15 YRS AGO – WWE Raw in Des Moines, Iowa (8-10-03): Christian wins IC Title at house show over Booker T after major change to main event, Steve Austin on Highlight Reel

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WWE Raw house show report
August 10, 2003
Des Moines, Ia.
Report by Todd Countryman, PWTorch Subscriber

Main news and result coming from the great WWE Unleashed Raw house show I attended tonight in Des Moines, Iowa was Christian shockingly winning the Intercontinental Title. I was expecting a swerve of some sort, but he walked out with the belt. Below are complete results of the show. Here are the results from WWE Unleashed in Des Moines. They did change the line up a bit from what was advertised on WWE.com, but the show was great anyway.

(1) Goldust & Mark Jindrak & Hurricane over Stevie Richards & Rodney Mack & Rico (w/Jackie). Hurricane gave a mask to a small child at ringside to the cheers of the crowd. All the wrestlers played to the crowd big time and it was a great match with many funny moments.

(2) Randy Orton beat Maven with the RKO. This was a ten minute time limit match and they took it to the wire with Orton winning with a minute to go. A large part of the crowd was chanting for Orton and also chanting RKO .

(3) Molly beat retained the Women’s Title in an elimination match over Victoria (eliminated by Gail Kim) Gail Kim (by Ivory) and Molly pins Ivory. Special ref was Val Venis. After the match they did a tease of Ivory taking off her shirt . Venis took off his ref shirt and then Ivory took the ref shirt , put it on , took her top off underneath , threw her shirt at Venis and left with the ref shirt still on.

Stone Cold was in the Highlight Reel with host Chris Jericho. Very funny stuff, long segment and it was great. Jericho ripped on (as he called it) Dez Moinez, then Stone Cold made his way out. Ended with Jericho slapping Austin on the back after they had some beers together , which gave Austin the excuse to use a stunner on him. Stone Cold signed an autograph on the way out of the ring for a well prepared fan that had a sharpie waiting and what looked like a big picture on Austin.

(4) La Resistance beat The Dudleys after a flag shot to D-Von. After the match Spike makes the save as La Resistance was trying to use a table on D-Von and Bubba. The Dudleys then use the 3D on one of the French Guys. After the match the Dudleys wanted to give a big piece of the table out. They picked a kid (probably 7 or 8) at ringside in a Dudleys shirt out and brought him in the ring. Spike took a picture of him w/ Bubba , D-Von and the wood , D-Von carried him around the ring for a minute and then they took him back to his seat with his prize. All the Dudleys took the time to go to each side of the ring and slap hands on the way out.

(5) Christian defeated Booker T to win the Intercontinental title. That was a shock to me and everyone around me. Booker went for a scissors get but winced in pain and did not finish it , a minute later Christian hit his move and got the pin. He left with the belt. A few refs and a trainer attended to Booker and they helped him walk out. I think it is great that a title changed on a house show as it shows that you never know what could happen if you go to any show, not just one on TV.

(6) Scott Steiner (w/Stacy) beat Lance Storm. Lance Storm comes to the ring and says that Steiner’s flight was late and he won’t be appearing , but he has a statement to read instead, then Steiner’s music hits and out he comes w/ the lovely Stacy Keibler. Apparently they lost Steiner’s luggage as he was in work boots and long camo green pants. After the match they went to all four sides of the ring and Stacy did he bend over the middle rope for all of the fans.

(7) Kane beat Rob Van Dam by pinfall in a Steel cage. Kane gets the pin after a chokeslam off the top rope as RVD was trying to escape by climbing over the cage. Kane was bleeding the last few minutes of the match. After Kane left the ring, RVD eventually recovered and posed for the crowd , he then spent several (probably 10 to 15 minutes) going around all sides of the ring and down the entry way giving high fives and doing the thumb routine on each side and at the entrance.

FINAL THOUGHTS: All in all a very good WWE house (non-televised) show. The wrestlers really took the time to interact with the crowd and everyone seemed to be having a great time. I had front row tickets (right by the entrance and steps on that side) and it was the best wrestling event experience I have had I do believe… This lineup was different from the original, as the main event changed from Triple H & Ric Flair vs Kevin Nash & Booker T. A few days ago on wwe.com they updated the lineup , but it was changed again by showtime. On wwe.com they had listed Randy Orton vs Scott Steiner, Maven vs Lance Storm, Goldust vs Rico, Stevie Richards vs Mark Jindrak, and Hurricane vs Rodney Mack . I much preferred the final lineup that they went with tonight though, a really great show and effort by WWE and all of the wrestlers and performers on the show.

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