5/5 Pro Wrestling Eve “Wrestle Queendom” in London: Viper vs. Aja Kong, Sammii Jayne vs. Charlie Morgan, Satomura vs. Jay Lee


MAY 5, 2018

Pro Wrestling: Eve presented their biggest show to date and the biggest all female show in Europe of all time.

For those unfamiliar with the promotion, they are an all female rostered company who started shows in 2010 and whose former champions include the likes of Paige, Jazzy Gabert, and Nikki Cross. They run monthly shows at the Resistence Gallery, a very intimate venue housing about 200 fans, and tonight they filled roughly two thirds of the 1000 capacity York Hall.

The first match was a War Games rules cage match.

(1) Squad Goals (Team captain Rhia O’Reilly & Laura Di Matteo & Addy Starr & Emi Sakura) vs. The Deserving (Team captain Jayla Dark & Jamie Hayter & Charli Evans & Blue Nikita). This was contested very traditionally, with both teams at ringside throughout, the coin toss (won by the villains, astonishingly!) and the only way to win being surrender.

The main story behind the match was the trio of Jayla, Charli, and Jamie felt they were mistreated by O’Reilly, who was the matchmaker for Eve while she was out with an injury. They attacked her during a show a few months ago. Hayter and Di Matteo have been feuding since the She-1 tournament last November. Starr is a king time friend of O’Reilly’s who recently returned to action after a long time away, while the veterans Sakura and Nikita were brought in to round out the teams.

The teams came to blows outside the cage several times and it took a while for security to restore order.

There was too much action to call here, but highlights included Sakura acting scared of being locked in the cage, Nikita forgetting that pinfalls didn’t count, a pause in action for Hayter and LDM to settle their differences, Starr and Dark brutalising their opponents upon their arrivals in the cage and O’Reilly making her entrance by flying onto everyone from the top of the cage. The match concluded with Squad Goals trapping all of The Deserving in submissions for the quadruple tap out. This was ridiculously good and an amazing way to start a historic show, with the first ever women’s War Games match.

While the cage was taken down, Jetta came out to the stage to run down the crowd and verbally insult her opponent tonight, Kris Wolf. This match was made in the last week due to some outside circumstances. Wolf was due to wrestle Jinny for a spot in the Wildcard Ladder Match due to take place later tonight. Jinny was removed due to not being medically cleared. Jetta was supposed to wrestle Nicole Matthews for a spot in this year’s She-1, but sadly she could not travel due to illness. So Jetta and Wolf were paired up to compete for the ladder match spot.

(2) Jetta vs. Kris Wolf. Jetta’s “apprentice” Erin Angel (who had to take the role after losing to Jetta nearly a year ago) was the special referee for this one. There were some tremendous hijinks during this, with Wolf really engaging the crowd. These two had really great chemistry and it was the best I’ve personally ever seen Jetta wrestle. A monkey flip into a cradle saw both women’s shoulders trapped to the mat for the three count. Angel was torn as to what to do, but eventually she raised both competitors hands, meaning both Jetta and Wolf advanced to the Wildcard Ladder match, which started immediately after.

(3) Wildcard Ladder Match for a shot at the Pro-Wrestling: Eve championship – Jetta vs. Kris Wolf vs. Leah Owens vs. Kasey Owens vs. Livvii Grace vs. Nina Samuels vs. Millie McKenzie. This was all action between all seven competitors, while the ladders introduced to the match got bigger as the match went along. The Owens Twins took turns teaming up against their opponents before attacking each other, while McKenzie got a chance to German Suplex everyone in sight.  A sad moment occurred when Leah Owens, whose persona is obsessed with the 80’s, tried a Hogan-style legdrop off the ladder. However she landed wrong and was rushed to the back badly limping. She was rushed to hospital with what looks to be a long term injury.

