15 YRS AGO – WWE Smackdown in Kansas City, Mo. (8-11-03): Cena, Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Jr., Angle, Undertaker, Sable, Orlando Jordan, Big Show

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WWE Smackdown house show report
August 11, 2003
Kansas City, Mo. at the Kemper Arena
Report by John C. Sutton III, PWTorch.com reader

The Kemper Arena was about a third full with a little over 5,000 in attendance (it holds around 15,000.) Even though the attendance wasn’t up to the level it has been at past events in Kansas City, the crowd remained hot from beginning to end, and all the wrestlers put on an enjoyable show with decent match quality.

(1) Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Matt Hardy and Nunzio in a Triple Threat Match to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Title. A hot opener, which really ignited the Kansas City crowd. The match was originally promoted as Rey Mysterio Jr. taking on Matt Hardy and Billy Kidman. Early on, Hardy attempted to strike a deal with Mysterio to have Nunzio as the main target for attack, but those plans quickly fell apart. With Nunzio on the outside, Mysterio was able to nail Hardy with the 619, followed by the West Coast Pop for the win.

(2) Billy Gunn defeated Sean O’Haire Nothing special. Sean O’Haire dominated most of the match offensively, and the crowd popped pretty good for the inevitable Billy Gunn comeback. Gunn picked up the win with the Fameasser. After the match, Gunn flashed his backside to the delight of way too many in the crowd.Just a side note, O’Haire is HUGE in person.

(3) Zach Gowan & Spanky defeated The Basham Brothers (w/Shaniqua). Zach Gowan was over big time with the crowd, and I was very impressed by his in ring abilities. Zach Gowen had incredible reaction from the crowd which makes me believe his handicap is only considered second to his ability. I also believe with the lackluster tag team scene in the Smackdown brand, they ought to consider making Zach Gowan and Spanky an official tag team. The high-flying nature and Zach’s crowd momentum right now could really get Spanky over and provide a much needed spark to the tag team division. Zach picked up the victory with a moonsault off the top rope onto one of the Basham Brothers.Shaniqua punished the Bashams after the match.

(4) John Cena defeated Orlando Jordan. John Cena began things spitting some Thuganomics to the crowd and ragging on the Kansas City Chiefs. John Cena received major heat, but unfortunately that was the only reaction this match received as Orlando Jordan’s offense killed the crowd.Orlando needs something quick before he gets buried in the roster. Luckily, Cena ended this one early with the FU.

(5) The World’s Greatest Tag Team defeated The APA to retain the WWE World Tag Team Titles. The APA played to the crowd well, helping to garner more heat for Benjamin & Haas. Decent match, with nothing noteworthy. With Bradshaw on the outside, Benjamin missed with a super kick to Faarooq, barely grazing his back. Yet, it appeared to be enough as Haas rolled Faarooq up for the win. The World’s Greatest Tag Team continued a beat down on Faarooq after the match, only to suffer a Clothesline From Hell from Bradshaw. The APA then posed in the ring with the Tag Titles before heading to the back.I did manage to score a high five from Faarooq.

(6) Eddie Guerrero defeated Tajiri to retain the WWE United States Championship. While trying every dirty trick in the book, Eddie Guerrero remained over with the crowd. Match was very slow paced, with a lot of technical mat work between the two. Tajiri nailed Eddie with a couple of stiff kicks, which the crowd popped for, but unlike Des Moines, there would be no title changes in Kansas City. Eddie picked up the victory following a low blow.

(7) Chris Benoit defeated Rhyno in a Submissions Match. Another match which focused more on technical in ring work and produced the best match of the evening. Eddie Guerrero interfered mid-way through the match, but Tajiri soon followed to even things up.Tajiri blew the green mist in Rhyno’s face. Benoit eventually got Rhyno to tap out to the Crippler Crossface for the victory.

(8) Undertaker defeated A-Train. The Undertaker was over huge. The Undertaker also performed some of his old school moves from his heyday as the Dead Man to the delight of the crowd. Midway through the match, the referee took a thunderous clothesline from A-Train and almost landed squarely on his head.A-Train hit an old Baldo Bomb, but Taker kicked out. In the end, A-Train brought a steel chair into the ring, but received a boot from Undertaker into the chair and into A-Train’s face. Taker followed it up with a chokeslam and the pin.

(9) Sable defeated Dawn Marie and Nidia in a WWE Divas Bikini Contest. Funaki was the special guest MC for the contest . The crowd was hype for this contest.Nidia disrobed first, dancing only how Nidia can dance. It didn’t draw any heat, it just didn’t draw any pops. Dawn Marie was next and was definitely the hottest of the three women tonight. Funaki tried to move on to Sable, but Dawn said she wasn’t finished yet. She then proceeded to give Funaki a lap dance in the corner. Sable was up next and, while also looking really good, was not as over with the crowd as Dawn Marie. When it came time to announce the winner, Nidia kept wetting herself and everyone else with a fan sprayer water bottle.Dawn was totally the winner but you know how it goes.

(10) Kurt Angle defeated The Big Show and Brock Lesnar in a Triple Threat Match to retain the WWE Title. The Big Show, who played collegiate basketball for the Wichita State Shockers, was well received by the crowd, but certainly played the heel against Lesnar and Angle. Lesnar hit Angle with the F-5, but only picked up a two count as Big Show interfered. Lesnar then hit Big Show with the F-5, but once again only received a two count as Kurt Angle interfered. Angle then reversed another F-5 attempt from Lesnar and hit the Angle Slam for the win. After the match, Lesnar and Big Show got into a shoving match and Brock eventually hit Show with an F-5 much to the delight of the crowd.

Biggest Pops

(1) Dawn Marie
(2) The Undertaker
(3) Brock Lesnar
(4) Zach Gowan
(5) The APA

Most Heat

(1) John Cena
(2) A- Train
(3) Worlds Greatest Tag Team
(4) Matt Hardy
(5) Rhyno

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