11/20 WWE Smackdown Results: Keller’s report on Survivor Series fallout including Charlotte snapping on Rousey, Daniel Bryan’s heel turn and fallout from Lesnar match

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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NOVEMBER 20, 2018

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves

Tonight after WWE Smackdown, join me live with guest cohost Jake Barnett of ProWrestling.net to break down the show with live callers, an on-site correspondent, and the mailbag.

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-A video package dramatically recapped the Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair match at Survivor Series.

-Charlotte made her ring entrance. They went to the announcers on camera who talked about Charlotte. Phillips said something went haywire with Charlotte. Graves said fans are wondering what went on insider her mind. The ever-innocent Byron Saxton said he has known Charlotte since she first entered WWE that we’d ever seen such rage, malice, and sadistic behavior out of Charlotte. Graves said he’s eager to hear the truth.

Charlotte spun around in her robe and smiled. Charlotte acted heelish as she talked about putting the “baddest beating on the so-called baddest woman on the planet, and I am damn proud of it.” She smiled wide. She mockingly asked Ronda if she’s walking a little slower today and looking at her bruises and welts, expecting an apology. She said she won’t get one because she’s not sorry. She said she enjoyed every second beating her ass. She said she delivered that beatdown for Smackdown, “for my girls in that locker room.” She said its as for the Champ. Fans chanted “Becky! Becky!” She said she’s spent half of her career fighting against and with Becky, and this Sunday she fought for Becky Lynch. She said Becky told her to give Ronda a beating and she took it to heart, “and you know what guys, mission accomplished.” She said Rousey bowed down to the queen. She let out a “woo.”

(Keller’s Analysis: That felt like a babyface promo, not a heel promo. WWE’s intent was clearly to frame Charlotte as a heel for what she did Rousey at Survivor Series, but now Charlotte is presented it as fighting for Becky and for Smackdown. I guess there’s more layers here yet to be revealed?)

Paige’s music played and she walked out. She said she doesn’t have to apologize for what she did to Rousey. She said she speaks for all the fans in saying she enjoyed the beating she gave to Rousey. Paige told Charlotte that Ronda said she’s going to find her and finish what she started. Charlotte asked if the next PPV is TLC. It wasn’t clear if Paige new the answer. Charlotte said it is TLC. Charlotte said if Rousey stickers he nose in her business again, she’ll put her head in a chair and stomp on it a zillion times over and over. Charlotte said nobody is going to stop her. Her voice got a little high-pitched and unhinged sounding. Paige said Charlotte snapped and went after five WWE referee. Charlotte said they got in her way. Paige said she isn’t allowed to do that under any circumstances. Fans booed. Paige said she’s left her no choice but to (dramatic pause)… be fined $100,000. Charlotte winced and said, “What? Paige, come on.”

(Keller’s Analysis: There was some awkwardness to the cadence of everything. I thought Paige was going to fine her $100 as a way to showing she didn’t really care all that much.)

The IIconics came out. Peyton Royce was in a trance. Billie Kaye said she looked like Charlotte on Sunday. They shared a laugh. Royce said it was a case of a Barbie Doll going psychotic. They entered the ring and said everyone knows they’re Paige’s favorites. They wanted to know if they collected the fine. Charlotte said the real question is which one of them is going to be the next Ronda Rousey because that’s one of their futures. Her music played and she took off her jacket.

(Keller’s Analysis: This didn’t get any less awkward. Clunky with mixed signals being sent. The fans didn’t seem to know what to think, either.) [c]

(1) CHARLOTTE vs. BILLIE KAYE (w/Peyton Royce)

Byron questioned the IIconics poking fun at Charlotte given the mood she’s in. They locked up center ring. Charlotte chopped away at Jaye and settled into a side headlock, then yelled for her to shut up as she kept screaming. Charlotte shut her up with a uppercut. She dropped knees (which showed some light), which Kaye essentially no-sold other than constant screaming. Kaye retreated to the floor. Charlotte threw a forearm (that showed some light). When Charlotte went after her, Kaye gave a distracted Charlotte a boot to the face (that showed a lot of light). Phillips, of course, robotically sold it as an incredible boot. Kaye mounted Charlotte and punched away . Royce yanked on Charlotte’s hair from ringside. Charlotte came back with a fallaway slam and then a kip up. Charlotte finished Kaye with Natural Selection for the win.

WINNER: Charlotte in 3:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was not good.)

