FREE PODCAST 1/20 – Saturday Livecast – The Deep…Dive with Rich Fann: A look at lucha libre, exoticos and their cultural and wrestling impact, is it appropriation or appreciation, more (63 min)

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SHOW SUMMARY: This week’s Deep Dive is a look south of the border, at the lucha style and in particular the complexity of the “exotico” – a role that bends gender, sexuality, and the pre-conceived notions of machismo in Mexico. Joining Rich for this chat is Quentin Moody (qt_moody), Lucha fan and contributor to the “Psychology is Dead” podcast. Quentin discussed how he got into lucha, his favorites growing up, the current scene in Mexico, and what people new to the genre should check out. Quentin and Rich also discuss the dangers of appropriation and misrepresentation in the world of exoticos, the issues of luchadoras not receiving fair opportunities, would WWE sign any of the exoticos, and more.

For more info on the history of Exoticos, please read:


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