DEHNEL’S LUCHA UNDERGROUND REPORT 10/26: Ivelisse vs. Martinez, Texano vs. Cage, Sexy Star vs. Johnny Mundo


Lucha Underground Report
October 26, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 3 Episode #8 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

The show opened with a recaps of Cage-Texano, Sexy Star-Mundo and Ivelisse. 

Dario’s Office: Star entered Dario’s office. She said next week she wants her championship match. Dario granted her the match if she beats Mundo tonight. Dario said if AeroStar, Drago or Fenix interfere in the match they will be banned from the temple forever. Star said she would be the first LU champion.

Announcers: Matt Striker welcomed the audience to the show. Striker hyped Aztec Warfare in a few weeks. He said later tonight we will see Sexy Star vs. Mundo. Vampiro threw to the ring.

In ring: Santos introduced Marty Martinez. His opponent tonight is Ivelisse.


Ivelisse started with some kicks to Marty. Marty caught Ivelisse off a cross body and slammed her to the mat. Mariposa attacked Ivelisse as Marty distracted the ref. Marty rammed Ivelisse into the corner. Ivelisse broke through and went back on the offense. Marty broke off Ivelisse’s submission move. Marty slammed Ivelisse onto her neck and got the pin.

WINNER: Marty at  4:18.

Post match: Sami Callahan came out to beat down Marty and Mariposa. After Ivelisse and Sami cleared the ring, they argued with each other. 

Still to come: Cage vs. Texano match 3


Vignette: White Rabbit.

Backstage: Ivelisse was leaving the arena. Sami caught up with her and said Dario offered her a contract. Sami said they could fight together and make something special. Ivelisse drove off.

Dario entered a limo. A man asked Dario if he had picked a new host body. Dario said he must pick one who is God like. The man handed Dario a large box. 


In ring: Santos introduced Texano for the next match. His opponent tonight is Cage.

2 – TEXANO vs. CAGE – Match Three in a Best of Five Series

Texano went on the early offense. Cage fought back with a spine buster. They brawled on the outside. Texano hit a power bomb on the outside. They brought the action back to the ring. Cage hit a superplex. Cage slammed Texano for a two count. Cage headed to the top but Texano fought back and hit a sun set flip followed by a leg lariat. Cage came back with a clothesline of his own. Out of nowhere Texano landed an inside cradle pin.

WINNER: Texano at 7:34.

Still to come: Sexy Star vs. Johnny Mundo


Dario’s office: Dario looked inside his box when someone knocked on his door. Rey walked in his office. Rey said there might not be much time for him in the temple. He said that Chavo has to leave. Rey wants a loser leaves lucha match against Chavo next week. 

In ring: Santos introduced Mundo followed by Star.


3 – Gift of the Gods Champion SEXY STAR vs. JOHNNY MUNDO  – Gift of the Gods Championship Match

Mundo tried to grapple Star but she escaped. Mundo poked her eye which took her off her feet. Mundo attempted various pins to wear down Star. Mundo placed Star on the turnbuckle. Mundo flipped Star off the turnbuckle then Star countered a moonsault. Star fought back with a code breaker and back breaker. Mundo spun Star around to knock over the ref. Star rolled up Mundo but the ref was down. Mundo inadvertently ran into the ref again and Star locked in a choke. PJ Black and Jack Evans entered the ring to help Mundo. They slammed Star to the ground but Star kicked out. Black and Evans attacked the ref and knocked him out. Mundo set a chair on Star’s neck. Mack came out and attacked Black and Evans. He hit stunners on everyone then Star hit Mundo over the head with a chair. Mundo threw Star around the ring and set her up but missed end of the world. Mundo tried to hit Star with a chair but the ref stopped him. Mundo grabbed brass knuckles out of his trunks and hit Star for the win.

WINNER: Mundo at 11:30 to win the Gift of the Gods Championship.

Backstage: Puma trained at a punching bag. Vampiro asked him if he’s proud of himself. Vampiro said next week was a nice first step but there’s more to be done especially after what he did to Konnan. He told Puma he will need to find his true power to beat Muertes. He said he always hated Konnan but he respects Puma.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  No fart jokes this week was great. I’m also happy they’ve gotten in the rhythm of announcing main event a week in advance to give the viewers a hook for next week. It’s a really nice touch that’s free and easy to do. I was hoping for a better match between Mundo and Star considering their high workrates, but that’s kind of what happens in main events these days. Lots of interference and screwy finishes.

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