15 YRS AGO – WWE in Yokohama, Japan (7-18-03): Big Show vs. Lesnar, Show imitates Hulk Hogan, Angle, Cena, Hardy, Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero

Big Show (art credit Travis Beaven)


The following report was originally published 15 years ago this week…

WWE house show results
July 18, 2003
Yokohama, Japan at Yokohama Arena
Report by Koichi Yoshizawa, PWTorch.com correspondent

Sable came out and introduced the show.

(1) Billy Kidman defeated Spanky at 7:12 with a Shooting Star Press.

(2) Billy Gunn & Torrie Wilson defeated Jamie Knoble & Nidia at 3:53 when Wilson used a DDT on Nidia for the win. After the match Gunn and Torrie both dropped their pants a bit which titillated the Japanese fans.

(3) Matt Hardy defeated Shoichi Funaki at 5:39 with the Twist of Fate. The finish came after Funaki missed a flying move off the top rope.

(4) Rhyno defeated Sean O’Haire at 8:53 with The Gore.

(5) Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin defeated Ultimo Dragon & Rey Mysterio Jr.at 13:11 when Haas put Dragon out with a German suplex. After the match, Dragon apologized for the Japanese fans over the house mic for losing. He said he would train harder in the future so he could do better. He said he’d like to challenge Rey for the Cruiserweight Title soon.

(6) Chris Benoit defeated A-Train at 7:03 with the Crippler Crossface.

(7) Kurt Angle & Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated John Cena & Eddy Guerrero at 16:02 when Angle used an Olympic Slam on Guerrero and Tajiri used his green mist and a Buzzsaw Kick on Guerrero to finish him off. Angle got the best pop of the night.

(8) Brock Lesnar defeated Big Show at 16:04 with the F5. Show used the title belt to KO Brock, but Lesnar kicked out at the last possible split-second. Brock then fired back with a clothesline and a quick F5 for the win. Good, powerful big-man match. Afterward, Haas and Benjamin ran out and attacked Lesnar. Angle ran out for the save. He gave Benjamin an Olympic slam and then gave Haas an Ankelock. Lesnar and Angle celebrated together and got a great pop. Angle then talked Big Show into doing an imitation of Hulk Hogan. Show did the pose and mic work Hogan-style, which got laughs from the crowd. Angle then kissed Big Show, but then told Show he sucked for another huge pop.

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