VIP AUDIO 4/3 – Monday Livecast – Raw Post-Show (AD-FREE): Are fans the problem or the solution? Reigns, Seth, Balor, Goldberg, Revival, Hardys, and much more discussed with callers (115 min)

WADE KELLER PODCAST - Royal Rumble preview with Sam Roberts
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SHOW SUMMARY: PWTorch editor Wade Keller talked live with callers for two hours, reacting to the Raw After Mania including a remarkable start to the show with the chants for Taker and against Roman Reigns, Goldberg’s post-Raw farewell speech, what constitutes a heel or a babyface in 2017, are the fans part of the problem or is listening to them a real part of the solution, what did Vince McMahon mean when he said “if that’s how you feel” when he was yelled at by fans about Roman, and so much more coming out of this Raw After Mania. Callers and emails throughout add an array of perspectives.

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