11/2-11/6 WWE Stock Track – no momentum following quarterly report

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Weekly WWE Stock Track

Friday, November 6: Closing Price of $17.53 per share, up slightly from Thursday to essentially land at Wednesday’s close.

The stock climbed as high as $17.84, which was last Friday’s closing price.

It’s going to be an uphill battle for WWE to regain momentum after investors soured on their business following the Third Quarter earnings report.

Thursday, November 5: Closing Price of $17.45 per share, down ten cents from Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 4: Closing Price of $17.55 per share, rebounding 3.5 percent from Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 3: Closing Price of $16.96 per share, down one percent from Tuesday’s close. It was the first time WWE has closed under $17 since September 30.

The stock dipped as low as $16.52, which was also the lowest point since Sept. 30.

Monday, November 2: Closing Price of $17.13 per share, down four percent from Friday’s close.

The stock, which does not have momentum after last week’s quarterly financial report, dipped as low as $16.71 per share.

Updated 2015 Scoresheet

2015 High – $23.63 (Aug. 6)
2015 Low – $9.82 (Jan. 20 – 52-week low)
52-Week Range – $9.82-23.63
Current Market Value – $1.33 billion (down from $1.35 billion last week)

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