-Afterward, Charlotte asked Peyton for a fight. Peyton hedged. Charlotte said she doesn’t have all day. The show came to an awkward stop as Peyton slowly made her way onto the ring apron. Charlotte said she’d play it fair and square. Peyton quickly left the ring as soon as she entered.

(Keller’s Analysis: The first 20 minutes of Smackdown felt like everyone arrived three minutes before they went live and they just improvised it on the spot. Nothing really flowed, the big spots were not tight at all, and the acting was just hesitant and, well, bad. The promo by Charlotte leading into the match didn’t really seem to land anywhere or have a clear sense of intent, even. Yuck.) [c]

(2) CHARLOTTE vs. PEYTON ROYCE (w/Billie Kaye)

During the break Kaye milked the moment and slowly got into the ring, but acted like she was having to eat bugs in some sort of gross challenge. Why did she agree to enter at all? It made no sense. Charlotte took it to Royce with shoulders to the mid-section. Peyton caught a charging Charlotte with a knee. They fought at ringside where Charlotte took over with some chops. Kaye yanked Charlotte down from behind.

After the break ended, Royce was in control in the ring. Charlotte brushed off Kaye interference and gave Royce a kick. When Charlotte lifted Royce for a slam, Kaye entered and interfered for the DQ. Byron said Kaye obviously wasn’t confident in Royce’s chances.

WINNER: Charlotte via DQ.

-Charlotte gave both IIconics a DDT on the floor, then slammed Kaye’s head into the announce table over and over. She did the same to Royce next. Charlotte threw Kaye over the announce desk. Then Peyton. Then she stood on the announce desk and held out her arms.

(Keller’s Analysis: Based on this, Charlotte’s heel turn has already been retracted, and probably because Vince McMahon and Co. don’t have the constitution to deal with fans rejecting yet another attempted heel turn. This took nearly 30 minutes of Smackdown. It had the vibe of the 1980s when only six wrestlers showed up for the live Memphis Wrestling show on WMC and Jerry Lawler and a small handful of wrestlers had to fill 90 minutes of TV time and just winged it.)

-They zoomed in on Rey Mysterio’s contact lenses. He said he’s seen a lot, but he’s never seen anyone like Randy Orton. He said Orton is more dangerous and sadistic than ever. He said he knows Randy wants to do to him what he did to Jeff Hardy, but he didn’t come back to WWE to be another of The Viper’s victims. He said he’s at the top of his game, just watch and see.

(Keller’s Analysis: Nice and straight forward.)

-The announcers hyped Rey vs. Orton later tonight. Phillips said it’s a match worthy of main eventing a pay-per-view. He said with all the conviction of someone asking for an extra deposit slip at a bank drive-through window. The announcers commented on Daniel Bryan’s WWE Title win last week after a low kick to Styles and then attacking him after the match.

-They showed Miz backstage and said Miz TV was next. [c]

-Miz TV: Fans chanted “Miz is Awesome!” He smiled and said it’s good to be home. For a second I thought Smackdown was in Cleveland. He welcomed fans to Miz TV. They chanted along. He said it was an honor to fight alongside Shane McMahon, who showed true grit fighting for Smackdown. Miz danced to Shane’s music. Shane limped out without the usual spring in his sneakers. Graves said it appears they’re a cohesive unit and have let go of their past issues. Miz continued to do the Shane McMahon Shuffle. They sat. Miz said just like at WWE World Cup, they fought to the bitter end and put everything on the line and sacrificed for their brand. Byron asked if Miz could suck up to Shane anymore. Shane said he doesn’t remember much. Miz said when he talks about what they did, he’s speaking as a team and he was there to encourage him. Shane said he was privileged to be on with Miz. He asked Miz if as a host he has a question for him. Miz acted nervous.

Miz said since he is two-thirds Best in the World and Shane is 0ne-third. Miz asked Shane like he was asking someone to a school dance, “Will you team with me?” He said it could be something special. “Co-Besties. Best Team in the World!” He said they could “workshop” their team name. Shane said he’s flattered, but they have a lot of responsibilities. Miz seemed upset and hurt that Shane wasn’t jumping up and down in excitement. He said if Shane is “as much of a Man, I mean a McMahon, as I think you are,” you will team up with him against someone tonight. Out came The Bryant Brothers. Phillips said Shane isn’t in any condition to fight. Shane could, in street clothes, could barely climb through the ropes to stand in his corner.


