15 YRS AGO – WWE in Quebec City, Quebec (5-3-03): Lesnar vs. Cena kills the crowd, Team Angle vs. Guerreros, Show vs. Benoit, plus Kendrick, Rhyno

Brock Lesnar (art credit Grant Gould (c) PWTorch)


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WWE Smackdown house show results
May 3, 2003
Quebec City, Quebec at La Colisee Pepsi
Reported by Christian Berube, PWTorch.com correspondent

Under 3,000 in an arena with capacity over 15,000. Great effort from the guys especially considering the crowd they drew.

(1) Brian Kendrick pinned Crash (w/Shannon Moore)

(2) Sean O’Haire pinned Funaki.

(3) Rhyno pinned A-Train. Very good match.

(4) Matt Hardy (w/Moore) pinned Jamie Noble.

(5) Big Show pinned Chris Benoit after a run-in from A-Train while the ref was knocked out. Rhyno came out for the save after the match. Benoit did his top rope headbutt.


(6) The FBI (Johnny Stambolli & Chuck Palumbo, w/Nunzio) beat Rikishi & Tajiri when Palumbo pinned Tajiri. After the match, Rikishi, Tajiri, and the ref danced and the crowd was delighted.

(7) Dawn Marie pinned Nidia with Funaki as special ref. After the match, Nidia pulled down Dawn’s pants.

(8) Team Angle beat Los Guerreros when Shelton Benjamin pinned Eddie Guerrero. The Guerreros stole the tag belts after the match. They came to the ring wearing Angle’s medals around their necks.

(9) Brock Lesnar pinned John Cena. This match killed the crowd due to a five minute chinlock by Cena. After the match, Brock took the mic and introduced Rick Martel, former WWF Tag Team Champion and AWA World Heavyweight Champion. He said it was an honor to be associated with WWE and thanked the fans.

Notes: Kudos to Matt Hardy and Tajiri who signed autographs for fans before the show.

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