RAW PRIMER 8/28: What is announced and what to expect including Alexa Bliss defending against Sasha Banks

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributor

Alexa Bliss (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


AUGUST 28, 2017
By Joey Galizia (@RamJam89), PWTorch contributor


When you become a prisoner, the logic to survive has always been go up to the biggest baddest mama-jamma in the yard, and lay him flat on his back. Braun Strowman used this tactic last week when he walked straight into Brock Lesnar’s face, and powerslammed him straight to hell. TWICE. The Beast was able to survive Summerslam with his Universal Championship, but now his biggest adversary has a date to challenge him one-on-one. No Mercy isn’t just the name of the next PPV; it’s the ideology that has gotten Braun Strowman this far. Both men will be in Memphis tonight. No need to keep them apart from each other.


At last years Summerslam Sasha Banks walked in as champion and walked out a loser. This year she walked in a challenger, and walked out with gold. My what a strange year it has been. However, the biggest issue with The Bosses game is her failure to defend her belt successfully. She couldn’t do it against Charlotte, even with a history match in her hometown as leverage. Alexa Bliss is fully aware of Sasha’s inability to capitalize on these situations, which is why she waited a week to let that idea sink in to Sasha’s brain. Tonight’s rematch could go either way, but I have a strong feeling that Sasha has learned from her errors and plans on holding the Raw Women’s championship for quite some time. Well…that is until the arrival of the Empress.


John Cena is making full use of his free agency status. He arrived to the red brand last week and teamed with the Big Dawg Roman Reigns to vanquish Samoa Joe and The Miz in the main event. The alliance may be short lived for it seems that the true money fight is to pit the leader of the Cenation and the creator of the Roman Empire against each other. Rumors are that it could be as soon as No Mercy even though this is primed for the big show in New Orleans. Expect another faceoff tonight in the Fedexrforum, because it’s time to light the torch and pass it to the owner of the yard.


-Speaking of the Miz he is still the WWE Intercontinental champion. An accolade, which he has convinced us is important yet he continues to get overlooked. Jason Jordan appeared to be the next contender and that may still be the case, but both men had different plans in Brooklyn. Look for them to get that back on track.

-Remember when I said that Jason Jordan had a different plan last week? He begged his biological daddy to give him a big match opportunity, but failed to deliver against Finn Balor. Finn is sort of just floating around, but eventually he must be given another opportunity for something meaningful.

-The man the Demon slayed at Summerslam Bray Wyatt has not been seen. He’s lurking around, looking for his next superstar to torment. My fear is that eventually Bray will have run his course with everyone and nothing will mean anything. I think it’s time that Bray stepped in the corner of his former protégé Braun Strowman and give the Monster Among Men another perk before his big title match.

-Akira Tozawa had his two seconds in the sun, but he was not able to reclaim the cruiserweight championship from Neville on 205. The King now looks forward to whomever is brave enough to step up to the plate next. Unfortunately, that brave soul is the skytalking flywalking (whatever) Enzo Amore. Enzo no longer has to worry about Big Cass since his former bestie went down with an ACL tear shelving him for several months. However, is Enzo really ready to go against a tyrant like Neville? The answer is no, but it will be fun to watch him get his ass kicked in the meantime, and his presence on 205 may help attract more viewers.

-Elias is probably writing another hit single for the good people of Memphis. I for one, cannot wait to hear his next track.

-Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose begin week two of their tag-team title reign. Cesaro and Sheamus still have their rematch coming, but considering we’re already getting the women’s matchup tonight, I expect this second round will be held off until the PPV.

Four weeks until No Mercy. Will the city of Memphis survive if the Beast and the BRAUUUUUUNNNNN go at it?

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