TOP 5 PRO WRESTLING MOMENTS OF 2017 (4th batch): Celebrating Bobby Heenan, Ciampa turns on Gargano, Attending WrestleMania, “Why am I on this List?”

Bobby Heenan (art by Joel Tesch © PWTorch)


We have invited readers to submit their personal Top Five Pro Wrestling Moments of 2017. Read the fourth batch, and then join in by sending us your list – reader Nick Colella of Bradford, Pa. writes…

(1) My first WrestleMania. The very first moments of the show, the pyro, the sea of fellow WWE fans, sitting in the seventh row on the floor, I felt like I had made my pilgrimage as a pro wrestling fan. I was in tears. It was the best day of my life.

(2) Witnessing Undertaker’s last match live.

(3) Ricochet vs. Shane Swerve Strickland at MLW One shot in Orlando, Fla. on Oct. 5. Meeting Ricochet, Strickland, MVP, and Tony Schiavone.

(4) The rise of Braun Strowman.

(5) Being a part of the huge pop for the Hardys return.

Honorable mentions:

-Turning empty floor space into a dance floor during the WrestleMania 33 musical performances. Girls dancing on the equipment boxes.

-Meeting Jim Ross, Jim Cornette, Bruce Prichard, and Justin Roberts at J.R.’s show before Mania.

-Beachball Mania. I know some hated it, but being at that Raw was awesome and it was fun!

PWTorch VIP member Liam from Bristol, England writes…

(5) Tomasso Ciampa turns on Johnny Gargano. Perfect, heartbreaking, gripping. Honorable mention to their Twitter posts in the days following.

(4) SANADA defeats Toru Yano by countout with the Paradise Lock in the G1. Goofy finishes rarely help get characters over; I thought this was great.

(3) Matt Riddle defeats Trent Seven in six seconds in the Progress Super Strong Style 16 tournament. Everyone likes to see a smug douchebag get their comeuppance. This was tremendous fun.

(2) “Why am I on this list?” Kevin Owens turns on Chris Jericho at the Festival of Friendship. We knew it was coming, but the timing of the “List of KO” reveal, and the acting of both men, was absolutely wonderful.

(1) EVIL defeats Okada in the G1. I’m an unashamed mark for EVIL, and I jumped out of my seat and punched the air when this happened. EVIL’S run since the G1, hopefully culminating in picking up the tag titles at WK12, has been awesome.

The Royal Rumble will mark my first year of PWTorch VIP membership, and I expect you’ve got me for the long haul. Have a great 2018!

PWTorch VIP member Scott Passner of Jamesburg, N.J…

(1) Any time Brock Lesnar appeared in the ring I was invested. From his appearance in the Rumble to matches with Goldberg, Samoa Joe, Summerslam four-way, Braun Strowman, and A.J. Styles. It was a remarkable year for Brock in his limited schedule. I feel like the old school way (NWA) of the touring champion only defending the title makes each defense feel more special.

(2) A.J. Styles vs. Nakamaru at Money in the Bank was incredible, even if it was for 90 seconds. This is the WrestleMania match that I really want to see.

(3) Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns Raw Segment on July 11, 2017. This was my favorite promo of the year and felt authentic.

(4) Ric Flair Health Scare. Ric pulling through his major health scare was an enormous moment. Thought a lot about Ric’s career late in the summer. The ESPN special was a tremendous look behind the character and seeing the real Richard Fliehr.

(5) Death of Bobby Heenan. The loss of Bobby was felt throughout the wrestling community, and the way the PWTorch handled it was amazing.

In retrospect, I really enjoyed the return of Superheaveyweights this summer to Raw. My question is for you to assess Brock and Heyman’s 2017? I am really high on the year they have and hope they can continue to book him at this high end level.

Now submit your personal Top Five Pro Wrestling Moments of 2017. Send to:

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