VIP AUDIO 3/8 – 10 YRS AGO Wade Keller Hotline – The News (2-28-06): WWE’s Wellness Policy announcement, Heart Throbs fired, Sting’s draw (34 min)


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SUMMARY: In this update, Torch editor Wade Keller talks in depth about the WWE’s new Wellness Policy, the reaction from within WWE, about the meetings that were held telling talent about the policy, what the reason was internally for not testing randomly and systematically for marijuana, a comparison to the NBA’s policy around 1999, how certain specific aspects of the policy could save lives, how strict steroid testing actually creates an uneven playing field rather than an even playing field, what people are most skeptical of, what undercard wrestlers in OVW are most worried about, and more. Plus, why were The Dicks fired and why were The Heart Throbs fired? The inside story on those situations. Plus, quarter hour analysis of TNA Impact from this weekend and another strong indication of Sting’s drawing power, the latest on major Monday Night War era main eventers appearing on the prime time debut, and more.


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