5/4 WWE in Fukuoka, Japan: Okada vs. Tanahashi and Ospreay vs. Kushida are two must-match MOTY contenders, plus big surprise return angle

By Ursin DeRoche, PWTorch contributor


NJPW Wrestling Dontaku (Day 2)
May 4, 2018
Fukuoka, Japan at Fukuoka Kokusai Center
Streaming Live on NJPWWORLD
By Ursin DeRoche, PWTorch contributor

Announcers: Kevin Kelly and Don Callis

A video package opened the show and highlighted Will Ospreay vs. Kushida for the IWGP JR Heavyweight Championship, Kazuchika Okada vs Hiroshi Tanahashi for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

(1) Young Lions Shota Umino & Ren Narita & Yuya Uemura vs. Ryusuke Taguchi & Tiger Mask IV & Jushin Liger

The Young Lions attacked before the bell and tossed Liger into the corner then followed up with back elbow strikes.  Liger made the tag to Tiger Mask and The Young Lions took it to him as well with a double shoulder tackle and bodyslam for a one count.  The Young Lions stomped on Tiger Mask and stopped Taguchi from making the save. Tiger mask and Uemura were in the ring as Tiger Mask fought back with kicks to the chest and back of Uemura and was able to tag in Taguchi.  Taguchi delivered two hip attacks and slaps to the head of Uemura that got a two count before the other Young Lions were in the ring to break up the pin. Taguchi tagged Liger. Taguchi then tossed Uemura to the floor. Liger tossed Uemura into the railing.  Liger chopped Uemura on the outside and then tossed him into the ring and applied the Romero Special but Narita made the save.  Liger tagged Tiger Mask who hit a double underhook suplex for a two count that was broken up by the other Young Lions. Tiger Mask hit a dropkick and then slapped Uemura hard in the face five times before tagging in Liger.  Liger tried for the Shotei but Uemura fought back with a dropkick. Uemura managed to tag Umino who cleared the apron of his opponents but ended up eating a Shotei palmstrike from Liger. Liger tagged in Taguchi who hit a couple hip attacks and a kick before Umino fought back with a suplex.  Narita was tagged in. He cleared Tiger Mask and Liger off of the apron then landed a shoulder block on Taguchi for a two count.  Narita put Taguchi in the Scorpion Deathlock. Tiger Mask and Liger tried to make the save but were tossed outside by The Young Lions.  Taguchi nailed a hip attack on Narita for a two count. Taguchi applied an anklelock to Narita for the submission victory.

WINNERS:  Taguchi & Tiger Mask & Liger at 6:43.

Ursin’s Analysis:  Great start to the show.  Taguchi picks up the submission win for his team after also picking up the win for his team during Day 1 as he continues to build momentum heading into Best Of The Super Juniors. (**)

(2) Chase Owens & Yujiro Takahashi vs. Yuji Nagata & Tomoyuki Oka

Owens started off with Oka but Yujiro quickly ran in and helped Owens put the boots to Oka.  Nagata ran in and he and Oka hit a double shoulder tackle that took out Yujiro. They then double teamed Owens.  Oka hit a belly to belly suplex on Owens for a two count. Yujiro made his way back into the ring to help Owens double team Oka.  Owens hit a drop toe hold on Nagata followed up by the low angle dropkick from Yujiro. Owens worked over Oka with forearms and chops.  Owens tagged in Yujiro who landed a leg drop on Oka for a two count.  Oka fired up and hit a modified slingblade after several kicks from Yujiro.  Nagata was tagged in and hit some stiff kicks on Yujiro before an overhead throw that got a two count.  Yujiro cut off Nagata with a fisherman buster and tagged in Owens. Nagata locked in his armbar submission on Owens but Yujiro was in to break it up.  Yujiro was dumped to the outside as Oka screamed to be tagged in by Nagata. Owens hit the Jewel Heist but only received a two count before Nagata broke up the pin.  Yujiro ran in to dump Nagata and Owens hit the package piledriver on Oka for the pin.

