7/11 WWE Raw TV Rating is in, plus updated DVR viewership

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

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WWE Raw TV Ratings Tracking

July 11: WWE Raw scored a 2.28 TV rating, rebounding from the historically-low 1.87 rating on the Fourth of July.

The 2.28 is within the range of where Raw has been since WrestleMania, as the second quarter average was a 2.33 rating.

– Raw’s three hours averaged 3.170 million viewers.

  • First Hour: 3.042 million viewers (soft start)
  • Second Hour: 3.239 million viewers
  • Third Hour: 3.231 million viewers (down from 2H, but up from 1H)

Despite WWE saving the big McMahon Family Decision for the third hour, Raw could not break the streak of 17 consecutive weeks where third hour viewership declined from the second hour.

The last time Raw did not have a third hour decline was on March 14 when WWE loaded up the show all of the WrestleMania part-timers.

Overall, Raw was up 19.3 percent in TV viewership (about 510,000 viewers) compared to the Fourth.

7/11 DVR Viewership Update

Raw got a nice bump in DVR viewership for the July 11 show, unlike the July 4 holiday episode.

Raw’s first hour added the most delayed viewers since February when Shane McMahon returned to WWE.

The second and third hours also got strong DVR bumps.

  • First Hour: 3.042 million live viewers
    • DVR added 398,000 viewers
    • TOTAL AUDIENCE: 3.440 million (up 400,000 viewers from last week)
  • Second Hour: 3.239 million live viewers
    • DVR added 367,000 viewers
    • TOTAL AUDIENCE: 3.606 million viewers (up about 550,000 from last week)
  • Third Hour: 3.231 million live viewers
    • DVR added 405,000 viewers
    • TOTAL AUDIENCE: 3.646 million viewers (up about 600,000 from last week)

WWE Raw Total Viewership - July 11, 2016

Q3 Wk 2
July 11, 2016
Overall TV
% Change
vs. LW)
vs. LW)
1st Hour63,042,000398,000
(most since
Shane Feb. return)
2nd Hour52.283,239,000367,0003,606,000
3rd Hour3(+18.0%
vs. LW)


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