Big update on Davey Richards’s recovery from knee surgery

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Davey Richards photo credit Wade Keller (c)


Current TNA tag champion Davey Richards says he expects to return sooner than 6-9 months from a major knee injury suffered at the end of TNA’s U.K. tour in January.

In a new interview, Richards established a timeline of blowing out his left ACL on January 31, having surgery on February 17, and now rehabbing with his medical team.

“I’m recovering now and nobody can believe that I am recovering as fast as I am,” Richards told the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. “I laugh when people say I may be out 6-9 months and I kind of say yeah we will see because if you understand the science of it you understand that the body is giving it the fuel to repair itself. I also had a really great orthopedic surgeon and have great physical therapist.”

Meanwhile, TNA Impact TV episodes continue to air from the U.K. tour with Richards and Eddie Edwards involved in a program with Kurt Angle. Richards said he wishes he got the chance to wrestle Angle before Angle wrapped up his TNA run.

“He’s done all he needs to do and he needs to go and be with his family and heal up. He’s the one guy  I really wanted to wrestle and I  did not get that chance and that really sucks. As it is going to play out he gave me a very special gift which people will see soon. I am sad to see him go but it is for the best,” Richards commented.

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