10/4 MLW in Queens, N.Y.: PCO vs. LA Park, Low Ki vs. Daga, Swann & Hunt & ACH vs. New Hart Foundation (Pillman Jr., Davey Boy Jr., Teddy Hart), plus Joey Ryan, Konnan, MJF, Dreamer, Strickland, Lawlor


OCTOBER 4, 2018

Sadly missed the prelim matches, as we got there just before the first advertised match.  I know there was a group called Fabulous Fitness that won, because they were announced as we were walking in.

(1) Joey Ryan defeated Matt Holliday.  Joey Ryan got his standard spots in, won after the Lollipop Superkick.
Konnan comes out to cut a promo, to explain that the Lucha Brothers were not there.  Salinda de la Renta and Ricky Martinez come out.  Salina makes a joke about ICE and the Lucha Brothers.  Challenges one of Konnan’s fighters to a match with Ricky Martinez.
(2) Puma King (w/Konnan) defeated Ricky Martinez (w/Salina De La Renta).  Puma King gets the win via Pinfall.
(3) Simon Gotch defeated Fallah Bah.  Simon Gotch prize fight, challenges anyone to a fight, and Bah answered it.  Gotch wins after he goes to use Bah’s bucket of salt.  Ref takes it away, but Gotch had a handful, salt to the eyes of Bah.  Rollup for the win after that.
(4) Smash & Dash Connection (Barrington Hughes & Kota Brazil) defeated Samoan Dynasty (Samu & Lance).  Match ended via Pinfall.  Kota did most of the work for Smash and Dash.
(5) Myron Reed defeated Marko Stunt.  Fun match, with Stunt really playing up how small he is.  Reed gets the win via pinfall.
(6) MJF (c) (w/Aria Blake) defeated Jimmy Yuta and Jason Cade in a Triple Threat match to retain the MLW Middleweight Title.  Elimination triple threat.  Yuta eliminates Cade first, with a rollup.  Aria Blake distracts the Ref right after that, and Cade goes back into the ring, and gives Yuta a low blow, which allows MJF to pin him to keep the title.
(7) El Hijo De La Park defeated Sammy Guevara.  El Hijo gets the win after a reverse pile driver on Sammy.
(8) Brody King defeated Tommy Dreamer.  King gets the win after giving Tommy a pile driver.
(9) Tom Lawlor defeated Shane Strickland.  Low Ki and Salina De La Renta get involved, to attack Lawlor.  Lawlor still pulls of the win.
(10) New Era Hart Foundation (Teddy Hart & Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Brian Pillman Jr.) defeated ACH & Rich Swan & Marko Stunt.  I can’t even describe the move that they used to get the pinfall win here, but man was it awesome.
(11) Sami Callihan defeats Jimmy Havoc.  This was the Spin The Wheel match.  It landed on Spinner’s Choice.  However we in the crowd could not hear what Jimmy picked.  A hardcore match based on what happened.  There were staple guns, papercuts, lemons and salt involved.  Callihan wins after the Cranial Contusion.
(12) Low Ki (w/Salina De La Renta) defeated Daga (w/Konnan). A lot of outside action in this one.  Low Ki wins after Ricky Martinez comes out and yells at Konnan.  Daga gets distracted, which allows Low Ki to take control of the match.  Low Ki wins after a double stomp to the back.
(13) LA Park pinned PCO. Honestly, a fun match to watch, so I didn’t take many notes during it, sorry.  There was 102 years of age in that ring though, so that’s awesome.
FINAL THOUGHTS: Crowd seemed very hot throughout the night.  Low Ki and MJF were the biggest heels of the night.  Dreamer, Lawlor and Strickland were the biggest faces.  Crowd was very mixed for that Strickland and Lawlor match.  Also sorry there were just a few times where I got really into the matches, so forgot to take notes.

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  1. The move Marko Stunt took was a combination of the Road Warriors “Doomsday Device” finish, combined with a Canadian Driver…he is The Guy…

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