MCMAHON’S IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 11/2: Go-home show for Bound for Glory

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Nov. 2, 2017
Taped from Orlando, Fla. (Universal Studios)
Aired on Pop TV

Announcers: Josh Mathews & Jeremy Borash

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— The Impact signature aired.

— A hype video aired on Bound for Glory.

— The Impact opened aired. Borash said the show tonight will take place from the Impact Zone, Canada and Japan.

— A video package aired on Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary at Bound for Glory.

(1) ROSEMARY & ALLIE vs. SIENNA & K.C. SPINELLI – taped from Border City Wrestling

The match settled down to Sienna and Rosemary. Mathews said at an event this weekend, ahead of Bound for Glory, Rosemary would be painting faces? Really? Allie hit a dropkick on Spinelli and made a cover for a two count. Spinelli hit a clothesline for a two count. Sienna missed a kick and hit Spinelli. Allie hit a codebreaker for the pin.

WINNERS: Allie & Rosemary

After the match, Rosemary and Allie celebrated.

(McMahon: Again, the idea of showing matches from around the world is a good one, but the execution is where it gets lost. Border City Wrestling had a good crowd — ironically, it looked bigger than the Impact Zone — but it was taped in either a high school or small college gymnasium, and you could tell. The lighting wasn’t good for TV, and the production value was very minor-league, even compared to Impact. You can criticize Impact for a lot, but the production value in Orlando is very good, especially considering it’s on a shoestring compared to WWE’s budget. This setting made Impact seem minor league, and they should aspire to be more than that.

Then there’s the bit from Mathews about Rosemary painting faces at an event before Bound for Glory this weekend? Look, I get that she’s a babyface, but having the demon woman painting little Johnny’s face is a weird move. Protect the character more. Especially when you realize Rosemary is supposed to be in a dangerous, violent first blood match on the PPV). 


— A video package aired on Moose & Stephan Bonnar vs. Bobby Lashley & King Mo.

— In-arena: American Top Team came to the ring for a promo. Dan Lambert said he was going to expose pro wrestling at BFG. Lambert said that they would expose pro wrestlers for what they are, which are no-talent fighters. Lambert pointed out that Bonnar is famous for losing a historical fight. Lambert said when Bonnar and Moose lose, people will lose faith in wrestling and stop coming. And when people stop coming, the company and sport will be dead.

(McMahon: Dan Lambert is going to expose professional wrestling … by beating a former football player and a former UFC fighter, who has never wrestled. It works, because they’re heels, but it was weird to boast that you would expose pro wrestling by beating these two guys. That being said, Lambert once again delivered in his promo. His delivery is really great, and you can tell he’s a fan. He gets it. Lambert is one of the better promos in the company right now).


— A video package aired on Joseph Park and Grado, hyping Grado vs. Abyss in a Monster’s Ball match at BFG.


Moose nailed Nakajima with a jab off the rope and then a huge dropkick. Moose dropkicked Kitamiya off the top to the outside. They cut ahead and Moose’s partner is down on the outside (what happened to him?) and Moose is fighting off both heels. Moose his a crossbody on Nakajima and a dropkick on Kitamiya in the corner for a two count. Mathews said you’ll “only get this strong style wrestling on Impact.” Okabayashi tagged in and he was getting double-teamed by both heels. Moose was being held down by Nakajima on the outside while Okabayashi was with Kitamiya in the ring. Mathews said Moose has to fly to Ottawa after this match for BFG (this match took place more than a month ago). Kitamiya and Okabayashi charge each other four times. Okabayashi hit a clothesline and then hit a splash off the top for the win.

WINNERS: Moose & Yuji Okabayashi

(McMahon: Again, Impact had to edit the match, but it made the announcers look foolish. At one point they jump ahead and you see Okabayashi down on the outside. Why? He was never touched yet Moose is alone in the ring fighting off both heels while his partner apparently fell off the apron? There’s no other explanation. But the announcers had to ignore it and pretend the match was live. Either show the whole match, or don’t, but don’t pretend like you are.

Putting all of that to the side, this was a fun match. This is the style Impact should be using all the time. That would make them stand out from WWE. Be the American strong style promotion). 


— A Pluto moment wired on Sting vs. Kurt Angle.

(McMahon: These aren’t really smart. It shows how big the company used to be, compared to now. TNA was running that BFG show from a big arena, there were a lot of people, and there was starpower in the ring. What has more appeal? Sting vs. Kurt Angle almost 10 years ago? Or Eli Drake vs. Johnny Mundo today?)

— Borash and Mathews ran down the BFG lineup.

— LAX was in their clubhouse. Eli Drake and Chris Adonis walked in. Drake said he came prepared and put on a bandana. Adonis brought nachos as a gift. Konnan didn’t seem happy. Konnan said the vegan joints and tanning salons were somewhere else. Drake said that they all have a problem. Drake pointed out that LAX doesn’t have the tag titles anymore, and people are trying to take his title from him. Drake said they should team up and get LAX their titles back, and make sure that he keeps his. Konnan agreed to a one-night partnership. Only at BFG, because later, LAX was coming for the World Title.

— A video package aired on OVE vs. LAX.


— A video package aired on the X Division.