WINNERS:  Chase Owens & Yujiro Takahashi at 6:20

Ursin’s Analysis:  This was perfectly fine for where it was on the card.  Building momentum for the show. Owens and Yujiro get their second win in as many days as a tag team.  I really enjoy watching them. This is their spot on the shows and they always make it work and can do more if asked. (**)

(3) Sho & Yoh & Rocky Romero vs. Taka Michinoku & Iizuka & Taichi

Taka, Iizuka, and Taichi attacked before the bell and the action spilled out to the floor.  Iizuka and Taichi used a chair on Sho and Yoh. Iizuka went into a spot where he took turns repeatedly biting Sho, Yoh, and Rocky Romero before chasing the ref out of the ring.  Iizuka tagged in Taichi. Iizuka stayed in the ring biting Sho on the head and the arm as the ref continued to try and get him to stop. Taichi teased Sho with boot slaps to the head.  Sho tried to fight back with weak chops only to be met with a kick and clothesline for a two count. Taichi tagged in Taka Michinoku. Taka continued to tease Sho with boot slaps to the head and back then a superkick for a two count that was broken up by Yoh.  The match broke down and Iizuka tossed Yoh into the referee and the ref was down. Taichi had his mic stand out and gave a shot to Yoh and then one to Romero. Sho fired up but was cut off by an inverted atomic drop from Iizuka and then a knee to the head from Taka and a kick from Taichi.  Iizuka got the iron glove out but Sho fought it off.  Romero flew in with a dropkick that took out Iizuka.  A thrust kick from Yoh followed by a tope from Romero got rid of Taichi.  Yoh and Sho hit the 3K on Taka for the pin.

WINNERS:  Sho & Yoh & Rocky Romero at 6:13.

Ursin’s Analysis:  This was better than the Day 1 RPG3K match, but that’s not saying much considering their Day 1 match was two minutes.  The silliness from Iizuka really hurt this one. (*)

(4) Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano vs. Toa Henare & Togi Makabe

Henare started off blasting Ishii with forearms.  They traded strikes until Henare hit a clothesline in the corner.  Ishii slapped Henare and Henare fought back with a series of headbutts but he was taken down by a shoulder tackle.  Yano removed the turnbuckle pad while Henare and Ishii continued to exchange blows, a battle finally won by Ishii who tagged in Yano.  Yano whipped Henare into the exposed turnbuckle.  Yano tried the same move a second time but Henare reversed it and sent Yano into the exposed turnbuckle and then took Yano down with a flying shoulder tackle.  Henare is bleeding from the mouth after his earlier battle with Ishii. Henare tagged in Makabe who worked over Yano. Ishii tried to make a save but got a few shots of his own from Makabe.  Yano tries to fight back by raking Makabe’s eyes but gets blasted by a lariat for a two count. Yano tried to avoid Makabe but was hit by another lariat and Makabe tagged Henare. Henare took Yano down with a flying shoulder tackle and then knocked Ishii off the apron with a boot.  Henare hit a top rope flying shoulder tackle on Yano that got two.  Yano was able to pull down Henare by the hair and tag in Ishii. Henare and Ishii traded clotheslines before Ishii hit a german suplex.  Makabe ran in to help which allowed Henare to hit a Samoan Drop on Ishii. Henare speared Ishii for two which was broken up by Yano. Makabe was dumped to the outside by Yano who hit an inverted atomic drop on Henare and then a slingshot into the exposed turnbuckle.  Ishii hit a Saito suplex for a two count. Henare hit a big spear on Ishii for two. Henare ate a lariat from Ishii and then the vertical drop brainbuster got Ishii the pin.

WINNERS:  Ishii & Yano at 7:35.

Ursin’s Analysis:  Henare looked good in the minimal time he was given on Day 1.  He looked even better with more time here. Ishii is so fun to watch and Henare is great as the young kid trying to pin the veteran.  The blood in Henare’s mouth told the story of this short but hard hitting bout. (**1/2)

(5)  David Finlay & Juice Robinson & Michael Elgin vs. Hirooki Goto & Jay White & Yoshi-Hashi

Jay White had his own solo entrance as he did on Day 1 during a multi-man tag match.  The match started off with Elgin and Goto exchanging blows. Elgin got the better of the exchange.  Goto tagged out to Jay White. White and Goto took down Elgin with a double shoulder block. Elgin dropped White with a hard chop and then tagged out to Juice who came in with a double axe handle to White’s arm.  Juice and Finlay double team White with a double bulldog. Jay White tagged out to Yoshi-Hashi. Finlay and Juice double team Yoshi with a double dropkick. Juice unloaded on Yoshi with punches. Yoshi tried to fight back with a  chop.  Jay White pulled down the top rope and dumped Juice to the floor.  Jay White picked up Juice and crotched him against the ring post. Everyone brawled outside the ring.  Yoshi-Hashi tagged in Goto who grounded Juice with a chinlock. Goto taggedYoshi-Hashi.  Goto, White, and Yoshi triple teamed Juice.  Goto and Yoshi posed in the ring but White wasn’t having it and rolled to the outside.  Yoshi tagged in Jay White who hit a Saito suplex on Juice for a two count. Juice fired up on White and then made the tag to Elgin.

