Brutus Beefcake says he’s writing a tell-all book, gets into war of words with Hulk Hogan on Twitter

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Brutus Beefcake (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


Brutus Beefcake has posted on Twitter he is writing a book which is turning into a tell-all regarding his longtime friend, and now enemy, Hulk Hogan.

Beefcake has made Twitter posts commenting on Hogan hanging out with his ex-wife and even posted what appeared to be a screen capture of his ex-wife discussing hanging out with Hogan.

When a follower on Twitter asked if Beefcake if he’d comment on carrying Hulk Hogan’s bags, Beefcake – in what might at first glance seem to be a non sequitor – replied that he wouldn’t be commenting on drugs in the book. Then he Tweeted picture of Hogan carrying his own bag and said it was a “rare pic” of Hogan carrying his own bag.

Beefcake posted a screen capture of a Hogan on Twitter saying he is taking the high ground, then said trashing him with his ex-wife is not exactly the high ground.

Hogan then suggested he would contact a lawyer over salacious allegations or false negatives Beefcake might publish.

You can check out Beefcake’s timeline for more on this. Hogan has said since he’s going to stick to the high road. Beefcake also responded to people noting that his daughter has taken the side of her mother against him, so it got into family matters, which is connected to this in so much as Hogan is hanging out with Beefcake’s ex and his ex is writing emails to him about it.

Keller’s Analysis: This could blow over, but if there is a book and it is a tell-all, there are few who had more access to Hogan over the decades, as those two broke into the business together as Ed & Dizzy Boulder, and Hogan often used his pull to get Beefcake jobs or keep him around, even headlining a WCW Starrcade against Beefcake when he was renamed “The Butcher” (a takeoff on his barber character, not being a meat butcher). Beefcake clearly has a personal issue with Hogan over Hogan’s relationship with his ex which dates back a while, which could mean Beefcake’s allegations would seem tainted by personal grudges, but he also has been around Hogan enough over the last 35 years to dish a lot of personal dirt that, if it went public and even if it was disputed by Hogan, could keep WWE away from bringing him back into the fold and embracing him and paying him to celebrate his legendary status as a heroic role model from the early WrestleMania years.

2 Comments on Brutus Beefcake says he’s writing a tell-all book, gets into war of words with Hulk Hogan on Twitter

  1. Problems with Warrior = claims Hogan made advances towards wife in attempt for a “swap”
    Problems with Savage = Randy claimed Hogan made advances towards Elizabeth
    Now Problems with Beefcake = claims made involving ex-wife

    Gee, its almost like there was a pattern with Hogan and his problems with his friends. hmmmmmmmmm

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