RADICAN’s Chikara King of Trios Night 2 DVD Review

By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist


SEPT. 5, 2015

King of Trios Teams

(1) Bullet Club (A.J. Styles & The Young Bucks)
(2) Team AAA (Drago & Fenix & Aerostar)
(3) Fight Club Pro (Dan Maloney & Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)
(4) Trios from Attack Wrestling in the U.K.

(5) BWO (Stevie Richards & Nova & Blue Meanie)
(6) Devastation Corp. (McMassive & Rumblecrunch & Smashmaster)
(7) Dasher’s Dugout (Dasher Hatfield & Icarus & Mr. Touchdown)
(8) Snake Pit (Eddie Kingston & Ophidian & Shynron)

(9) United Nations (Juan Francisco De Coronado & Mr. Azerbaijan & The Proletariat Boar of Moldova)
(10) Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor & Gulak & Swamp Monster)
(11) BDK (Jakob Hammermeier & Soldier Ant & Nokken)
(12) Battle Hive (Amasis & Fire Ant & Worker Ant)

(13) Nightmare Warriors (Frightmare & Silver Ant & Hallowicked)
(14) The Arcane Horde (Oleg the Usurper & The Batiri)
(15) Crown & Court (Kimber Lee & Los Ice Creams)
(16) Battleborn (Kevin Condron & Missile Assault Man & Lucas Calhoun)

A cool “King of Trios 2015” video package opened the show. Gavin Loudspeaker then came out to introduce the show. It appears CHIKARA had another packed housed for this show.

Ashley Remington cut a promo backstage on Jaka. He wasn’t sure how to pronounce Jaka’s name. Remington said sometime he wakes up with wild hair, but once he steps on his yacht, it’s as if 17 gallons of the finest conditioner comes flowing through his locks and it’s tamed. He said tonight he’ll be the smoothest tune Jaka has ever heard.

A COTI graphic aired before the camera went back to Gavin Loudspeaker in the ring. The fans seemed to be a bit disappointed that things were kicking off with a singles match. Loudspeaker then announced it was a COTI match.

(1) Jaka (w/Sidney Bakabella) vs. Ashley Remington (w/Ashley’s Angels) in a COTI match. Bakabella appeared to be carrying a heavy envelope when he came to the ring with Jaka. Remington came out to a good pop carrying The Battle Hive flag. The fans chanted “Let’s go sailing” before both men went at it. Remington says he likes a challenge against a beefcake and Jaka dropped down and posed on the mat, which was funny. Chikarason and Remsburg were in on commentary. Jaka is representing The Wrecking Crew. Chikarason mentioned that Battle Hive wasn’t too far behind in the standings right now, so this match was important for them. Remington backed Jaka into the corner and told the ref to look into his eyes. He then told him he breaks at one. Jaka got the upper hand and took Remington down with a dropkick. The fans booed as Remington regrouped in the corner. Remington fired back and worked Jaka over on the mat. He eventually caught Jaka with a dropkick and he spilled to the floor. Remington set up for a dive, but Bakabella got up on the apron. Jaka put on Remington’s hat and snuck up from behind him before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. The fans booed as Jaka smiled. Jaka worked over Remington and the fans tried to get a rally going. Remington tried to fire back, but took a kick to the throat from Jaka. Remington finally caught Jaka with a suplex and went on the attack. He caught Jaka coming off the ropes a short time later and tossed him over his head for a 2 count. They went back and forth and the action spilled to the floor. Remington caught Jaka with a 619 style hurricanrana got the fans fired up. Remington was going for a slick roll around Jaka inside the ring and appeared to not execute it properly. He still ended up hitting a nice deadlift German for a near fall. Jaka grabbed the ref, which allowed Bakabella to nail him in the knee with his pay envelope. Jaka came off the top with a splash a short time later for the win.

The fans booed the cheating heavily. Jaka was announced as winning the match for The Wrecking Crew to more boos. The fans chanted for Remington as he was helped to the back.

Winner: Jaka

Star rating: (**1/2) – This was a fun opener with a basic finish where the heel cheats to win. They had some fun exchanges down the stretch and the fans bought into the finish, which is good as I find these finishes usually start to grate on an audience if they’re done too often.

