Ava) – Singles match

They locked up, then some misdirection rope runs that ended with Williams hitting a shoulder tackle. He hit a big bodyslam as well. He dodged some corner attacks and hit a few of his own, but Gacy blocked a hip toss and hit a DDT. Gacy hit back mount and rained down forearms to the back of the neck. He put Williams in a rear chin lock. Williams fought to his feet and broke out of the hold, then gained the momentum with some strikes. He hit a running leg lariat, but Gacy was able to hit him in the corner. He went for the Upside Down, but Williams hit a tiger knee counter.

WINNER: Trick Williams at 2:27 (flying knee counter)

-After the match, Kelly Kincaid was in the ring with Williams and he said it feels good to get that dub and let people know he’s ambidextrous: “I whoop ass with both hands, believe that.” She asked him about Carmelo Hayes vs. Ilja Dragunov. Williams said come on, Gacy might be weird, but we just had a good match. He said he’ll answer the question and that Dragunov hits hard, so he’d be a fool to bet against him…and by HIM, he means Hayes. He said Hayes will retain his title and now that he’s thinking about it, Hayes has a title, so it’s time he goes and gets his. The crowd popped at that.

-Mitchell was with Blair Davenport and asked about Gigi Dolin, but Davenport cut her off saying it’s just Dolin’s feeble attempt to take her out. She said Dolin blindsided her, but she got back up and the refs had to keep Dolin safe from her. Davenport looked into the camera and told Dolin she can’t match her vicious intent and just to watch tonight.

-Baron Corbin’s music hit for his match with Josh Briggs. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Whoops, forgot to discuss the first match. A good match as expected to close out the GHI. It was more hard-hitting than the average match in the tournament and less technical, but was fun nonetheless. Butch makes sense as we’ve basically seen Dar against everyone else in the tournament and Butch has that “main roster” and The Brawling Brutes sheen to him. It should be a really fun, technical match on Saturday that I’ll miss. To match two, it wasn’t the cleanest, but Williams did look good and that he’s continuing to improve. The crowd reacting positively to him and his championship aspirations is a great sign, and bring back more of these post-match in-ring interviews!)

-They returned with Andre Chase and Duke Hudson walking in the back concerned about Thea Hail. They ran into Jacy Jayne, who mocked them. Chase asked about Hail since she wasn’t returning texts. Hail walked in and Hudson said, “Holy s**t.” She was in all black and Chase was about to say something when Hudson stopped him, so he said he thought she’s never looked better. She gave credit to Jayne and then walked away; Jayne hyped Hail’s new ring gear. The two men looked lost.

-Briggs made his entrance with his usual two.

(3) BARON CORBIN vs. JOSH BRIGGS (w/Brooks Jensen & Fallon Henley) – Singles match

They locked up with Corbin forcing Briggs into the corner and then slapping him twice. Briggs immediately responded with rights and a clothesline to send Corbin outside. Briggs threw Corbin into the barricade and slapped Corbin. Back in the ring, he hit a running boot to floor Corbin. Corbin responded with a kick to the knee and then a modified chokeslam thing that was like a half-and-half slam. Corbin slowed it down with strikes and a running avalanche in the corner. He mocked Henley, but Briggs dodged and hit a release sidewalk slam and standing splash for a two-count. The two traded strikes in the center of the ring, Briggs getting the better, but Corbin used the ref to get in a cheap shot to Briggs and hit a second rope clothesline. End of Days followed.

WINNER: Baron Corbin at 3:00 (End of Days)

-Corbin took a mic after the match and called out Bron Breakker. He said this Saturday, we find out if the little doggy is all bark or if he bites. Corbin said he’s looking at his future and Breakker just saw his: E.O.D- Breakker’s music interrupted. Breakker in all black except his bright red shoes headed to the ring with a mic, then instead just decided to punch the hell out of Corbin. Security immediately hit the ring as the two men continued to beat on each other.