Elgin hit White with a flurry of offense and a double boot dropkick from the second rope.  Elgin hit White with two hard clotheslines in the corner and then went back to the top rope but was cut off by Goto who ate a backbreaker.  Elgin hit White with a pump handle Death Valley Driver for two. White fought back with chops and a Saito suplex. Elgin tagged out to Finlay and White tagged out to Yoshi-Hashi.  Finlay, Juice, and Elgin triple teamed Yoshi-Hashi and the match broke down with everyone brawling on the floor. Finlay hit a Uranage Backbreaker on Yoshi in the ring for a two count.  Yoshi fired back with a Western Lariat on Finlay for two. Yoshi-Hashi then hit Karma on Finlay for the pin.

WINNERS:  Goto & White & Yoshi at 11:05

Post Match – Taichi attacked Goto and Elgin with the mic stand.  Jay White tried to hit the Switchblade on Juice but Juice slipped out of it and White went back to the locker room.

Ursin’s Analysis:  Well worked six-an tag match which set up some action for the future.  Great to see Yoshi-Hashi pin someone on PPV. Nothing wrong here but also nothing spectacular.  (**)

A video package plays announcing Wrestling Dontaku 2019 for May 3rd and 4th in Fukuoka

(6)  Hiromu Takahashi & Bushi & Evil & Sanada & Tetsuya Naito vs. El Desperado & Kanemura & Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr & Minoru Suzuki

Suzuki-Gun attacked LIJ in the isle before the bell as all men brawled on the floor.  Suzuki went after Naito’s knee. Lance Archer chokeslammed Takahashi over the top rope and onto his LIJ teammates.  Archer, Davey Boy Smith Jr, and Suzuki took turns tagging in and taking it to Bushi.  Naito made the save. Naito and Suzuki traded forearms before Suzuki went back to the kneebar.  Kanemura in the ring put his boot into Bushi’s throat. El Desperado was in delivering more abuse to Bushi who eventually fought back with an enziguri and made the hot tag to Takahashi.  Takahashi cleared the apron of his opponents and then took down Desperado with a flying head scissors.  Kanemaru came in to help Desperado double team Takahashi but Takahashi hit a double dropkick. Takahashi hit a basement dropkick on Desperado for a two count.  Desperado used the ref as a shield to block Takahashi’s offense and then Desperado speared Takahashi and made the tag to Kanemaru.  The Suzuki Gun team all came into the ring and delivered multi man offense to Takahashi.  Kanemaru went for a cover but Naito made the save.  Kanemaru and Takahashi are in the ring alone. Takahashi hit a thrust kick and both men were down as the other men fought outside.  Takahashi tagged in Naito who hit the corner slingshot kick to Kanemaru. Naito went for Destino on Kanemaru but Suzuki was in and broke it up.  Sanada came up from behind Suzuki and applied the Dragon Sleeper. KSE grabbed Sanada and attempted Magic Killer but Evil made the save.  Naito and Evil double teamed Kanemaru before Nait hit Destino for the pin.

WINNERS:  LIJ at 8:30

Ursin’s Analysis:  This match was an all out brawl.  By the time Naito made the pin it felt like, well, someone eventually had to do it.  (**)

After the match, the members of LIJ walked back to the locker room as Naito stood in the ring alone to “Naito” chants from the live crowd. As Naito was making his way up the isle, a masked fan jumped over the barricade and began attacking Naito.  Kevin Kelly and Don Callis called for security. The masked fan grabbed a piece of the guardrail and slammed it onto Naito.  Naito was dragged to the ring where the fan revealed himself to be Chris Jericho. Jericho hit Naito with a Codebreaker in the ring.  Jericho repeatedly punched and kicked Naito as the refs and Young Lions tried to back him away. Jericho attacks all of the Young Lions and dumped them.  Jericho went outside and retrieved the ring bell.  Naito is in the ring surrounded by the refs who are waving off Jericho.  Jericho nailed Naito with the ring bell. Naito was busted open and bleeding onto the mat.  Sanada, Evil, Bushi, and Takahashi came from the locker room to carry Naito to the back.  Jericho attacked Naito again but was chased away by LIJ, the Young Lions, and referees.  Naito refused to be stretchered out and threw the stretcher out of the ring.

