The reason Pat McAfee missed Monday Night Raw in his hometown last night wasn’t storyline-related

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Pat McAfee comments on Vince McMahon and Nick Khan


WWE Raw color commentator Pat McAfee missed last night’s episode of Raw. Michael Cole said at the start of Raw that viewers “shouldn’t read that much into it.”

PWTorch has been told that McAfee missed Raw due to a legitimate last-second family emergency.

McAfee likely would have been the person to receive the box from Nikki Cross that she instead handed to Cole, which was addressed to McAfee. So McAfee likely was going to be part of the follow-up to the Wyatt Sick6 massacre last week in some way on last night’s show.

It’ll be up to McAfee how much he reveals about his family emergency. WWE might turn his unexpected absence into an augmented story involving the Wyatt Sick6, which might explain why Cole didn’t get into it on the show.

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Now check out our Wade Keller Post-show covering last night’s Raw including Wade breaking the news about McAfee’s absence. Also, an on-site corresponding discussed the crowd response to the Wyatt Sick6 angle with Nikki Cross and various off-air happenings.

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