-The Women’s NXT Championship preview is next. [c]

-They returned with Williams walking toward Shawn Michaels’ office, hesitating, then knocking on the door. He asked if HBK had a minute and he replied to come on in.

-Joseph and Booker T shifted from that to the preview of Becky Lynch vs. Tiffany Stratton in an extreme rules match. It was, as expected, a great video.

-Hank Walker and Tank Ledger were already in the ring.

(4) OUT THE MUD (Lucien Price & Bronco Nima w/Reggie) vs. HANK & TANK (Hank Walker & Tank Ledger) – Tag team match

Ledger and Price began the match. The former Cougar was quickly double teamed. Walker and Ledger worked quick tags to take it to Price, including a springboard splash from Ledger. Ledger was distracted by Nima, allowing Price to hit the Booker T-like hook kick. Nima tagged in and took it to Tank (they just keep saying Hank & Tank). Price came in and the pace slowed considerably with the big men in control. Price hit a three-point stance and hit a running splash into the corner. Nima came in and missed a stomp, allowing Tank to hit a rollup and then tag in Hank. Hank took out Price, then rushed Nima with a corner splash. He then hit snake eyes and a running bicycle kick. Tank tagged in and they went for a double team, but Reggie/Scrypts grabbed the leg. Instead of kicking out or disqualifying them, the ref just watched as Price took out Tank inside the ring. They then hit basically an assisted Alabama slam to win.

WINNER: OTM at 2:48 (assisted Alabama slam)

-They showed Dolin getting ready in the locker room. Suddenly, the lights went out and there was a lot of noise. The lights came back on with Davenport standing over Dolin, smiling, as Dolin held her neck.

-They showed Dijak and Eddy Thorpe making their way for the strap match. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: They’re just starting, but the biggest thing Price and Nima need to work on is pacing in the literal sense that they just looked slow out there. Nima, in particular, seemed way too deliberate in his movements, making him look even slower. Still, they show a lot of potential as a dominant tag team in the mold of an Authors of Pain, which would be a nice addition to the men’s tag team division. As for Hank & Tank, well, the audience responses weren’t that great for a presumed fan-favorite.)


-Back to the restaurant, they showed the same four men. Stacks asked why it looks like their chests look like they were mauled by a sabretooth tiger. They said it’s a message from their grandpa and D’Angelo said it might be a long time before they get a return message. The Creed Brothers showed up in track suits and Brutus said they were starving. They took seats and as Carrillo was about to eat, Brutus asked if it was the place that had food poisoning. Stacks said “OTM is OTW.”

-Axiom and Bate were getting ready in the locker room and preparing for the match. They said they had respect for each other. Williams came in and said he just left Michaels’ office and he wanted to let them know that it just became a fatal four-way. The crowd popped.

-Thorpe made his entrance. I’m imagining Dijak attacks during the entrance. Holy hell, he didn’t attack! They showed Thorpe greeting his mother, father, sister, and niece at ring side. Dijak entered next.

(5) EDDY THORPE vs. DIJAK – Strap match

Dijak immediately went outside, but Thorpe used the corner for leverage to force Dijak into the post, then flew through the corner to hit Dijak. Back in the ring, Dijak yanked, pulling Thorpe into the bottom rope to regain control. Thorpe used the strap to trip up Dijak (remember, it’s attached to the wrist of each wrestler). Thorpe pulled Dijak into a thrust kick. Dijak hit a few back elbows and some 12-6 versions to regain control, but ate a shotgun dropkick from Thorpe. Dijak dodged a corner kick, then snapped the strap across Thorpe’s back. Dijak then used the strap to send Thorpe outside. [c]

Dijak had the strap across Thorpe’s mouth as they returned. They showed Dijak hitting a sit-out chokeslam during the break. Thorpe fought back, Dijak went for a chokeslam, Thorpe clotheslined them both over, but Diajk held on and hit the chokelsam on the apron. He then threw Thorpe into the barricade in front of his family, then tied up Thorpe in the strap. He whipped Thorpe in the chest over and over again and his niece started tearing up even as she cheered on her uncle. Back in the ring, Dijak removed his belt that Joseph said was the same one he used to mock Thorpe’s culture and whip the tree. He set, but Thorpe ducked and hit a running kick. He then took the strap and whipped Dijak in the back and chest multiple times. He stepped on Dijak’s hand and then whipped him in the face. Thorped wrapped the belt around his hand and punched Dijak. He then climbed to the second rope, wrapped the strap around his left arm, and hit his elbow.