Ursin’s Analysis:  Utterly brilliant segment.  So extremely effective. If you have a chance to watch this you should.  I would imagine Jericho vs. Naito is placed on the card for the Cow Palace show to help ticket sales for that 10,000 seat venue.

(7) Tanga Loa & Tama Tonga & Bad Luck Fale & Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega vs. Cody & Adam Page & Marty Scurll & The Young Bucks

Scurll started off with Fale and tried to slam him.  Fale slammed Scurll and Scurll tagged out to Cody. Cody spit on Omega then ran from Fale and tagged out to Nick Jackson.  Fale tagged out to Tonga. Nick and Tonga worked slides, reversals, and headlocks that ended in a double dropkick stand-off.  Matt Jackson tagged in and the Bucks looked to double team Tonga but Loa was in to cut that off and it ended in a stand-off between both teams.  Cody and Ibushi are tagged in. Ibushi hit a shoulder tackle. Cody tripped Ibushi and then took time to pose in the ring. Ibushi hit a flurry of strikes and then a standing corkscrew moonsault for a two count.  Page tags in and delivered some body shots to Ibushi that took him down. Page tagged in Matt Jackson but Matt tagged out to Marty Scurll as Matt did not want to hurt Ibushi. Scurll slammed Ibushi. Scurll tagged in Cody.  Cody and Page entered the ring and nailed Ibushi with a double back elbow and then cleared the apron of their opponents. Ibushi fought back with a dropkick and was able to tag in Omega as Cody tagged in Scurll. Ibushi hit Cody with a snap rana and then joined Omega in double teaming Scurll.  Omega tagged in Ibushi and they went for Cross Slash but the Bucks came in to stop it and talk things out. Cody and Paged pulled Omega and Ibushi out to the floor. Ibushi hit a Golden Triangle on Cody and The Young Bucks after tagging in Fale. Fale teases a dive to the outside onto The Bucks, Cody, and Page.  Scurll tried to attack Fale from behind with the umbrella but Fale saw it and grabbed Scurll. Fale attempted the Bad Luck Fall to Scurll but The Bucks made the save. The Bucks superkicked Fale. Scurll attempted to slam Fale but he fell backward with Fale on top of him for the pin.

WINNERS: Tanga Loa & Tama Tonga & Bad Luck Fale & Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega

Ursin’s Analysis:  Nothing special here as we only furthered the layers of division and questions of loyalty inside Bullet Club. (**)

After the match, Omega chased Cody to the back.  Yujiro and Chase Owens appeared in the ring and everyone raised up a Too Sweet as Ibushi made his way backstage.  It appears everything really is fine with Bullet Club and that they will leave the bickering to Kenny and Cody.