United Nations cut a promo backstage. Coronado spoke and a text translation appeared on screen from English to Spanish. He said they had beaten Team Attack thanks to Sabar. Sabra was very excited about Coronado putting him over. Coronado said they would face Fight Club Pro in the second round and have the same result.

Loudspeaker announced the show had sold out, which got a big pop from the fans.

The United Nations came out and Coronado got on the mic. The fans chanted for the mic to be killed. The fans got louder and booed each time he teased speaking. Coronado finally slammed the mic down, which got a big pop.

(2) United Nations (Juan Francisco De Coronado & Mr. Azerbaijan & The Proletariat Boar of Moldova w/Prakash Sabar) vs. Fight Club Pro (Dan Maloney & Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) in a KOT 2015 Quarterfinal Round match. Seven and Azerbaijan kicked things off. Both men played with their handlebars. They then pulled on each other’s mustaches until Azerbaijan slammed Seven to the ground by his whiskers. Azerbaijan took a big chop from Seven and tagged in Coronado. Seven ended up countering a mustache pull from Coronado before slamming him to the ground by his bow tie. Bate tagged in and took a vertical suplex from Seven. He then handed Coronado off to Maloney for the continuation of the vertical suplex. The fans counted to 60 and Maloney dropped him down to the mat, but Azerbaijan broke up the pin. Sabar distracted Bate a short time later and The Boar nailed him with a running kick. The ref was distracted and Sabar hit a bronco buster on Bate in the corner. Bate took a lengthy beating from United Nations. The ref caught Sabra trying for another bronco buster and sent him out of the ring. Bate had tagged in Seven, but the ref didn’t see it and made Bate get back into the ring. The fans tried to rally behind Bate as The Boar worked him over. Bate ended up suplexing The Boar and Azerbaijan at the same time and the fans fired up. He made the hot tag to Seven, who ran wild on Coronado. Bate hit a big spinning piledriver, but Azerbaijan broke up the pin. He set up for a dive, but pulled up short and kicked Seven in the head from the apron. The action continued at a rapid pace. Bate ended up cutting off Coronado up top. They went to a tower of doom spot with Maloney hitting a double decker powerbomb on The Boar and Coronado. Azerbaijan ran in and rolled up Maloney for a near fall. Bate handed off an airplane spin on Azerbaijan to Maloney, who hit a TKO for the win.

Winners: Dan Maloney & Trent Seven & Tyler Bate to advance to the KOT 2015 Semi-Final round.

Star rating: (***) – This was a fun match. It started off with some basic heel work from United Nations, but picked up nicely down the stretch with some big sequences that got the fans fired up.

Loudspeaker introduced the Rey de Voladores tournament. He said it was a tournament within the KOT tournament. Loudspeaker said they would have two four-way eliminations matches. The winners of each match will meet tomorrow to determine the 2015 Rey de Voladores.

Scorpio got a big reaction coming out for the first Rey de Voladores eliminator.

(3) Matt Cross vs. Shynron vs. Amasis vs. 2 Cold Scorpio in a 2015 Rey de Voladores Four-Way Eliminator. Shynron won the tournament last year. These matches do not count towards points for the CHIKARA Grand Championship. Shynron and Amasis had some good exchanges during the early going before coming to a stalemate. Amasis and Scorpio double teamed Shynron and nailed him with a double standing moonsault for a 2 count and the pace picked up. Shynron and Cross worked together a short time later to a hit a double SSP on Amasis for a 2 count. Cross then turned on Shynron and nailed him with a big clothesline, which caused the fans to boo. Shynron and Amasis had a crazy exchange before hitting stereo dives to the floor to wipe out Cross and Scorpio. Wow! Cross then set up and wiped out everyone with a cartwheel tumbleweed splash to the floor. Cross missed a SSP on Shynron, but landed on his feet. Shynron then hit a sliced bread ace crusher variation to eliminate Cross. Scorpio and Amasis began working over Shynron. Amasis went up top and hit a 450 on Amasis, but Scorpio broke it up with a flipping leg drop off the top. Scorpio then made the cover to eliminate Amasis.