WINNER: Eddy Thorpe at 10:09 (second rope elbow)

-After the match, as Thorpe was celebrating on the second rope, Dijak turned that into Feast Your Eyes. He then set Thorpe on the top rope near his family and hit a thrust kick to hang up Thorpe. He then tied Thorpe’s legs to the ropes with the strap and grabbed his belt. He went outside, mocked Thorpe’s family (the niece had her hands over her ears), and then proceed to whip the hell out of Thorpe. He threw the belt at the barricade in front of the family as the niece looked like she was going to have a breakdown.

-Jayne was eagerly waiting for Hail outside of the locker room. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: From Roxanne Perez’s little sister to Thorpe’s little niece, WWE just loves tormenting the younger family members of faces. Yeah, sure, the faces won their matches, but at least here, Thorpe got his ass handed to him by Dijak after the match. Those screams you may have heard during the match were from the niece, by the way. Also, this was one of those feuds where the winner really needed a win and the loser really couldn’t afford a loss. Dijak is great, but is he ever going to win any feuds? Thorpe is someone they should look to be in the North American Championship picture come early 2024, so him winning makes sense. It’s just damn, did they need to get back so much heat after?)

-They returned with a preview for The Continental (from the world of John Wick).

-Dani Palmer’s music hit as she made her entrance. She’s mostly just been in backstage segments for the past few months. As Joseph was updating on Dolin’s status, Davenport came over and took off Joseph’s headset and mocked Dolin, saying next time it will be far worse. Hail’s music hit, still Chase U, but Jayne stopped the music and some new music hit. Hail came out in all black as expected. Oh wait, there’s some silver!

(6) THEA HAIL (w/Jacy Jayne) vs. DANI PALMER – Singles match

Hail hit a quick leg pick, but Jordan used her athleticism to counter and grab a leg of her own. She cartwheeled out of a spin and took a side headlock. Joseph said the Breakout Tournament bracket will be revealed at No Mercy. The two women engaged in some chain wrestling early and acquitted themselves well. Palmer came off of a rope run with a quick head scissors, but Hail responded with one of her own and then took an arm for a Fujiwara armbar position that was rolled out of, Jordan hitting a dropkick. Hail then hit a quick exploder for a two-count. What a furious opening few minutes. Jordan hit a big forearm and then took control, even hitting a (bad) scorpion kick in the corner. She missed a corkscrew moonsault, then Hail locked in the Kimura. Jayne embraced Hail after the match and mocked Chase and Hudson.

WINNER: Thea Hail at 2:24 by submission (Kimura)

-The showed Hayes in the locker room looking at his phone at Williams came in hyped about his match. Hayes was perturbed, but put over Williams for beating Gacy and being in the fatal four-way, but Hayes was too distracted by his phone. Hayes said he has a lot going on with the contract signing. Williams said yeah, sure, he has his own business he has to handle. It hit Hayes after Williams left what was said.

-Lee made his entrance. [c]

-They returned with Corbin leaving and yelling at the unseen reporter for asking about Breakker. Breakker then attacked and a gaggle of refs and security broke it up again as they screamed at each other.

-Axiom was in the ring, as was everyone else.