(8) IWGP JR Heavyweight Championship Will Ospreay (c) vs. Kushida

They locked up in the center of the ring but moved into the ropes and gave a clean break.  Kushida went to work on the arm taking Ospreay to the mat. Ospreay got to his feet and tried a reversal but Kushida went back to the arm and put Ospreay down on the mat again.  This exchange happened for a third time to applause from the live crowd who seem to be behind Kushida in this one. They traded reversals a fourth time and again Kusida grounded Ospreay to applause from the audience.  Ospreay came up to his feet but Kushida took him down and into a headlock. A series of fast reversals and near misses occurred ending with Kushida throwing Ospreay’s legs onto the shoulders of Red Shoes and kicking Ospreay in the face.  Ospreay took a powder so Kushida followed. Kushida moved a camerman out of the way and then ate a kick from Ospreay. Ospreay did a springboard off the barricade but Kushida caught him in an armbar. Kushida broke the armbar and tossed Ospreay back into the ring.  Kushida continued to attack the arm and had Ospreay grounded. Ospreay tried to fight back with forearms but Kushida lawn darted him into the turnbuckle pad. Ospreay was selling the arm and now the neck as he rolled around on the mat and desperately kicked at Kushida.  Kushida started to work on the neck with a crossface and then a rear chinlock. Ospreay tried to fight out of the chinlock but he couldn’t. Kushida did a headstand applying even more pressure. Ospreay fought out and hit a back handspring Pele kick. Both men were down.  Kushida rolled to the outside. Ospreay hit Kushida with a cartwheel over the top rope suicide moonsault Both men were down on the floor. Ospreay hit Pip Pip Cheerio in the ring for a two count. Ospreay hit a flying dropkick to a seated Kushida in the corner. Ospreay hit a standing shooting star press for two.  Ospreay tried the Storm Breaker but Kushida slipped out and hit a Pele Kick. After a series of counters Ospreay hit a release German suplex. Both men were down but Ospreay sat up first. He had a conversation with Red Shoes about continuing. Ospreay said he couldn’t feel his fingers. Ospreay used his good arm to pull himself to his feet.  Ospreay tried to hammer and kick Kushida but it had no effect and Kushida hit a double heel kick and both men were down on the apron. They traded forearms on the apron. Ospreay attempted a Spanish Fly but Kushida grabbed the rope. Kushida was on the floor and Ospreay was on the apron. Kusida hit a DDT to the floor. Both men were down outside the ring.  The announcers began to talk about a ref stoppage. Both men were back in the ring before the 20-count. Kushida hit a springboard hurricanrana for a two count. Kushida went back to work viciously kicking Ospreay and twisting his neck and striking with knees. Ospreay hit Cheeky Nandos kick 7 times on Kushida. Ospreay hit the Imploding 450 splash from the top rope but Kushida was too close to the ropes for a pin.  Ospreay hit the Robinson Special. Ospreay went for the OsCutter but Kushida caught him in the Hoverboard Lock. Ospreay fought out of the Hoverboard Lock and hit a Spanish Fly. Both men were down. They traded forearms. They traded kicks then back to forearms. Ospreay went off the ropes and Kushida took him down with a closed right hand. Kushida repeatedly kicked Ospreay in the neck. The crowd started to boo. Kushida pulled Ospreay up to the top rope but Ospreay fought out and hit the OsCutter.  Ospreay then hit The Storm Breaker for the pin.

WINNER: Will Ospreay at 23:45.

After the match, Bone Soldier attacked Ospreay.  Tama Tonga cut a promo revealing Bone Soldier to be Taiji Ishimori.  Tonga said that Ishimori is the newest member of Bullet Club and was brought in to capture the IWGP JR Heavyweight Championship.

Ursin’s Analysis:  This match was simply incredible.  Sure, there were high spots. But Kushida worked the arm and the neck of Ospreay.  Ospreay’s selling was fantastic. Everything looked crisp and tight. This was not the type of match I think people expected from these two.  It was better than I expected. And my hopes were very high. These guys are all world and they proved it. Find this one and watch it if you missed it. Fantastic.  (*****)

(9) IWGP Heavyweight Championship Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

