10 YRS AGO – WWE Smackdown Results (6/6/2024): Big Show vs. Orton, Seth vs. Ziggler, plus Usos, Triple H, RVD, Ryback, Rusev, Bo Dallas, more

By Greg Parks, PWTorch columnist

WWE Raw analysis
Seth Rollins (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


The following report originally published 10 years ago this week here at PWTorch.com…

WWE Smackdown review
June 6, 2014
Taped 6/3/14 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Aired on SyFy
By Greg Parks, PWTorch Columnist

– WWE Open.

– The opening and final segments from Raw were replayed in video package form.

– In the arena in Cincinnati, Triple H’s music played. He walked out, alone, in a suit. He stopped on the stage, which cued Seth Rollins to come out. He was still wearing his flak jacket. Michael Cole and JBL were on-camera, with Cole saying Rollins will explain his actions from Raw tonight. “You sold out” chants greeted Rollins when Hunter’s music stopped. Trips said he’s not one to gloat, but rather, he’s out to help answer the fans’ questions. Hunter said Rollins was the man responsible for The Shield. The COO played interviewer, asking the question the fans want to know most of all: Why did he do what he did?

Rollins took the mic and said the only person who knows why he did what he did, and the only person who needs to know, is himself. Well, this IS Smackdown – we’ve come to expect WWE not giving away any big storyline advancements on this show. Dolph Ziggler’s music interrupted and he came out. He said he’s sure he’ll be pushed further down the totem pole by Hunter for this, but he needed to speak his mind about Rollins. He said he never liked The Shield, but he was happy they stood up to The Authority. Ziggler said Rollins turned his back on his own brothers, something he could never do. He labeled Rollins a “traitor.” Rollins conferred with Triple H, and Hunter replied to Ziggler. Hunter said Rollins sold out…and he’ll sell out arenas night after night, something Ziggler will never do. Triple H ordered Ziggler into the ring for a one-on-one match with Rollins, right now. Ziggler came to the ring as they went to break.

[Commercial Break]


Triple H was still at ringside as the match began. Ziggler connected on a flurry of rights in the corner, only to end up running into a boot to the face from Rollins. Jumping knee-drop by Rollins for the first cover of the match. Ziggler came back, sending Rollins to the floor, where Hunter looked after him. Ziggler worked out of a rest-hold and applied a sleeper. They took a break at 4:37 with Ziggler recovering from Rollins’ offense at ringside.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 8:32 of the match. Ziggler was once again fighting out of a rest-hold. He did so again with success, that is, until Rollins sent Ziggler head-first into the middle turnbuckle. Hunter talked up Rollins to JBL, but without wearing a headset. Ziggler jumped into a charging Rollins and planted him with a DDT. That move propelled his comeback. At ringside, Ziggler dropkicked Rollins to the floor. It took something out of Ziggler too, however. Back in the ring, a series of counters led to Ziggler giving Rollins the Fameasser. It got him a two-count. Rollins responded by kicking Ziggler in the side of the head. Rollins perched himself on the top rope, but Ziggler brought him down face-first. That got Ziggler a two-count. Rollins was able to turn the tide, powerbombing Ziggler into the corner, then curb stomping him for the win.

WINNER: Rollins, at 14:32. Not the kind of match I was expecting from these two, with a slow pace early on, then lots of selling later. It wasn’t a bad match by any means, but if you were expecting them to go 90 miles an hour for most of the match, you may have been disappointed.

Some major moments in the match were replayed.

– Renee Young was backstage with Bad News Barrett. She wanted to get his thoughts on Barrett defending his Intercontinental Title in a Triple Threat match against Cesaro and Rob Van Dam. Barrett laid out his problems with both men. He said they’re not in his league.

– Also tonight, Bray Wyatt returns to Smackdown.

[Commercial Break]

– Triple H and Seth Rollins were walking backstage when they came upon Randy Orton. Orton welcomed him to the dark side. “I never left,” said Rollins. Good one. Big Show then came upon the scene and called Rollins “a piece of trash.” He brought up Rollins hanging his partners out to dry. Funny seeing these babyfaces get all indignant about what Rollins did to The Shield when they rarely ever make a save for any other babyfaces getting beaten down. Hunter just laughed at Show, and put him in a match with Orton for later tonight.


No entrance for Rybaxel. Jey Uso was immediately thrown from the ring by Ryback. Axel tagged in and kept Jey in the heel corner. Back in was Ryback, and he gave Jey a spinebuster. A pin was broken up by Jimmy Uso. Jey made the hot tag at 2:59 and Jimmy hit a splash on Axel for the win.

WINNERS: The Usos, at 3:11. I guess this means The Usos have moved on from Rybaxel, likely heading toward a showdown with The Wyatt Family for the tag titles.

– Big Show vs. Randy Orton is the main event.

– The story of Stephanie McMahon’s championship ultimatum at Payback will be covered tonight.

[Commercial Break]

– The top 10 most-watched WWE Network shows of the past week graphic was shown.

– Lana was introduced by Lilian Garcia. Lana talked up Russia’s accomplishments in the arts and Olympics over the past many years. Garcia then introduced Rusev, who wore the medal he was awarded Monday night, around his neck. Cole said Rusev has moved to Moscow from Bulgaria. A clip of his ceremony from Raw was shown. JBL said only one other person has been awarded the medal Rusev received. He didn’t say who it was.


Woods came out wearing red-white-and-blue,”Stars and Stripes Forever” as his theme music. Mr. Largo from The Simpsons would be proud. Ruseve attacked Woods quickly, giving him a big side-kick. Lana gave Rusev the order to crush very quickly. The Accolade was applied, and Woods tapped.

WINNER: Rusev, at :36. A decisive victory for Rusev, who continues to go over strong.

