7/12 TNA Impact Viewership – Updated “Dest. X” audience, demos, DVR viewers

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

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Following a one-week pop for the “Final Deletion” episode of TNA Impact, the “Destination X” Impact came back down to earth.

TNA Impact Viewership Tracking

July 12: TNA’s “Destination X” Impact fell 13 percent in Tuesday night viewing and 14 percent in total audience following the “Final Deletion” episode on July 5.

The final Tuesday night airing on Pop TV drew 358,000 viewers on Tuesday, down from 410,000 for Deletion.

The Dest. X episode was more in-line with the previous themed Impact, the “May Mayhem” show, which drew 359,000 viewers on May 24.

– DEMOGRAPHICS: Impact fell outside of the desired 18-49 window.

Dest. X drew a median age viewer of 51.0 years-old after drawing a younger crowd at 48.5 for Deletion.

The result was a decline in adults 18-49, males 18-49, and females 18-49. However, despite the decline, a18-49 ranked in the Top 5 this year.

The split was 66 percent males 18-49 and 34 percent females 18-49, close to Deletion’s broad audience.

DVR Update

Destination X fell in delayed viewership compared to Deletion, which got that one-week pop last week.

DVR viewing added 56,000 viewers, down from 72,000 fro Deletion.

Therefore, total audience was 414,000 viewers, down 14 percent from 482,000 for Deletion.

After Deletion ranked #4 live and #2 overall, Dest. X ranked in the middle of the pack of total audiences this year.

TNA Impact Q3 2016 Total Viewers

(#4 - 2016)
(#2 - 2016)
Dest. X

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    • Good question. Doesn’t seem like it since ASG viewership was down and has continued to fall in recent years. Seems like the Derby has more pop than the ASG these days. [JC]

  1. A fall was expected in viewership after last week. Not surprised. Still pretty good and placing within the 100 cable shows is excellent for a second consecutive week in a row.

  2. If a show like Impact is entertaining, we watch. My wife, our two grandkids and myself enjoyed it. That’s what matters. PS great site.

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