The announcers said it was a brilliant move by Scorpio to break up the pin and eliminate Amasis. Scorpio came off the top with a leg drop on Shynron, but he managed to kick out and the fans applauded. The fans tried to rally behind Shynron, but there were also a contingent of fans chanting for Scorpio. Shynron caught Scorpio with an enzuguri and went up top, but Scorpio cut him off. Scorpio went for a sunset bomb, but Shynron held on to the ropes. Shynron then hit a 630 off the second rope for the win! Holy s—t!

Scorpio shook Shynron’s hand after the match and raised it as the fans applauded. Scorpio got a “Thank you 2 Cold” chant after as well.

Winner: Shynron to advance to the 2015 Rey de Voladores Finals

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a lot of fun with some good fast-paced action from start to finish. I really enjoyed seeing Scorpio back to CHIKARA and he was really good in this match.

Team AAA cut a promo in Spanish backstage.

The Nightmare Warriors were booed coming out for the next KOT match. Team AAA then came out to a big pop from the fans. They also got a big “lucha” chant from the fans.

(4) Team AAA (Drago & Fenix & Aerostar) vs. The Nightmare Warriors (CHIKARA Grand Champion Hallowicked & Frightmare & Silver Ant) in a KOT 2015 Quarterfinal Round match. The announcers talked about the change in Silver Ant and how he had joined Frightmare and Hallowicked in their prayer circle on the previous night and emerged with a new color pattern to his mask. Drago and Silver Ant kicked things off and the fans fired up behind Drago. Drago sent Silver Ant to the floor and set up for a dive, but Silver Ant got out of the way. Fenix tagged in and went at it with Frightmare as the fans fired up and chanted his name. Fenix finally capped a big sequence with a double stomp to Frightmare’s back. They continued to go at it at a rapid pace. They finally came to a stalemate and the fans fired up. Fenix offered Frightmare a handshake, but he kicked him in the gut and tagged in Hallowicked. Aerostar got into the ring and the action continued at an incredibly fast pace. Hallowicked ended up going into the post after a big exchange and Aerostar teased a dive, but ended up pulling up short. I can’t even keep up with these guys. This is insane! Fenix ended up getting isolated and The Nightmare Warriors began tagging in and out to work him over. Hallowicked and Frightmare dragged Fenix’s partners off the apron. He tried to mount a comeback, but was quickly cut off. Hallowicked threw Fenix to the floor and Drago came in, but got cut off right away. Hallowicked and Frightmare hit an assited go 2 sleepy hallow, but Drago rolled to the floor. Aerostar got cut off right away by The Nightmare Warriors and Silver Ant worked him over with a chin lock on the mat.

Aerostar took a beating for a long period of time, but The Nightmare Warriors couldn’t put him away. He tried to mount a comeback and finally made the hot tag to Fenix. Fenix ate a splash off the top from Frightmare, but kicked out at 1. The action broke down and Fenix wiped out Frightmare with a big dropkick and then tossed Drago into a DDT on Hallowicked. Aerostar ran into the corner and wiped out Hallowicked and Silver Ant with a front flip dive. The pace picked up and Silver Ant got a sleeper on Fenix. He then sent him into a big kick from Hallowicked and a spear from Frightmare for a 2 count. The fans tried to fire up behind Fenix, who was left alone in the ring. He took a combination of moves capped by a frog splash from Silver Ant, but Aerostar made the save. Both teams went back and forth at a rapid pace. Drago and Aerostar ended up wiping out Hallowicked and Silver Ant with a pair of dives. Fenix and Frightmare went back and forth inside the ring. Frightmare hit a sick satellite DDT on Fenix. He then wiped out Hallowicked with a dive when Fenix got 0out of the way. Silver Ant hit a German with a bridge on Drago for a 2 count. Silver Ant took a combination of dives capped by an insane spring board 450 from Fenix. He made the cover and it was good for the win. What a match!

Aerostar appeared to be hurting after the match. Fenix helped him up and the fans applauded.

