Paul Heyman debuts Yahoo blog, talks to Fox Sports about Brock Lesnar – where would they be if Heyman did not return to WWE?, typical WrestleMania Sunday

Brock Lesnar (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


– As part of a new content deal with Yahoo Sports, Paul Heyman released his first blog on Monday detailing his on-air position as the advocate for Brock Lesnar and his real-life friendship with Lesnar as the person in wrestling who understands Brock Lesnar. (Heyman Hustle Intro Blog on

– Heyman talked to Fox Sports’s Nick Schwartz about working with Lesnar, what things would look like for both of them if he did not return to WWE with Lesnar, and what a typical WrestleMania Sunday looks like.

Most interesting was Heyman painting a picture of what they would look like if Heyman did not return to WWE.

“Paul Heyman would have nothing to do with the sports entertainment industry without Brock Lesnar. I came back into it specifically because of Brock Lesnar. Number One, just in terms of sheer economics, I could tell this was going to be the biggest run of our career together. Number two, just in terms of legacy, I think this run truly cemented our legacy together,” Heyman said.

“Where Brock Lesnar would be without Paul Heyman? He would certainly be on top. He would certainly be the number one box office attraction. He would just be doing it without someone who truly understands his persona like I do.”

Heyman also talked about his role on a typical WrestleMania Sunday, including contributing to a match layout, such as this Sunday’s match against Dean Ambrose. “I’m there to lighten the mood. I’m there to keep the mood light and not make it too heavy, and to keep the pressure off Brock Lesnar. When I’m asked for ideas regarding the match or the presentation, offer them when prompted to,” Heyman said.

“I’m there to make sure from everything that his locker room is the right temperature to his food gets delivered at the right time, to the fact that he has towels when he needs to take a shower, to sitting there and having a conversation with him about the enormity of the match, how it will go, etcetera, etcetera. I seriously serve at the pleasure of Brock Lesnar. My job seriously ends the moment his music hits, because then all I have to do is watch.”

As part of his dual role as on-air advocate and behind-the-scenes business partner/friend, Heyman talked about how he separates his two personas.

“I don’t ever recall being nervous before performing because I’ve already stepped into the shoes and the clothes of the character. So just by way of example, this week on SmackDown I showed up in Boston sick as hell with a bad case of the flu. And I hope, if you would watch when Brock and I came out for the promo, you couldn’t tell that I had the flu, because the character didn’t have the flu. By the time we get to Gorilla, I have no nerves at all because Paul Heyman The Advocate is never nervous,” Heyman said.

“In terms of what I say to Brock, there’s not really a lot of communication between us in Gorilla because everything that’s said we usually talk in private, and by the time we get to Gorilla we can read each other’s minds. So if I just look at him, or he looks at me, we know what the other one’s thinking already.”

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