(7) DRAGON LEE vs. TYLER BATE vs. AXIOM vs. TRICK WILLIAMS – #1 contender’s fatal four-way for North American Championship match at No Mercy

Bate and Axiom hit a double thrust kick to Williams to knock him outside, upset he was added to the match. Bate then took out Williams with a splash outside as the the two masked men remained in the ring and went counter-for-counter with each other for a bit. Axiom got the better of Lee, went to the apron, and hit a knee to Williams as Bate moved. Lee then set and hit a tope con hilo to the other three men, who were just waiting there. Back in the ring, Lee went for the powerbomb, but Williams turned it into a crab and Bate added a Fujiwara armbar. Axiom came in and put on a sleeper to Williams, so there was a three-way sub going. Bate broke it and then beat on Axiom before turning to Lee. He missed Bop and Bang and ate a right instead, but he hit a big dropkick. He turned into a dropkick from Williams. Williams then leaped and took out Lee, then Axiom with a step-up b-boy kick and a double flapjack to Axiom and Bate. [c]

Bate went for Tyler Driver 97 to Axiom as they returned, but Axiom turned it into a rana pin. Bate kicked out, but instead ate a half-and-half suplex. Axiom then turned to Williams and ended up hitting a two-for-one to Lee as well. He then sent Bate into Williams and hit a running clothesline to Williams to DDT Bate. Lee broke up the pin and then took control with his corner kick combo. He hit a running dropkick to Williams in the corner, then Axiom. He countered the rebound lariat with the sit-out powerbomb, but both Axiom and Williams broke up the pin. Williams threw Lee outside, then hit an uppercut to a leaping Axiom. He hit a bodyslam to Bate and hit the arm-clench uranage, adding Lee to the mix for a double pin and double kick out. Williams turned to Bate as Lee rolled outside. Bate countered a vertical into a sloppy DDT (Williams was hesitant on the bump), then put Lee into an airplane spin. He caught a kick from Axiom and then did an airplane spin-giant swing combo. He tossed Lee onto Axiom and hit a deadlift German. He then hit the rebound lariat to Williams. Axiom ran off of Bate’s back on the cover and hit a destroyer to Lee. All four men were floored.

Bate and Axiom took center ring. Bate caught a kick and hit Bop and Bang, but Williams hit a pop-up punch. Axiom hit a thrust kick, then Lee hit one to Axiom hung up in the corner and another on the feet that flipped Axiom. Lee climbed only for Bate to meet him. Axiom met them too, but Lee took out Bate only to eat an avalanche Spanish fly from Axiom. Lee kicked out and the two rose to their feet holding each other’s head. Lee hit a running tilt-a-whirl inverted DDT. The pin was broken up by Bate and then a sequence ended with the other three hitting heads and Williams landing on top of Axiom to win the match. On replay, Lee hit a headbutt on Williams, who ran into Bate and fell onto Axiom as the impact of the headbutt sent Lee outside.

WINNER: Trick Williams at 11:00 (fell into pin after taking headbutt)

-Back in the restaurant, they’re all eating as OTM arrived. The others joked about getting a booster seat for Scrypts. Nima said they didn’t come to break bread with none of them. Brutus said he did and the food was amazing. Carrillo asked which team it will be at No Mercy (fatal four-way coming). They all started mocking each other as Brutus asked for more food. Scrypts said it’s time for new blood and that they’re being disrespected. Nima said everyone begging for a shot, but they don’t beg. Price said they’re going to get it or this place is going to get dirty real quick. D’Angelo snaped his fingers and a bunch of Italian toughs walked into the room. D’Angelo said he doesn’t want anyone to say they took it easy, so they want to see “all of your ugly mugs at No Mercy.” Stacks said they procured the favorite beverages to make it official (it was milk for The Creed Brothers).

-Mitchell was with Mysterio and asked about defending against Williams. Mysterio said he’s impressed at the curveball, but he’s going to whoop that trick like he did Lee last night. He said HBK needs to realized that he runs NXT. Lee then attacked Mysterio and taunted him as two refs took him away.

-Williams caught up with Hayes in the back as the latter was making his way. They laughed and dapped up about TrickMelo gang. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Called it when Williams was added and they found a creative way for him to get the victory without making anyone really “look” bad. However, was that ending really needed in this type of match, and for someone heading into a match with Mysterio? He’s the champ, sure, but he’s been booked as retaining through luck rather than skill. In any case, I’m happy for Williams that he’s getting this little push and hope that it’s sustained because, based off of the reactions tonight, the crowd loves them some Trick Willy.)

