9/13 NXT PRIMER: Spoiler-free preview of tonight’s episode including what’s next from Cole & O’Reilly & Fish, Riot & partner vs. Royce & Kaye, Gargano vs. Sabatelli or Moss

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributor

Full Sail University (photo credit Jim Valley)

SEPTEMBER 13, 2017
By Joey Galizia (@RamJam89), PWTorch contributor


NXT has had its fair share of activity brewing these last few weeks: Two new title reigns, the arrival of the future faction of the organization, Roderick Strong triumphing over his nemesis Bobby Roode sending the Glorious One to Smackdown, the departure of the undefeated but now injured Asuka, and more importantly, a now vacated prestigious women’s championship. (That will now be defended in a multi-woman match at Takeover Houston, but since nothing has been taped regarding that yet I’ll remain quiet. Although, knowing NXT, we may get a William Regal update from his very tidy office.)

So while the conversation may have swayed away from United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne and the plethora of amazing matches he’s already given the WWE Universe, that doesn’t mean he isn’t still looking to hurt people. After a tag victory on the Brooklyn Pre-Show, the Bruiserweight returns to Full Sail tonight to defend his U.K. title. His opponent: The man he was partnered with in said victory at Brooklyn, Wolfgang. Most of Dunne’s opponents have been relatively close to him in size, so what happens when he has to face a man that outweighs him? Will he be able to get him up for his signature “Bitter End” finisher? Of course he can…he’s Pete F$%@ing Dunne. This should be a fun matchup.


The aforementioned future faction of the organization now has its stable name, and while it may not be the most unique of titles, it thoroughly gets across a very believable point. Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly are the new era of NXT and their presence can help maintain Wednesday Nights as must see television. We’ve yet to here any verbal demands from the group, but them laying out SANITY and NXT Champ Drew McIntyre on multiple occasions speaks pretty loudly for itself. Drew is still entirely focused on giving Roderick Strong a fair shot at the title since he approached him man to man, but how long will the big Scotsman allow himself to be disrespected?

Meanwhile, Eric Young and company submitted their response to the U.E. (Undisputed Era) declaring that if they want a war, he’ll give them a war. Expect to see some CRAZINESS from SANITY until they cross paths.


-Ruby Riot begged William Regal to get in the ring with Peyton Royce and Billie Kaye, and was even willing to suffer the handicap stipulation. Regal signed off on the match, but only if Ruby finds a partner to help her thwart the dynamic duo.

-Johnny Gargano gave an interview that was interrupted by the likes of Tino Sabatelli and Riddick Moss. (Just nod your head like you know who they are.) After a little trash-talking, Johnny Wrestling challenged one of them to step in the ring with him tonight.

-Where’s Aleister Black and why isn’t he KILLING EVERYBODY?

-Remember the Velveteen Dream? He has a bone to pick with someone, although failed to mention who since he, you know, doesn’t do interviews well.

Worthy episode for the U.K. match alone. You interested?

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