Winners: Fenix & Aerostar & Drago to advance to the KOT 2015 Semi-Final Round

Star rating: (****) – This was excellent. Team AAA was coming from behind for most of the match after a hot start. They mounted a comeback and the action broke down late and was really good leading into a fantastic finish.

Loudspeaker said if the CHIKARA Magic Move happened tonight in the upcoming match, everyone would get a prize. Loudspeaker announced that Quackenbush would draw the magic move for the night, which turned out to be a vertical suplex.

(5) The Colony Extreme Force (Arctic Rescue Ant & Orbit Adventure Ant) & Flying Francis (Branden O’Connor & Matt Novak) vs. 3.0 (Shane Matthews & Scott Parker) & N_R_G (Hype Rockwell & Race Jackson) in a 8 Man Tag match. 3.0 got a big pop when they were introduced last. Matthews searched Remsburg before the match and found a Red Bull. Rockwell stopped him and said he had something better. Matthews drank out of the can Rockwell gave him and fired up. He shook the ropes and wiped out all of his opponents. The action broke down and Rockwell and Jackson ended up alone in the ring with Artic Ant, but The Flying Francis saved him from a double team move. The Flying Francis sent Rockwell to the outside and nailed Jackson with a combination of moves. The fans tried to rally behind Jackson as he took a sustained beating. Jackson ended up on the floor, which allowed Matthews to come in only to be wiped out by a double team move by Flying Francis. He tried to mount a comeback against them, but Arctic Ant wiped him out with a big forearm. Adventure Ant wrestled in slow motion because he’s used to moving around in outer space. The commentators called The Flying Francis members by the name of Francis, which made it hard to tell who was who on the team. The action broke down and both teams went back and forth. Everyone hit an elbow on one of the Francis’s, but Artic and Adventure Ant broke up the pin. They did an 8 Way suplex spot with the babyfaces landing the move. Arctic Ant then took a combination of moves capped by a huge back breaker from Matthews for the pin.

Winners: Shane Matthews & Scott Parker & Hype Rockwell & Race Jackson – This was fine while it lasted, but they didn’t do much after the action broke down.

Battleborn cut a promo backstage. Condron said The Bullet Club was the odds on favorite until Battleborn showed up. Condron said he used to get The Young Bucks coffee and pick them up from the airport, but now he was ready to put them under. He said this was his and Styles’s first KOT, which makes them equals. Condron and Calhoun walked out and Missile Assault Man just stood there and breathed heavily into the camera.

(6) Battleborn (Kevin Condron & Missile Assault Man & Lucas Calhoun w/The Snow Troll) vs. Bullet Club (A.J. Styles & Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson). Battleborn jumped Bullet Club while they were hitting their pose and the action spilled to the floor. Bullet Club fired back. Styles, Matt, and Nick then all hit a variety of moonsaults to the floor to wipe out Battleborn. The action wasn’t smooth early, but Bullet Club stood tall after hitting a series of moves on Calhoun. Condron got in their faces and ended up taking a beating. Calhoun and Assault Man ran into the ring and sent Styles and Nick to the floor. They then hit a tandem elevated uppercut on Matt. Condron capped a big sequence on Matt with a backpack stunner for a 2 count. Assault Man was putting a beat on Matt and Condron stopped him and went to work on Matt. The announcers said Assault Man seemed to be under Condron’s control lately. Matt tagged in Styles after getting some help from Nick on the apron to take out Battleborn. Styles ran wild and set up for a springboard on Calhoun. Styles hesitated due to tripping on the previous show. He got back into the ring and walked into an uppercut from Calhoun. Styles then got the calf killer, but Assault Man broke it up. Nick got into the ring and took care of Assault Man and Calhoun with a bulldog/clothesline combination. They then wiped out Condron with a combination of moves. The Troll got up on the apron and gave Battleborn the upper hand. Assault Man fended off Bullet Club and hit a double suplex on Matt and Nick. Wow!