(3) TREVOR LEE (w/ Caleb Konley & Andrew Everett) vs. DEZMOND XAVIER vs. SONJAY DUTT vs. PETEY WILLIAMS vs. MATT SYDAL vs. GARZA JR.

It’s almost impossible to keep up with all the action. Garza Jr. ripped his pants off early in the match. Xavier covered Garza Jr. for a two count. Dutt and Lee were in the ring. Dutt was shoved off the turnbuckle. Sydal rolled up Lee for a two count. Lee ate a spinning heel kick from Sydal.


Back from the break, Dutt kicked Lee. Dutt hit a moonsault to the outside. Lee pomerbombed Dutt for a two count. Dutt hit a superkick. Xavier pinned Lee for the win.

WINNER: Dezmond Xavier via pin.

(McMahon: Their idea of promoting the X Division Title match at BFG was to give us the same match, for free, three days before the show? That’s a bold strategy, Cotton. … let’s see how it pays off for them …)

— A video package aired on AAA vs. Impact.

— A video package aired on Sienna vs. Allie vs. Gail Kim.

— Gail Kim was interviewed in the ring by Jeremy Borash.

— The latest episode of Global Forged aired.


— Borash and Mathews again ran down the BFG lineup.


The match began on the runway as LAX and Adonis attack OVE. Impact eventually came out, but Eli Drake was hiding on the side of the entrance and he attacked Impact from behind with the Impact World Title. Impact hit a twisting corkscrew off the to rope to everyone on the outside.


Back from the break, Impact covered Santana for a two count after Ortiz made the save. Drake clotheslined Dave Crist. Mathews and Borash speculated who OVE was bringing with them to BFG. Jake Crist hit a dive on Ortiz. Impact rolled up Santana for the win.

WINNERS: Johnny Impact and OVE.

After the match, Santana superkicked Impact and Adonis jumped in the ring to attack Impact with Drake. LAX attacked OVE on the floor. Adonis hit Impact with a low blow. Drake punched him on the floor. LAX and OVE were fighting up near the stage. Drake pulled off the turnbuckle. Santana dove off the stage onto OVE. Drake whipped Impact into the exposed turnbuckle. Adonis cut the ties on the canvas of the ring. Adonis and Drake rolled back the mat to expose the wood planks. Drake picked up Impact and hit a Gravy Train on the exposed planks. Mathews said Drake just put the main event for BFG in jeopardy. Borash wondered if Impact would even be able to compete?

— A video package aired on Bound for Glory.

(McMahon: The post-match angle was well done ahead of the PPV on Sunday. You should end the go-home show with the heels getting heat, making the audience want to tune in to the PPV to see the babyfaces get redemption. The show itself was heavy on video packages. It felt more like a preview show that runs  before the PPV at times, but they were limited by things being cut out after they were taped, presumably with El Patron and Jeff Jarret).

19 Comments on MCMAHON’S IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 11/2: Go-home show for Bound for Glory

  1. First off let me address your last statement. Patron was not at the last tapings fella. DUH. Also you nit pick the same ish EVERY WEEK. MOVE ON. Im so tired of your complaints. Predictable at this point. Respect Impact for what they are doing and review it like you understand the product or GET SOMEONE NEW! thank you. Great go home show, every match on the card was featured and the overall show was sold hard. BFG is soldout!! Cant wait to see Tessa and Sami!

    • IT does get very tiring. You can tell he does not like the show. As far as the whole face painting thing and staying in character, watch an episode of Divas if you can make it through that and talk to us about staying in character. 🙂

      BFG is sold out? That is great news. WWE has had a lot of empty seats lately.

  2. He is going to expose pro wrestling by beat a former football player he says. The Rock and Stone Cold are football players turned wrestlers, so why knock Moose for making the same transition that a lot of football players have made? And Bonnar has wrestled .

  3. Do you really think the audience think the taped matches are live? Do you think the announcers think WE think that? Give me a break.

  4. Great show. Terrible review by a guy that knows very little about wrestling, but probably is a huge fan of Sports Entertainment.

  5. To the commenters on here that work for Impact? You should be happy that mike and andrew cover your show. I am a wrestling fanatic that use to be a loyal viewer and was one of the few that actually spent money on tna ppv’s, shirts, dvds, and tickets that now has absolutely NO desire for your product other than their reviews. Focus on being better. Not childishly attacking those that actually cover you. Because they are one of the few that do.

    • I doubt anyone that works for Impact are here. That would be like me calling you a Sports Entertainment Mark or a friend of Mike and Andrew. Hell, you could be Mike or Andrew? You could be Jesse Goderz? Did I get his name right? You could be Rockstar Spud!

      I doubt Impact cares about the dirt sheets. Most of the dirt sheets are full of crap. A true wrestling fan would know these things. I am one of those wrestling fans that goes back to the days of the Pro Wrestling Torch coming to you in the mail. That’s how far I go back with this website. That doesn’t mean I agree with their pushing of the WWE agenda and downing other organizations all the time. As far as no one else covering Impact. That is ridiculous.

      Maybe we should accuse you of working for the WWE. Are you here because you are jealous of Impact? Paranoid much?

      For the record, if any of you guys are Impact employees thank you very much for the great product you put on weekly. I also doubt that the guys that do this review expect everyone to agree with them. Imagine this section without any comments? No fun.

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