Samuels pushed Kasey off the ladder onto Grace at ringside, while Jetta singled out McKenzie in the crowd. Samuels took down Wolf and tied her tail to the ring ropes. With no one to stop her, Samuels unhooked the briefcase and get the title shot. She cut a promo on the ladder stating she would indeed be the next champion.

(4) Meiko Satomura vs. Kay Lee Ray. This was an outstanding match. Heavy drama throughout with both gaining sizeable advantages throughout. Satomura took over with an incredible Death Valley Driver, which KLR kicked out from. After a lot of back and forth, Satomura hit another DVD, but KLR once again got the shoulder up. She then wriggled free from a third attempt and rolled Satomura up for the win! Satomura refused a handshake, instead choosing to honour KLR with a bow of respect.

This match was seriously great. Heavy drama throughout with the KLR win being huge as Satomura has never been pinned during her tenure with Eve up to this point.

(5) Viper vs. Aja Kong. This dream match was Kong‘s first ever match in Europe. Both wrestlers exhibited their power early on, refusing to go down on the other’s attempts at shoulder tackles. Viper went to hit the ropes but got caught by a vicious Kong clothesline, knocking her loopy. Kong dominated with her strikes, consistently halting Viper’s attempts at a comeback. Viper eventually took Kong down for the first time in the match, keeping her grounded with a senton and splash. Kong came back with a huge backdrop driver and the most devastating Sheerdrop Brainbuster I’ve ever witnessed, but Viper kept kicking out. The spinning back fist and middle rope back elbow kept Viper down for the pinfall. Kong looked to show Viper respect after the match, but pulled her hand away at the last moment, heelishly relishing in her victory. Viper lost nothing in her performance here, surviving just about every move had in her arsenal.

(6) Pro-Wrestling: Eve Championship match – Sammii Jayne (c) vs. Charlie Morgan. Jayne won the title nearly a year ago and has been dominant ever since, earning her nickname “The Main Event Empress”. Morgan came back from a broken collar bone injury to win the inaugural She-1 tournament last November, defeated Jayne and Meiko Satomura in the finals by pinning Jayne. The pair have been engaged in a bitter rivalry ever since.

They started off extremely hot in front of the very loud crowd. They brawled into the crowd, where Jayne attempted to use a ladder that had been discarded there during the previous ladder match. She was thrown from the ladder onto security, after which Morgan scaled the ladder and then climbed onto the balcony, before hitting a topé onto Jayne and the security team. Back in the ring, Jayne worked on Morgan’s shoulder, attempting to capitalise on the weak point of the previously broken collarbone. Morgan scored with high risk moves, Jayne trapped the challenger in multiple arm bars. When Jayne went to the top rope, Morgan ran up the turnbuckles to push the champion off. Jayne crashed through a table she had previously positioned on the outside. An Implant DDT shockingly failed to score the win for the challenger. Morgan leapt from the top with a senton, but Jayne countered beautifully into a cross arm breaker, which Morgan barely escaped making the ropes. Jayne got desperate and brought a ladder into the ring. After she set it up in the corner and climbed it, Morgan once again cut the champion off and delivered a huge DDT from the top. The three count was delivered and York Hall leapt to its feet to celebrate the crowning of the new champion, Charlie Fucking Morgan.

The majority of the roster entered the ring to congratulate the new champion. This title change was presented as a huge deal, as the crowd was deafening, the roster were tearful and Morgan’s family all entered the ring to congratulate Morgan on her achievement. It was a very emotional celebration.

All in all, if you’re reading this and you haven’t been tempted to check this show out, do yourself a favour and do! This was a potential show of the year, for any organisation. I have attended many York Hall shows and I have never seen and heard a crowd louder and more invested in what was going on in the ring. The match quality was consistently good, with two matches being particularly epic in the KLR/Satomura match and the main event. You can catch the replay of the show on Fite.TV right now, and if you want to see more of this company, you can do so on EveOnDemand.Pivotshare.com

This was a superb show. See it!

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