Miz started the match. Miz offered a tag, but then Shane said he could finish the match himself. Miz turned around and Bryant wrestler surprised Miz with a small package and scored a three count. Shane laughed. Byron said Miz’s ego got the best of him.

WINNERS: The Bryant Brothers in 2:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Fluff. Not sure if it’s leading anywhere or the writers just decided to goof off.)

-Phillips plugged Starrcade from Cincinnati this Saturday night, a dual branded live event. They didn’t announce matches. Then they pushed a Starrcade “one hour special event” at 8 ET on Sunday night. It wasn’t clear what they were talking about.

-Backstage the New Day were dressed as pilgrims. Big E had pumpkin pies. Then a person in a turkey suit danced into the picture. It was R-Truth.

-Mixed Match Challenge promos aired. [c]

-New Day stood mid-ring in front of a table with a Thanksgiving dinner on it. They talked about what they’re thankful for. They said they’re proud of their tag team victory at Survivor Series, but for some reason it didn’t count. Xavier Woods said he’s thankful for his 2TB hard drive so he doesn’t have to delete “Spiderman” in order to download “Red Dead 2.” Big E said he’s thankful for the big juicy succulent breasts they’ve been blessed with on this day. “Can we get an Amen?” Big E picked up the turkey and caressed it and began licking it. He was interrupted, not a second too soon, by The Bar and The Big Show.

Cesaro said they are the tag team champions. He said this must be their stupid idea. Kofi Kingston bragged that they won their Survivor Series match. Sheamus asked, “How can anyone prepare for a spontaneous urination.” He said they’re going to go to the ring and kick their arse. [c]

(Keller’s Analysis: This was a really rough first hour. They all seem checked out and ready for the Thanksgiving holiday.)


(2) THE BIG SHOW & THE BAR (Cesaro & Sheamus) vs. THE NEW DAY (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods & Big E)

Kofi tagged in a couple minutes in and went to work against Sheamus with a flurry of offense. Then he hit a crossbody for a two count, broken up by Cesaro. Kofi knocked Big Show off the ring apron and he landed on the Thanksgiving feast. Sheamus knocked into Big E. Graves said, “The time for laughing is over.” (There was laughing?) Sheamus brought the turkey into the ring. Fans chanted, “We want turkey!” Xavier kicked Sheamus and the turkey fell. Kofi knocked Sheamus out of the ring. Xavier threw Kofi the turkey and then Kofi bashed Sheaus with it. He went though the other table. Back in the ring Big E put his hand up the turkey and punched Sheamus.

WINNERS: The New Day in in 6:00.

-After the pin, they had a food fight. The crowd roared for the food being tossed around. Phillips was delighted. Cesaro was covered in food and collapsed mid-ring. Xavier and Big E slipped air ringside on all the foot. Phillips cackled.

(Keller’s Analysis: This show is not getting any better.)

-Orton stood at a table with a Rey Mysterio mask. Orton said some people think the mask represents culture, pride, and respect, but to him it represents nothing more than cheap polyester. He said it doesn’t deserve to be respected, it deserves to be erased and destroyed, just like the man who wears it. He threw it aside and looked at the camera and said fans will be full of disgust, shock, horror, and disappointment because of the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment – RKO.

-Phillips plugged Rey vs. Orton. [c]

-Clips aired of Evolution’s battle royal three weeks ago when Mandy Rose eliminated Sonya Deville.


They cut to an early break. [c]

Asuka hit Rose with a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Asuka then finished Deville via tapout seconds later.

WINNERS: Asuka & Naomi in 7:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Just an update here. This show is becoming the least inspired, most listless pointless two hours of WWE perhaps in history. They checked out early for the holiday weekend. I feel terrible for anyone who spent more than $20 to be in attendance for this show.)

-The announcers hyped Rey vs. Orton and recapped their interactions in recent weeks including Orton giving Rey an RKO out of nowhere two weeks ago. [c]

-A vignette aired for the arrival of Lars Sullivan.

-They showed the exterior of the arena.

-Daniel Bryan made his ring entrance. Phillips announced that A.J. Styles will get his rematch against Bryan at TLC. Bryan was heckled and booed. He had his eyes closed and looked like he hadn’t slept in a week. He said he doesn’t expect the people in the crowd to understand. He said his explanation isn’t for them. He spoke about himself in the third person. He said nearly three years ago, Daniel Bryan stood in front of these people and announced his retirement. He said the betrayal took place when Bryan gave up on his dreams. He said the difference between Bryan and “these people” and he doesn’t accept failure. He said he realized his mistake and learned his lesson and he decided to fight.

