DEHNEL’S LUCHA UNDERGROUND REVIEW 12/14: Jack Evans vs. P.J. Black vs. Angelico vs. Son of Havoc, Kobra Moon vs. Drago

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 15, 2016

The show opened with a recaps of Angelico meeting with Dario, Kobra Moon-Drago, Rey Mysterio-Matanza and Mundo-Star.

Announcers: Striker welcomed the audience to the show. Striker hyped the Battle of the Bulls matches later tonight. Vampiro the winner will face either Mundo or Star after they determine a winner in their steel cage title match

In ring: Santos introduced the competitors.

(1) KILLSHOT vs. DANTE FOX vs. MARIPOSA vs. JEREMIAH CRANE – 4-Way Battle of the Bulls match #3

Killshot took out everyone to start. After clearing the ring, Killshot beat on Crane. Fox and Mariposa went at it then Crane came in. Fox took everyone else out and did multiple dives to the outside. Mariposa caught Fox with an elbow then hit a drop kick from the top rope. Crane ran behind Fox and hit a clothesline followed by a dive. Killshot came in and dove onto both of them on the outside. Crane threw a chair at Killshot’s head then tossed several more chairs into the ring. Crane set up the chairs in the ring. He grabbed Killshot and tried to superplex him from the top. Fox came in and tried to suplex as well the Mariposa came in and powerbombed them all onto the chairs. The fans then shouted “Holy S***” then for Mariposa. Everyone started to land kicks on everyone. Fans started chanting “This is awesome”. Killshot hit a reverse suplex on Fox then Crane came in and set up another chair. Crane hit a sitdown powerbomb then transitioned into a submission move. Mariposa broke it up. Killshot kicked Crane then Mariposa came in and hit a stunner on Killshot. Mariposa hit the butterfly effect on a steel chair. Fox broke up the pin. Crane came in with a big kick on Mariposa. Fox slammed Crane then went to the top. Crane countered a 450 and hit a pile driver for the win.

WINNER: Jeremiah Crane at 11:00 to advance in the Battle of the Bulls tournament.

Post match: The fans chanted ‘‘Everyone“. Then Killshot kicked and stomped on Fox.

(JD’s Reax: You just saw the fans will literally cheer for anyone regardless if they are a babyface or not as long as they do cool moves. That’s what made Killshot’s attack after the match great. Fans were reminded who the heels and baby faces were.) [c]

Backstage: Taya videotaped PJ Black and Jack Evans backstage. She tried to ask them questions but needed to do multiple takes. Black and Evans did their cheesy guitar effect sound. Mundo came in and asked why they were shooting his movie without him. Mundo told them that they better win tonight.

Montage of Sexy Star sparring in the ring and training. Star walked to her locker and opened the door to find spider.

(JD’s Reax: Worldwide Underground is reminding me more and more of 3 Man Band. Not a fan of these types of segments. I loved the second montage of Sexy Star. The transitions and music were some of LU’s best kind of cinematography. Just goes to show how they are capable of making great and lame backstage stuff.) [c]

In ring: Santos introduced Kobra Moon who was already in the ring. Next out was Drago.

2 – KOBRA MOON vs. Lucha Underground Trios Tag Champion DRAGO

Drago and Moon rolled around the ring until Moon hit and arm drag followed by a hurricarana. Drago caught her with a dropkick. Drago took down Moon. Drago hit a neck breaker mid ring then slammed her again. Drago hit a super kick then a lizard masked man came out and attacked Drago.

WINNER: Drago at 2:44 via DQ.

Post match: One of the lizard masked men who talked to Moon at her throne attacked Drago. AeroStar and Fenix took him down. Moon summoned a snake masked guy  who was massive in size. He took out AeroStar and Fenix. The fans chanted ‘‘Luchasaurus“. The snake masked guy then hit a tombstone on Drago. The fans began to boo Moon and the reptile men (as you can imagine, I was very happy fans booed the heels). The snake masked man carried Drago out of the ring.

Still to come: The Battle of the Bulls match #4.[c]

Backstage: Mariposa met Sexy Star in the hallway. They fought briefly until Star pushed Mariposa up against the wall. Star confronted her about the spider but Mariposa had no idea what she was talking about. Mariposa said she wouldn’t leave an ugly spider, she would’ve left a beautiful butterfly. Star punched her hand through the wall.

In ring: Santos introduced the competitors the Battle of the Bulls.


(3) JACK EVANS vs. P.J. BLACK vs. SON OF HAVOC vs. ANGELICO – 4-Way Battle of the Bulls match #4

Black and Evans beat on Havoc and Angelico. Havoc and Angelico cleared the ring then fought each other. They all brawled each other in the ring again. Black and Evans teamed to take out Angelico. Angelico countered then Havoc came in and stomped on Black and Evans. Havoc and Angelico then traded moves with each other. Evans and Black worked together on Havoc and tossed him to the outside. They tried to beat on Angelico, but he fought back again. Angelico went for the fall of the angels, but Evans countered. Havoc hit a neckbreaker on Black. Black caught Havoc on his shoulders then Evans hit the doomsday device from the top. Evans accidentally hit Black allowed Havoc to go to the top rope. Evans stopped Havoc on the top. Angelico hit a suplex on Evans from the top rope to the outside of the ring ontop of Havoc and Black. Angelico brought Black into the ring and knocked him down. Evans tossed Angelico to the outside. Black told Evans to pin him, Evans went on top of Black, but rolled over Evans for the victory.

WINNER: P.J. Black at 8:38.

Backstage: El Dragon walked in on Rey Mysterio sleeping. Mysterio asked Dragon what happened to him. Dragon explained that he knows why he wears the mask. Mysterio said he can’t win, but Dragon doesn’t care about winning. Rey then told him that it was his fight not Dragon’s. Dragon said he’s not going to listen to what Mysterio tells him anymore and it starts with taking out Matanza.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Not a huge fan of the four way matches, but they have provided some interesting matches. I do not like that the fans for the most cheer anything if it entertains them. It dimishes what wrestling is. Cheer the baby faces, boo the heels. This is what Al Snow was talking abut in his interviewon the Livecast with Wade Keller. The goal of the heels is to get the baby faces over. If they aren’t doing that then they aren’t doing their job. The brand and the action is over, but nobody cares who wins or loses as long as everyone is entertained.

I’m intrigued to see how they follow up with the Kobra Moon-Drago story. Besides the ‘‘Luchasaurus“ chants. Those guys got booed by the fans because they made people care about Drago, AeroStar and Fenix. The fans want to see the tag champs get a fair shot at Moon and the reptiles. That’s wrestling booking 101 done well.

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