-They returned with someone flipping through old footage of the Bengals and WCW. This is Brian Pillman Jr., huh?

-Joseph went through the No Mercy card.

-Ilja Dragunov made his entrance first in a blue suit with black turtleneck. Hayes entered next to the biggest pop of the night. He carried his blazer over his shoulder as he entered. He placed the Men’s NXT Championship center on the table.



Both men had mics and there was no official to mediate. Hayes said there’s really nothing to talk about so they should just sign the contract. Dragunov said Hayes is the wrong person at the wrong time and the wrong man for the championship. Hayes said wrong person, wrong time just like at The Great American Bash. He said he’s walking into No Mercy knowing that he’ll beat Dragunov. Dragunov said he can clearly see that Hayes struggles “outside of the comfort zone of your own confidence.” Hayes admitted that for the first time ever, he struggled with his confidence, but he checked himself. Dragunov said these people know, and deep inside Hayes knows, that Saturday it’s Dragunov’s destiny, not a prophecy, but destiny. He asked Hayes what will he do when he throws everything at him and Dragunov is still there? What if he shoots his best shot and misses? Hayes said it’s not about how much pain you can endure or how many veins you can make pop out of your head, it’s about being HIM. He said he isn’t like any of the guys that Dragunov’s beat before, he’s not like Wes Lee, he’s not like Trick- he caught himself as Dragunov laughed. Dragunov then signed the contract as he glared at Hayes. He slammed the contract in front of Hayes and said Hayes will do nothing because he can’t do nothing (I think he meant anything here). Dragunov said Hayes wants to push him beyond his limits? Great. He’s still going to be crowned the new champion. “Long live The Czar.” Hayes signed the contract, came over to Dragunov, and said this championship is bigger than them. He said when he carries that title, it represents something for every kid that looks like him and said Dragunov “absolutely” cannot hold the title better than him. He held up the title as the two glared at each other. Joseph then said he has big news and that Lee is the special guest ref for Mysterio vs. Williams. Oh no, are they going to have Lee join Judgment Day?

They cut to the parking lot where Breakker and Corbin were still fighting. Breakker threw Corbin into a Kia SUV, causing a huge dent. Corbin tried getting into the vehicle, but Breakker went in after. The officials pulled him away. He went to spear Corbin, but Corbin moved and Breakker hit the door, nearly breaking it. Corbin threw BReakker into the SUV, causing another dent. Breakker came back and slammed Corbin on top of the hood. Breakker got on top, but Corbin hit a low blow and then gave Breakker a chokeslam on top of the SUV. Breakker sat up like The Undertaker and locked in a arear naked choke to Corbin, but Corbin slammed him against the car. They then brawled into the walls and back into the arena. They busted through the “wall” into Michaels’ office as the show went off the air, officials, refs, and security trying to break them up.

(Hazelwood’s Take: Maybe this is still me recovering from COVID, but that main event contract signing segment was…tepid at best. I’m just not into another Hayes-Dragunov match, as good as their last one was at TGAB. I also think both men flubbed a few lines tonight, including in delivery. It’s good for them they had that big brawl between Corbin and Breakker to end the show proper because it would have been sort of a letdown to end with that contract signing heading into a PLE.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a strange show. They couldn’t do too much beyond get everything set for Saturday and even then, some of the moves were a bit hasty like OTM being added to the mix and Williams being in contention for the North American Championship so suddenly. I think the standouts tonight were Davenport and Williams, each in different ways. I was less impressed with the men’s tag team segments (and match) and the final contract signing. However, the GHI final was good and that has really helped anchor NXT over the past month. Other than that, it was really just an A-to-B show with not much else. One thing to point out is that we didn’t see Kelani Jordan after Dana Brooke was released last week, leading me to wonder if they’ll keep her off of TV for a bit.

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