6/27 AEW Fyter Fest Live Event Report: Keller’s report on Bucks & Omega vs. Lucha Bros. & Laredo Kid, Moxley vs. Janela, Daniels vs. Cima, Cody vs. Darby, Page vs. Havoc vs. Jungle Boy vs. MJF

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JUNE 29, 2019

Pre-Show Live Stream at 7:30 E.T. / Main Show Live Stream at 8:00 E.T.

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Announcers: Excalibur, Logan Sama, Golden Boy

-Q.T. Marshall said something about budget issues and having trouble getting the ring into the arena. My feed started a few seconds later on B/R Live, so this was joined in progress. Cody said they needed to do something to get the ring in the arena.

-The announcers introduced the show at ringside and then hyped the main card line-up.

-The entrance stage had a lot of spotlights shinning to give the entrances a different vibe.

(A) PRIVATE PARTY (Isaiah Kassidy & Marc Quen) vs. SCU (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian) vs. BEST FRIENDS (Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor)

Excalibur explained to viewers who is Quen and who is Kassidy in Private Party, perhaps an early  sign that AEW is taking an approach tonight that not everyone has watched AEW before or necessarily knows everyone well on the card. Quen got in a flurry of offense a few minutes into the match to get the first real rise from the fans in the match. He struck a pose afterward. Kassidy flip dove off the ring apron onto a crowd at ringside. Private Party played to the crowd. The fans chanted “Private Party” afterward. Best Friends gave Kassidy a suppler at ringside a minute alter and took over. Kaz charged and gave Quen a flying DDT at ringside, then put on sunglasses and celebrated by striking a pose. Best Friends cleared the ring a minute later and then hugged. The fans popped for that. Fans chanted “Best Friends.” (It’s worth noting at this stage of AEW’s existence that the lighting is great for this and it has a major league clean crisp look overall with blue lighting of the crowd in the floor and lower deck seats. The ringside barricade logos and signage is also major league looking as is the ring mat logo. It’s nice to be able to “take this for granted” out of the gate with AEW and not have this something they’re “chasing to get right” before October.

It finally settled into a one-on-one battle in the ring as Taylor settled into a chinlock on Kassidy. Kaz tagged in and went to work on several wrestlers in the ring. Beretta dropped Sky and then went after Kaz, but Kaz caught him with an elbow. Kassidy kicked Kaz from behind, then tagged Kaz from behind to become legal. Kassidy hit a move off the top rope onto Barretta for a believable near fall. SCU broke up a pin by Beretta on Quen a minute later. Kassidy screeched and went after SCU, but they ended up scoring a near fall on him seconds later. Quen staggered in the ring over to Kaz who was groggy on the top rope. Barrett came up behind Quen and back suplexed him, but Quen landed on his feet and then landed a Pelé kick. Kassidy surprised Kaz with a neckbreaker for a near fall, broken up by Sky. Private Party psyched each other up and went fora move on Taylor, but Taylor backdropped Quen over the top rope onto the floor. Taylor then kneed Quen. He climbed to the top rope and Barrett set him up for their Strong Zero. They hit it for the win.

WINNERS: Best Friends in 16:00. (***)

(Keller’s Analysis: A spotfest with a lot of cool spots and non-stop action.)

-A vignette aired with The Dark Order on the big screen. Then the lights went out and Excalibur said, “The Dark Order somehow able to control the lights here at the Ocean Center.” The lights came back on and the Dark Order’s minions had surrounded the ring with the Best Friends inside. They were surrounded and looked around for an escape. The crowd was mostly silent. The lights went out again. They came back on about 20 seconds later and they were gone.

(Keller’s Analysis: I stand by my assertion that the lights out gimmick has run its course and feels derivative. It didn’t work here as it took too long, didn’t go anywhere, and fell flat in the end.)

-A skit aired with The Young Bucks telling documentary cameras that they were supposed to get gourmet food, first class lodging, and private jets, but they’ve gotten nothing close to it including a kiddie pool instead of a pool party. “This sucks!” yelled Matt and then he stormed off. Kenny Omega approached them and said it’s all going to work out and he cleared the budget for more perks such as gear for them. He yelled, “Fyter Fest!” Matt then said Omega blew half of their budget on their gear, so they can’t afford the beautiful models on the stage. Q.T. Marshall escorted two of the models off stage. Then he brought a mannequin on stage to replace one of the models in a bikini. Then out walked Leva Bates who shhh’d the crowd. There was a mystery “shhh” coming from somewhere. It was inside the tent on the stage. Peter Avalon, the other librarian, was revealed to be sitting in the tent. Excalibur explained they are rival libraries picked by Cody and the Bucks. Avalon dropped the tent into the kiddie pool, then decapitated the mannequin. “That is just gruesome!” said Excalibur. The two libraries went to the ring and began shhh’ing each other.

