Update on Steve Austin’s shoulder surgery & why he’s not hosting the next WWE Network podcast

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Steve Austin talks CM Punk


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin says he’s not able do a new live “Stone Cold Podcast” for WWE this month because he’s recovering from major shoulder surgery.

Austin said on his podcast that he will be in a sling for another four weeks and he cannot begin doing range of motion exercises for three weeks. Therefore, Mick Foley is taking over this month interviewing Shane McMahon after the May 23 Raw TV in Baltimore.

Austin noted that the “very extensive shoulder surgery” including re-attaching his right bicep. His doctor told him to rest the arm in order to make the next season of Broken Skull Challenge and travel for the next set of WWE podcasts.

Austin’s doctor said in order to avoid infection following surgery, he needed to let the surgical holes in his arm close up. That process should be complete this week to allow Austin to start doing cardio to get back in shape.

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