3/5 Raw Talk Report – Post-Fastlane: Heyman reacts to Goldberg’s win, Bayley addresses Sasha’s interference, Reigns on beating Braun

By Craig Elbe, PWTorch contributor


MARCH 5, 2017

Renee Young welcomed the viewers to Raw Talk and introduced herself and Jerry “The King” Lawler.  Renee and Lawler talk about Goldberg as the new Universal Champion going into WrestleMania with a sense of astoundment.  Lawler said he doesn’t use the word “wow” too much anymore after all his years.  They both agreed Kevin Owens’s plan backfired and he psyched himself out, getting what he deserves.  

Renee wanted to get the party started and called out Roman Reigns to the desk.

First Guest: Roman Reigns

Reigns said he feels like he ran into wall. Lawler joked only his pajamas won’t be sore tomorrow morning.  

Reigns said despite the huge challenge Braun Stroman was, he fell back in his experience in big matches against the best to pull through and win the match.  He knew he had to have a different pace and awareness, especially after Stroman kicked out of his spear, which has beaten everybody.  Footage of Stroman coming off the top rope is shown. Reigns half-kiddingly said he would be in the Earth instead of the show.  

Reigns compared Stroman to Brock Lesnar and The Big Show as the only other opponents who have manhandled him the way Stroman did tonight, adding he’s a younger, hungrier, and more agile than Big Show.

Lawler made mention of Reigns calling WWE his yard after his victory. Reigns agreed.  Lawler told a funny analogy story about his dog spotting a huge raccoon in his yard and running away scared.  Reigns called himself a “generational Superstar” with a desire to keep that legacy and respect going and get WWE to the next level because he is the bar raiser.  As long as he has blood in his veins and wind in his lungs, he is all about bringing the big fight to whoever gets in his way.  

Renee asked Reigns about his WrestleMania prospects.  After resting tonight, Reigns said he is the top dog of the company and it will take more than Braun Stroman – heck, the entire rosters across the Blue and Red brands – to stop him from representing his family.  He’s not going to change and he’s here to stay as the the guy and top dog. Lawler quipped to him that it’s his yard. Reigns agreed.

Renee congratulated Reigns on his win and thanked him for being on the show.

Renee and Lawler continue talking about Reigns and said that he should savor the victory over Strowman before he puts his focus on WrestleMania.  They also put over Strowman’s effort in defeat.

Renee used the savoring of a victory as a segue to Samoa Joe and his win over Sami Zayn tonight.  Renee talked about Joe making his name known in quick fashion in WWE.  Lawler didn’t think Joe is the “savoring of victories” type as he’s simply a destroyer who expects a victory. He said he lived up to that tonight.  He added the sky’s the limit for Joe and “The Destroyer” moniker won’t be hard for him to live up to going forward. Renee added he’s already replicating what he’s been known for.

Renee welcomed the next guests to the show.

Second Guests: Sasha Banks and Bayley

Renee told Bayley she was the champion and could do whatever she wanted because she’s still the Raw Women’s Champ as she slammed her title on the desk.

In a very chipper moods and matching Bayley hoodies, Sasha and Bayley celebrated that they both won their matches tonight.  Sasha, about her win over Nia Jax, said she beat the “not like the other girls” Jax. She said she has a sore back to remind her of what she went through.  Sasha relived the win by watching the monitor.  Renee asked of her stress level heading into the match with the size discrepancy, followed by a good ol’ Lawler joke of a three car pile up on Jax.  Sasha continued, and talked about her game plan succeeding better than that of her Royal Rumble where she got beat by Jax.  She put over Jax as truly different than the other women on the roster.

Renee turned to Bayley and her title retention against Charlotte Flair.  Bayley said it was a huge night, even bigger than winning the title.  In her first title defense, she broke Charlotte’s pay-per-view winning streak and will be the champion going into WrestleMania.  Renee brought up Sasha’s contribution to the victory by coming out during the match.  Bayley downplayed it by saying Charlotte always has something up her sleeve, and sending Dana Brooke to the locker room right after her introduction was indicative that Charlotte had planned something that didn’t get to happen.

Bayley remarked that being champion going to WrestleMania is insane, noting that she wasn’t even on the Raw roster last year.  She made it her goal to be there next year after watching Charlotte, Sasha, and Becky Lynch have their match at last year’s WrestleMania.  She talked about how embarassing her entrance video is to her, but remembered when she had all the replica title belts as a child.  Now, as a champion with a real title, it’s a source of pride that she’s still getting used to.  

Lawler asked Sasha about her pride of Bayley being champion and snapping Charlotte’s pay-per-view streak.  Holding back tears as Renee begged for them, Sasha remembered being Bayley’s tryout match opponent and how far she has come. She is very proud of Bayley as champion going into WrestleMania, still trying to combat crying!

Bayley said she wants to wrap her head around tonight’s win before she starts thinking about WrestleMania and what that will mean for her.

Renee congratulated them both as they compared themselves to being like the Olsen twins as they left the desk.

Renee found it great that Bayley and Sasha have each others’ backs.  Lawler didn’t quite buy it, as he fell back on his experienced common thought of every woman despises other women. Renee said that’s too old school and women are more supportive of each other these days.  Lawler conceded a little, but said this business is for those who feel they are the best.

Renee and Lawler talked about the Cruiserweight Title match between Neville and Jack Gallagher that tore the house down.  Renee said both men should be proud of themselves for their efforts while footage of the match’s big moments were shown.   Renee pointed out that Neville had hit his stride after his ups and downs. Lawler added being champion going into WrestleMania is a good place for Neville to be.      

Lawler wondered to Renee how she can be so calm after tonight’s main event.  Renee’s mind was still blown about how Owens’s psyched himself out – with that tiny assist from Chris Jericho, of course.  Lawler said Goldberg’s win wasn’t a surprise, but Owens’s getting easily distracted was a surprise, thinking his mind wasn’t where it neede to be.

Lawler wondered if Goldberg made a believer out of their next guest.

Third Guest: Paul Heyman

Renee asked Heyman how he felt after Goldberg’s title victory. He disgustingly replied with his hands.  He wondered how many more excuses were going to be made for Owens before putting over Owens as a great champion.  Heyman went on that nobody has been able to stop Goldberg, including his client Brock Lesnar, who has dominated everybody else in his path.

Heyman said he is scared out of his mind going into WrestleMania, but Lesnar has never been more confident.  He said it’s a situation where both men need to win and neither can afford to lose.  He added Lesnar’s career accomplishments are left with an asterisk should he lose to Goldberg.  He used the Undertaker post-Lesnar snapping his WrestleMania streak as the best example of what Lesnar now faces.  If victorious over Goldberg, he regains his legacy and reputation in addition to the Universal Title.

Renee asked how another loss to Goldberg will affect Lesnar.  Heyman said it would be devastating and could be the end of Lesnar as we have known him and the attraction he has become.  Heyman reiterated somebody has to win and somebody has to lose, and the loser of the match will have lost to someone they truly despise while looking in the mirror the rest of their life, and that is what makes that match at WrestleMania magical.

Renee thanked Heyman for being on the show as we now anticipate how that is going to play out for he and Lesnar. She signed off by encouraging everybody to check out Monday Night Raw tomorrow night.

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