9/28 Lucha Underground Viewership – Week 4 continues downward trend for Season 3

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Week 4 of this season’s Lucha Underground series tumbled in total viewership to the fewest viewers this year.

Lucha Underground Viewership Tracking

September 28: Lucha Underground drew a combined Wednesday night audience of 123,000 viewers, the fewest this year dating back to Season 2.

The first airing drew 85,000 viewers, down from 99k the past two weeks.

The replay then drew 38,000 viewers, only slightly up from 35k last week.

The combined audience of 123k was the fewest this year, falling below the previous low of 128k on June 15 during Season 2 of Lucha Underground.

Through the first four weeks of Season 3, LU has steadily declined…

  • Season 3, Ep. 1 – 176,000 viewers
  • Season 3, Ep. 2 – 154,000 viewers
  • Season 3, Ep. 3 – 134,000 viewers
  • Season 3, Ep. 4 – 123,000 viewers

– DEMOGRAPHICS: Lucha drew a median age viewer of 53.0 years-old, which was younger than last week’s audience.

As a result, the total adults 18-49 viewers was only slightly down from last week.

However, males 18-49 fell 32 percent from last week. LU drew the fewest m18-49 viewers this year, fewer than the previous low on May 11 during Season 2.

The difference was made up by LU doubling last week’s females 18-49 audience.

The split was 68 percent m18-49 and 32 percent f18-49.

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  1. Here is what I think is happening with LU. They end season 1 building a star like Pentagon. Don’t do much with him in season 2. And have booked him pretty poorly in season 3. And they lost that audience who saw how cool this guy was but is not being given the chance.

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