He went for the missile launcher on Nick, but Matt nailed him with a superkick. Both teams went back and forth at a rapid-fire pace. Styles capped a big sequence with a bloody Sunday DDT on Condron. Assault Man then fought with Styles when he pointed his gun at Condron. The ref bumped as they fought over the imaginary gun. Assault Man kicked out of the ring. Styles took out another imaginary gun, but Assault Man kicked it out of his hand and hit the missile launcher. Assault Man then took an imaginary gun out of his boot, but the Young Bucks nailed him with a double superkick. Condron and Calhoun then took superkicks. The Snow Troll took a triple superkick when he got up on the arpon. The Young Bucks and Styles then hit a double IndyTaker on Assault Man and Calhoun for the double pin with Nick and Styles making Undertaker Styles pins as Matt did the Taker pose. That was sick.

The fans went nuts for the finish and chanted “That was too sweet.” Condron complained that his friends let him down on the outside.

Winners: A.J. Styles & Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson

Star rating: (***1/2) – This started out a little rough, but the second half of the match was fantastic. The finish was typical Young Bucks awesomeness with a bevy of superkicks and a double IndyTaker.

(7) Ophidian vs. Mascara Purpura vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Mark Andrews in a 2015 Rey de Voladores Four-Way Eliminator. Ophidian and Sanchez went at it first. Sanchez tossed Ophidian to the floor> Purpura ran into the ring and showed off some impressive athleticism. He hit a backwards handspring coasting headbutt on Sanchez. Quackenbush mentioned he had spent time in CMLL and AAA. Purpura caught Ophidian in a nice cradle for a near fall. Sanchez then ran in and wiped out Ophidian with a running kick. He tossed Purpura to the floor, but Andrews cut him off from hitting a dive. Sanchez offered to hit a double dive with Andrews. Andrews set up for a dive and Sanchez wiped him out with a boot. Sanchez hit a dive to the floor and then cut off Purpura from hitting a dive. He hit a missile dropkick inside the ring a short time later on Ophidian for a 2 count. Sanchez caught Ophidian with a bodyscissors DDT, but he managed to kick out again. The fans tried to rally behind Ophidian, but Sanchez nailed him with a double stomp to the back. Ophidian fired back with a code breaker on Sanchez. He did a headstand in the corner, but Sanchez nailed him with a superkick.

Ophidian rolled to the floor and the action broke down. Andrews hit a dive to the floor to wipe out Ophidian and Purpura over Sanchez. He then went to work on Sanchez in the ring and hit a standing moonsault. He followed up with a super frankensteiner on Ophidian. Purpura and Andrews then hit a pair of standing SSP on Sanchez and Ophidian, but they each only got 2 counts.

Andrews went up top, but Sanchez cut him off. Sanchez dragged Andrews up top with him and they went at it. Sanchez hit a thumb to the eye and then DDT’d Andrews into the top turnbuckle. Andrews then caught him by surprise with a dragoncanrana for the first elimination. Purpura went to work on Andrews and hit an inside out dropkick on him. He then hit a double springboard moonsault on Andrews for a 2 count. Purpura hit a big face buster on Andrews out of the tombstone position, but Ophidian came out of nowhere and wiped him out. Ophidian hit a meteora off the top on Andrews, but he kicked out at the last second. Purpura cut Ophidian off and hit a combination of moves capped by a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Purpura went back and forth working over Ophidian and Andrews with dropkicks in opposite corners. The fans fired up and chanted for Purpura. He went up top, but missed a 450. He landed on his feet and went at it with Ophidian, who caught him with a bicycle kick and then a corkscrew enzuguri. Ophidian then a nice backside with a back bridge pinning combination to eliminate Purpura.

It was down to Ophidian and Andrews. Andrews hit a dragoncanrana on Amasis, but he managed to kick out at the last second. Both men back and forth exchanging pinning combinations. Andrews concluded the sequence with a high angle pinning combination on Ophidian for a near fall. Both men went back and forth exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Ophidian floated around Andrews into a sick code red style piledriver, but Andrews kicked out at the last second! Holy crap! The fans fired up after the big near fall. Ophidian tried to set up Andrews for the Egyptian destroyer, but Andrews nailed him with a reverse frankensteiner. Andrews then came off the top with a sick SSP for the win. Wow!