He talked about his journey back, which included three hours every single day inside of a hyperbaric chamber. He said inside that cold dark enclosed chamber pumped with 100 percent oxygen, it was meant to speed up the healing process, but it did way more than that. He said it allowed Daniel Bryan the silence and the isolation he needed to meditate on his new mantra, “Fight for Your Dreams and Your Dreams Will Fight for You.” He kneeled. He said it worked because how else would explain the miracle that Daniel Bryan returned to the ring “and when he did, he received the loudest ‘Yes!’ chants he had ever hear, and it was a great moment.” He said those people weren’t there for the struggle and the pain, they weren’t there for the fights with his family over his obsession, they didn’t have to endure the psychiatrists and therapists telling him he just had to move on. He said the only people who moved on were “these people,” he said pointing at the crowd.

He said the idiots can be heard chanting “A.J. Styles.” On cue, fans began chanting it. “Fickle, fickle, fickle, fickle, fickle…” he said over and over about ten times. He said Daniel Bryan’s dreams took over and did what they were programmed to do inside of that hyperbaric chamber and “Daniel Bryan’s dreams kicked A.J. Styles in the balls!” He shouted the words and then went into a wide-eyed trance again. He said Bryan’s dreams made him realize he didn’t need “these people” for anything. He said Bryan’s dreams told him that at Survivor Series he didn’t need to beat Brock Lesnar to win, Daniel Bryan won by allowing Brock Lesnar to beat the weakness out of him. He said Daniel Bryan’s dreams told him to allow Lesnar to beat the dreams out of him “and there would be a new emergence after that match.”

He said there is a new Daniel Bryan. He said the old Daniel Bryan that the people loved is dead. He said the Yes Movement is dead. And what’s left is a new Daniel Bryan, the new WWE Champion. He said they should never give up on their dream ever, ever again. Bryan told the ring announcer to announce him as “The New Daniel Bryan.” Graves said there are some unanswered questions, but Styles will have a lot to say when he arrives at Smackdown next week. Bran looked around like someone who had just joined a cult and was on a new mission.

(Keller’s Analysis: Based on how Bryan had been acting, I figured something like this was coming. I like the hyperbaric chamber aspect of his journey. It feels believable that he might have been changed by that experience. It’s an uphill battle with how familiar he’s made himself to fans for them to buy in all the way since this is such a stark contrast, but if he’s consistent and takes fans on a ride with this “New Daniel Bryan,” it could work.) [c]


A minute in, Orton went for Rey’s mask and Rey elbowed free. With Rey hanging upside down, they cut to a break. [c]

Rey made a comeback during the break, but Orton took over shortly afterward and he ripped away at Rey’s mask. Rey fought back again with a kick and a dropkick. Then a leg drop and a two count. Graves marveled at how effortless Rey made it all look. When he went for a 619, Orton caught his legs. Rey blocked a DDT attempt and went for another 619. This time he hit, but he wasn’t a big hurry when doing it which felt strange. Rey slidekicked Orton and then slide under the ropes with a splash attempt. Orton, though, gave him an RKO out of mid-air. Graves said it might be the most sudden RKO he’s ever seen. Rey was out cold. Orton threw him back into the ring and then yanked on his mask. He delivered another RKO and a pin.

WINNER: Orton in 7:00.

-As Orton’s music played, he grabbed a chair. He put it around Rey’s head and then yanked off his mask and threw him into the ringpost. Orton held the mask up. Phillips robotically called it the ultimate humiliation for Rey Mysterio. Medics tended to Rey. They put on gloves. Fans were shown with looks of grave concern on their faces. Orton raised the mask as fans booed.

Tonight after WWE Smackdown, join me live with guest cohost Jake Barnett of ProWrestling.net to break down the show with live callers, an on-site correspondent, and the mailbag.

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  1. The $100 fine would have been excellent booking. It would have set Paige up for down the road interaction with whomever ends up in ‘tv’ charge at Raw after this acting crap is over. So easy to book, almost as easy as NOT ending the Shield vs Wyatts years ago with a ton of money still on the table.

  2. I think I just realized something or I skipped over it while fforwarding my DVR. I don’t believe there was any stupid Thanksgiving nonsense this year, or was I lucky enough to miss it?

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