The bell rang to a loud “Tanahashi” chant from the live crowd.  They locked up and worked their way to the ropes where Okada gave a clean break.  Tanahashi worked the arm. Okada tried to reverse but couldn’t. Tanahashi then threw a headlock to try and ground Okada.  Okada tried to escape the headlock but Tanahashi continued to hang on. Okada eventually powered out and threw a headlock of his own.  Tanahashi shot Okada into the ropes but Okada took Tanahashi down with a shoulder block. Okada tried for a Rainmaker but it was countered.  After a series of counters they were at a stand off to applause from the audience. Okada threw some forearms and an elbow but Tanahashi took him down with a chop block.  Okada tried for a Tombstone but Tanahashi rolled out and delivered a dropkick to the knee of Okada. Okada put Tanahashi on the top rope and dropkicked him down. Tanahashi tried to skin the cat but Okada was there to try for a Tombstone.  Okada couldn’t get the Tombstone so he instead delivered a top rope draping DDT. Okada hit another draping DDT on the floor. Tanahashi made it inside the ring before the 20 count. Okada hit a snap mare takedown and then a basement dropkick.  Okada puts his boot on Tanahashi’s chest but Red Shoes refuses to count such a nonchalant pin in an IWGP Heavyweight title match. The crowd boos Okada. Tanahashi fired back with forearms but was taken down by an uppercut. Okada rammed Tanahashi’s head into the top of the turnbuckle pad and then threw some forearms.  Okada told Tanahashi to hit him. Tanahashi fought back with forearm shots but Okada cut him off and put Tanahashi in a front facelock. Okada tried to hit a neckbreaker but Tanahashi reversed it into a neckbreaker of his own. Tanahashi fired up with forearms and then hit a flying forearm that took Okada down to applause from the audience.  Tanahashi hit a stiff dropkick in the corner. Okada came out of the corner but Tanahashi dropkicked his knee again sending him flipping in the air and down to the mat. Tanahashi went for slingblade but Okada cut it off with a back elbow. Okada hit a DDT for a two count. Okada slammed Tanahashi and went for the elbow from the top rope but Tanahashi got up so Okada opted for a neckbreaker instead.  Okada tried a second time for the elbow from the top rope and hit it. Okada then gave the Rainmaker pose but Tanahashi jumped up and got in Okada’s face as Okada smiled. Okada tried for a kick but Tanahashi hit a Dragonscrew lep whip. Okada rolled to the floor. Tanahashi went to the top rope and hit a high cross on Okada out on the floor. Tanahashi ran at Okada and was caught in a Tombstone on the floor.  Camera pans to a grown woman crying in the second row. Okada rolled into the ring and Tanahashi barely beats the 20-count. They were on their knees and traded stiff forearms in the ring. They got to their feet and continued to trade forearm strikes. Tanahashi ate three uppercuts that put him down. Okada dared Tanahashi to get back up as he taunted him with boots to the head. Tanahashi fires up and they stood toe to toe trading forearms and Okada almost falls twice.  Okada was finally taken down with an uppercut. Tanahashi countered Okada’s dropkick attempt with Twist and Shout and then Slingblade got a two count. He went for High Fly Flow but Okada moved out of the way. Okada hit a couple dropkicks but The Rainmaker is countered by Slingblade from Tanahashi. The crowd loudly chanted “Tanahashi” (and loudly cheered Tanahashi on through most of this match). After Tombstone reversals that didn’t connect, both men crashed out in exhaustion.  Okada then hit a shotgun dropkick that leveled Tanahashi. Tanahashi hit a Tombstone and then High Fly Flow. Tanahashi went for another High Fly Flow but Okada got his knees up. Okada went for a Rainmaker but Tanahashi ducked it. Okada hit a bridging German for a one count. Okada went for The Rainmaker again but Tanahashi ducked it and hit a Dragon Suplex. Okada hit a dropkick but Tanahashi was up and hit Slingblade and both men were down. Tanahashi went to the top rope for a high cross but Okada countered with a dropkick in mid air.  Okada tried for The Rainmaker but it was ducked by Tanahashi. Tanahashi hit a Rainmaker of his own for a one count. Tanahashi slapped the holy hell out of Okada. Tanahashi repeatedly slapped Okada until Okada was down. Okada went for The Rainmaker but Tanahashi slapped him. However, Okada maintained wrist control. Okada went for The Rainmaker again but Tanahashi slapped him again as Okada continued to hold on to Tanahashi’s wrist. Tanahashi slapped Okada and this time Okada lost wrist control and went down. Tanahashi went to go off the ropes but Okada grabbed him by the tights and pulled him into The Rainmaker for the pin.

WINNER: Kazuchika Okada at 34:02

Ursin’s Analysis:  A war. (*****)

After the match, Okada challenged Omega for Dominion.  Okada said they had to break their 1-1-1 tie. Okada wanted no time limit.  Omega wanted best 2 out of 3 falls. Okada agreed.

Overall Analysis:  This show started fine but felt sluggish in the middle before really cranking it up at the end with Jericho and two five-star matches.  Okada vs. Tanahashi is amazing. It’s why you watch professional wrestling. I have seen all of their matches and I don’t know where this one will be placed but it should be near the top.  It was a war of attrition. Okada’s face was bruised. Women were crying. Unbelievable. Kevin Kelly and Don Callis were amazing on commentary and need to be applauded for adding to this the way they did.  Okada and Tanahashi are simply a pleasure to watch and I want to thank the PWTorch for letting me cover such a classic and amazing match that will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the all time great IWGP Heavyweight title defenses.  

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