The finals of the Rey de Voladores will see Shynron vs. Mark Andrews on night 3 of KOT.

Winner: Mark Andrews to advance to the 2015 Rey de Voladores Finals

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was an excellent fast-paced dose of high-flying action. Purpura was a lot of fun during his time in the match, but Andrew was the star here escaping numerous pinfalls and taking a beating right up until the end when he put away Ophidian.

The Wrecking Crew cut a promo backstage. Smashmaster said he hoped Oleg didn’t do anything stupid tonight. He said his money means more than UltraMantis Black’s mind control. Rumblecrunch said he’s their friend contractually. Bakabella said Oleg knows he is on their side and they are friends. He said his money means more than UltraMantis Black’s mind control He said tonight was a night off for them.

Oleg came out with The Arcane Horde for the main event. His face was painted like he was a member of The Batiri.

(8) Devastation Corporation (Flex Rumblecrunch & Campeonatos de Parejas Blaster McMassive & Max Smashmaster w/Sidney Bakabella) vs. The Arcane Horde (Oleg The Usurper & Kodama & Obariyon w/UltraMantis Black). Usurper wanted to start the match, but Bakabella waved the contract in his face and took him away from ringside. Usurper eventually came down to ringside and eventually got up on the apron. Smashmaster slapped Obariyon across the face and he mounted a comeback and returned the favor. The Batiri worked together and eventually sent everyone to the floor. Usurper tagged in and went up top for a dive, but Bakabella caused him to hesitate, so The Batiri wiped out their opponents with a double dive through the ropes. Obariyon got cut off by Smashmaster on the outside and he hit a big splash on his back. Black was shown on the outside talking to Usurper, who eventually got up on the apron. Bakabella then mocked Black and made fun of his injured leg. McMassive then snuck up from behind him and took one of his crutches and the fans booed. Obariyon took a sustained beating inside the ring. Obariyon finally fired back and hit a back stabber on Smashmaster. Bakabella got up on the apron and distracted the ref. Obariyon made the tag to Usurper, but the ref didn’t see it and made him leave the ring.

Usurper sold frustration and teased leaving the ringside area. Black talked to him and Obariyon shoved Smashmaster into McMassive. Kodama got the hot tag and tried to take down Smashmaster, but the size different was very big and he wouldn’t go down after a series of clotheslines. He finally took him down with a big dropkick. The Batiri then worked together to wipe out Rumblecrunch. McMassive got into the ring, but Kodama countered a powerbomb attempt into a wheelbarrow throw into a kick, but Rumblecrunch made the save! Kodama hit a DDT through the ropes on Rumblecrunch. Obariyon hit a flying DDT on Smashmaster, but McMassive made the save. The fans began chanting for Usurper as Kodama was set up for the death blow. Kodama fought out of it and Usurper walked away. McMassive caught Kodama going for a dive and suplexed him right into the ref. McMassive then came off the top with a swanton on the ref. Quackenbush was outraged!. The fans booed as The Devastation Corporation hit low blows on Obariyon and Kodama. Usurper sold dismay on the outside. The fans chanted for him and he got on the apron. Bakabella waved the contract in his face and he got back down. The Devastation Corporation set up for a double death blow, but Black grabbed Smashmaster’s leg so he couldn’t go up top. Bakabella teased hitting Black’s leg with his loaded pay window envelope. He told Usurper that he was going to hit Black in the leg with it. The fans chanted “No, no, no” and Usurper threw the envelope down. Bakabella poked him with a crutch and said he owns him.

Usurper grabbed the crutch and drove it into Bakabella’s mid-section. He then went nuts and cleared the ring of Devastation Corporation. Bakabella pointed at the contract and the fans chanted “Off with his head.” Usurper took the papers from Bakabella and tore them up. Bakabella finally realized what he had down and Usurper hit off with your head. The fans went nuts and chanted “Oleg, Oleg.” The Devastation Corporation recovered and went after Usurper. They taped Usurper’s arm to the bottom rope. The Devastation Corporation hit the master blaster on Obariyon after Kodama had been sent to the floor. Smashmaster made the cover after another ref came down to ringside and it was good for the win.

