Kenny Omega G1 Climax Victory Press Conference – challenges New Japan star, talks G1 Climax win, using Styles & Balor finishers, disses Ibushi, more

Kenny Omega - G1 Climax 2016 winner


New Japan Pro Wrestling held a press conference Monday afternoon at the NJPW office in Tokyo to recognize Kenny Omega as the 2016 G1 Climax winner.

The top news from the media gathering was Omega throwing out a challenge to YOSHI-HASHI to defend his right to challenge for the IWGP World Title at the Tokyo Dome on January 4.

Omega said he was embarrassed by YOSHI beating him in his first match of the G1 Climax tournament back on July 22.

Omega, who was in heel mode throughout, said YOSHI won’t sell one ticket to the Tokyo Dome if he’s in the main event, so it’s more about his agenda to wash away a bad loss than good business for New Japan.

Omega later talked up YOSHI “showing heart” throughout the G1 tournament and wanting to win, not just be there, but YOSHI doesn’t have enough talent to beat him. Omega labeled it “Talent vs. Heart.” No date was given for when Omega will put his G1 Climax victory prize on the line against YOSHI.

Also during the conference, Omega was asked about using Prince Devitt/Finn Balor’s Bloody Sunday and A.J. Styles’s Styles Clash finishers before hitting his own finisher against Hirooki Goto to win the G1 tournament.

Omega said he “got desperate” and needed a cool move and an effective move to set up for his finisher. He also linked it back to the previous Bullet Club leaders.

Omega said he is now the Bullet Club boss and the Club will thrive once again now that he won the G1 tournament. Omega said he’s seen too many L.I.J. t-shirts for Naito’s faction in the crowd, and he wants to see more Bullet Club, Elite, and Kenny Omega t-shirts going forward.

Omega said he doesn’t care if the fans cheer him, but he knows that if they do cheer him, even as bad of a man as he is, then he knows they have recognized his talent.

Omega made a big deal about his “legend” and wanting to be the best gaijin foreigner to ever wrestle in New Japan. Omega said he earned the right to be in the main event of the Tokyo Dome Show, and wasn’t handed it. He called himself the “Shawn Michaels of New Japan.”

Omega said he has a two-part plan to build his legend – win the G1 Climax tournament, make the Tokyo Dome, and win the IWGP World Title match at the Tokyo Dome.

The other item of note was Omega continuing to diss Kota Ibushi, his former tag partner. When asked about using the Clash, Bloody Sunday, and trying the Golden Star Press, Omega cut off the question, saying he will not talk about “that other person,” which was similar to his post-G1 Climax interview on Sunday.


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