– Bray Wyatt returns tonight.

– The Triple-Threat I.C. Title match is next.

[Commercial Break]

– Cole thanked Aloe Blacc for “Ticking Bomb,” the official Payback theme.

– Cesaro was introduced by Paul Heyman as the biggest superstar on the show tonight. When Heyman and Cesaro came to the ring, they showed the two men walking out on a tag match Monday night, leaving Barrett in a 1-on-2 situation. Heyman joined the commentators for the match. When Barrett came to the ring, they showed Cesaro attacking Barrett during the champion’s match with RVD on Main Event. He then went after RVD. Lilian Garcia performed formal ring introductions for this match.


Cesaro was the target of both of his opponents’ ire early on. Barrett and Cesaro were lined up on the mat, and RVD gave the both Rolling Thunder at the same time. Van Dam was thrown to ringside by Cesaro. Back in, RVD gave Barrett a split-legged moonsault. He went for the pin, but Cesaro pulled him out of the ring. They cut to break at 2:31 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 6:03. Cesaro was out of the ring, while Barrett was wearing down RVD with a rear chin-lock. Barrett was whipped into the barricade by Cesaro when both men found themselves outside the ring. RVD moonsaulted off the apron onto Cesaro, then leg-dropped Barrett, who was helpfully draped over the barricade earlier by Cesaro. Cesaro got a near-fall on a German suplex to RVD. Cesaro was hung up on the top rope by Barrett. RVD gave him a frog splash, but Barrett came in and Bull Hammered RVD to retain the title.

WINNER: Barrett, at 9:48. Barrett won, but all three men had the opportunity to shine. A nice give-and-take throughout the match.

The finish as replayed as Heyman made angry faces at the announce desk.

– The Wyatt flash came across the screen and Bray Wyatt, alone, was backstage with his back to the camera. He talked about death and rebirth, following his loss to Cena at Payback. Bray said there’s nothing left to fear and that he is reborn. “Join me,” he said. Doesn’t look like that loss tripped him up much.

– Up next, the story surrounding the WWE World Title at Payback will be discussed.

[Commercial Break]

– The exterior of the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati was shown.

– Cole threw it to a video of highlights of NXT Takeover, focusing on the Divas match.


No entrance for Nattie. Some mat wrestling led to a head-scissors by Fox. Low dropkick by Natalya, followed by a double underhook suplex. Fox rolled to ringside and she growled, I think, at Natalya as she came back onto the apron. She screamed every time Nattie got near her. Fox then apologized and offered a handshake. Natalya was too smart for that. She slapped Fox and Fox dared her to do it again. She did. After a kip up by Natalya, Fox sent Nattie throat-first across the bottom rope. Northern lights suplex for two. Fox missed a somersault dropkick, but countered a Sharpshooter. Fox tried her tilt-a-whirl back-breaker, but Natalya collapsed on top of Fox for the pinfall.

WINNER: Natalya, at 3:20. Fox continues to be one of the most entertaining characters on WWE TV of late.

Fox tormented pretty much everyone at ringside after the match. She stalked Lilian Garcia, then seemed ready to take her anger out on her. She was upset at whoever rang the bell, then she rang it herself a couple times. Fox’s music played so she scampered into the ring, crawled on all fours across the mat, and went to the back.

– The announcers talked on-camera about Stephanie McMahon’s ultimatum to Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. They showed Brie quitting, then slapping Steph, from Payback. Back to the announcers, where JBL blamed Bryan for what happened. Cole threw it to Stephanie’s comments from Raw, setting up the future of the WWE World Title.

– This Monday on Raw, we’ll get a status update on the health of Daniel Bryan.

[Commercial Break]


Emma accompanied Santino to the ring. Bo, as usual, cut a short promo before the match. They shook hands before the match. After an initial take-down, Dallas ran around the ring to celebrate. Marella was impressed and shook his hand upon Dallas reentering the ring. Santino took Bo down with an arm-drag and he celebrated with the trombone. Back in, Dallas, looking none too happy, accepted Santino’s handshake but turned it into a short-arm clothesline. Dallas gave Santino a shot to the back of his head, the connected on the Bo-Dog for the win.

WINNER: Dallas, at 1:56. With his comments about the Indiana Pacers on Raw Monday, then his handshake-turned-attack on Santino here, Bo is showing more outright heel tendencies lately.

After Bo’s post-match celebration, he proclaimed himself 5-0. Bo told Emma that Santino isn’t a loser and that he did his best. And if you do your best, you’re a winner in life.

– Renee Young welcomed in Big Show for an interview backstage. Show said Triple H, Orton, and Rollins are a bunch of bullies. He talked about how he was picked on a lot as a kid. But eventually, he found one of his bullies alone and took him out. Tonight, he’s going to do the same to Randy Orton.

[Commercial Break]


The show returned 4:16 into the main event. Orton was in control, and he took over thanks to a distraction by Triple H (footage of that courtesy of the WWE App). Orton tried to wear down Show. Show countered by slamming Orton to the mat. Both men were down at 5:28 of the match. Big splash in a corner by Show, but when he hit the ropes, he was hit by an Orton dropkick. Orton readied for the RKO, but Show shoved him off and speared him. As Show balled his fist for a punch, Hunter got on the apron. Show had both Hunter and Orton by the throat. Rollins made the save, running out and giving Show a knee to the head from the top rope. Referee Charles Robinson called for the bell following the interference.

WINNER: Show, via disqualification, at 7:33.

After the match, Orton RKO’d Show. Triple H brought a chair into the ring and gave it to Rollins. Rollings gave the curb stomp to Show on the chair, though it didn’t look good. A second one was given as well. The three heels stood tall to close the show.

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