The fans booed after the match. The Devastation Corporation went to town on Black’s leg after the match. Rumblecrunch smashed his leg with a crutch. The fans booed. The ref freed Usurper, who chased The Devastation Corporation to the back. Kodama and Obariyon recovered and checked on Black. Usurper came back to the ring to check on his as well. Several officials and attendants came out to check on Black, who was in bad shape. They carried him to the back.

Winners: Max Smashmaster & Flex Rumblecrunch & Blaster McMassive

Star rating: (****) – This was a really good main event and one of the things I enjoy about CHIKARA is when they build to main events with heavy storylines like this one did. The story was that Bakabella had contractual control over Usurper and he held that over his head throughout the match until the end. Usurper finally got his moment to shine and stood up to Bakabella and The Devastation Corporation. Unfortunately he got overwhelmed and his team took the loss. There was massive heat on the finish and the post-match beat down on Black.

After the credits rolled, a promo with The Devastation Corporation aired. Smashmaster said they had been fined by Quackenbush. He said they would sell their belts to pay the fine and go on to win King of Trios again. Smashmaster said the ref knew accidents happen. They concluded saying they were going to go back-to-back to win the tournament again.

Overall thoughts: (8.0) – This was a really good show from top to bottom. Almost all of the matches on the card were good to great and the show was highlighted by two excellent KOT tournament matches featuring Team AAA vs. The Nightmare Warriors and Devastation Corporation vs. The Arcane Horde in the main event.

I enjoy the Rey de Voladores tournament during KOT weekend each time it takes place and this weekend was no different. It was a lot of fun seeing outsiders like Purpura, Cross, and Scorpio brought in for the two Four-Way Eliminators to determine who would go to the finals. I liked both Eliminators, but Andrews stood out gutting out a win after taking a lot of punishment. Shynron stood out in the first eliminator. With more experience under his belt I think he will find there’s a fine line when it comes to doing too much too fast. Shynron hits all of these impressive moves, but he doesn’t give the crowd a chance to take in what he’s doing at times. I think once Shynron gets his pacing down, he’s going to be a special performer. His second rope 630 left me in awe.

I was hoping for more out of the Battleborn vs. Bullet Club match. I enjoy Condron’s heel act and his stable seemed formidable, especially with Missile Assault Man really doing a good job with his character under Condron’s direction. The match was very good, but I thought the finish was too decisive and would have liked to have seen the homegrown heels come out of this encounter a little stronger, although they were in a tough spot against the tremendously over trio of Styles & The Young Bucks.

The Team AAA vs. The Nightmare Warriors match was excellent. Team AAA got off to a hot start, but then The Nightmare Warriors took control and dominated the match for a long period of time. I really enjoyed this strategy, as it built up to a hot finish with Team AAA getting the win.

The main event between Devastation Corporation and The Arcane Horde was excellent. Everything I like about CHIKARA took place in this match. They had a built in storyline with Bakabella trying to keep Usurper from helping his team by holding his contract with him over his head. The match had a lot of heat and built up to a big moment with the ref down where Usurper finally had enough and went after Bakabella and The Devastation Corporation.

Usurper couldn’t overcome the numbers game and his team lost. The Devastation Corporation had enough heat for winning their match, but their savage post-match attack on the injured UltraMantis Black put even more heat on them heading into night 3 as they try to repeat at KOT Champions.

This show was an improvement on the first night. The wrestling was much better overall and the show ended with a big angle to build to night 3. I’m really looking forward to seeing the last night of the tournament, which is always a lot of fun with the semi-final and final round matches of KOT as well as the finals of the Rey de Voladores. Thumbs up!

You can purchase CHIKARA’s “King of Trios 2015: Night 2” on VOD/MP4 for one price at CHIKARAPro.com. CHIKARA is currently offering a package for all three nights of King of Trios 2015 on their website right now. This show will also be available on DVD/Blu-ray at SmartMarkVideo.com in the future. For more information on CHIKARA, visit CHIKARAPro.com.


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