(B) ALLIE vs. LEVA BATES (w/Peter Avalon)

Excalibur said Allie has evolved and her next stage begins here on the Buy In pre-show in AEW. They showed Brandi Rhodes watching backstage. (She was staring straight on at the screen, and the camera showed the TV she was watching and the back of her head, then panned over to show her face. See how easy that was, WWE?) Bates settled into control and methodically delivered offense to beat down Allie, shh’ing her before some chops in the corner. Allie made a comeback and chopped and punched away at Bates with some yells. She landed a charging back elbow and then two running elbows to her jaw and neck in the corner. That was good for a soft two count. Allie slapped the mat in frustration. Allie lifted Bates, but Bates escaped and then delivered a back stabber followed by a face plant for a near fall. Avalon offered a book to Bates, but overthrew it to Allie. Allie threw it to Bates, then as Bates looked down at the book, she kicked her and scored the win.

WINNER: Allie in 8:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: A clunky match that even at eight minutes felt too long. Not at the level it needs to be.)

-Omega was informed by Brandon Cutler that the budget cuts led to “Blink One-Hundred Eight-Two” not showing up. Kenny was crestfallen. They showed the band stage next to the entrance ramp with no one there to play. The announcers said Fyter Fest has been a debacle so far, but at least the matches are taking place.


The announcers wondered how Jebailey got pyro and made unforgettable of him for wearing a jacket with his face on it. They explained he’s not a wrestler, just the founder and CEO of “CEO Gaming.” Nakazawa told Jebailey he is Mr. Cripple. He apologized for not being P.C. for American fans. Nakazawa said he cheated last year to win and he sucks. Nakazawa attacked Jebailey’s legs. Jebailey executed a leapfrog and hiptoss followed by a bodyslam to the amazement of the announcers. Nakazawa escaped a head hug by squiring bay oil on himself. The referee slipped on the spilled oil. Nakazawa then squirted oil on him and scored a near fall. Jebailey rolled to ringside. Jebailey reverse whipped Nakazawa into the ringside barricade and then bashed him with a clipboard. Jebailey then hit Nakazawa with a game system for a near fall. They fought over to the inflated kiddie pool. Jebailey shoved his head under water. The announcers wondered if he’d murder him. Nakazawa hit him with a blow up flamingo pool toy, but Jebailey came back and slammed him into the pool. Fans chanted “Holy sh–!” Back in the ring Nakasawa choked Jebailey with a cable to a game controller and then pushed buttons one like he was playing him. Nakazawa bit the skull of Jebailey. Then Nakazawa speared Jebailey off the ring apron through a table at ringside. Fans sarcastically chanted “Holy sh–!” Back in the ring, Nakazawa bashed Jebailey with a kendo stick. Then he pulled out a thong and tried to shove it in Jebailey face, but Jebailey ducked and then suplexed Nakazawa onto his head. Fans chanted “CEO!” Jebailey then retrieved a bag of plastic arcade push-buttons and poured the onto the canvas, then backdropped Nakazawa onto the buttons. Nakazawa shoved the thong in the referee’s face. Jebailey then put Nakazawa down with a magistral cradle, but Nakazawa put the thong in Jebailey’s face and reversed leverage into a three count.

WINNER: Nakazawa in 10:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m glad that’s over. It was truly as bad as it sounded, although the wrestling actually could have been worse – although it, too, was terrible. AEW is setting a tone that they’re going to indulge in zany comedy skits that are going to require a lot of goodwill with generous fans to get away with doing often. I’d cut all of this stuff out or save it for some sort of “You Tube” exclusive if they must indulge. I hope none of this makes it to TNT.)

-Jim Ross made his ring entrance as fans stood and applauded. Ross walled out and waved his hat at the fans. Ring announcer Justin Roberts formally introduced him. He joined the announcers at the commentary booth. He put on his headset as Excalibur gave a final plug for the main show. Ross called the last match “four stars” and said they’re ready for a night of wrestling.

-Jon Moxley said looked into the camera and said: “If you don’t know who or what Jon Moxley is, you’re about to find out.”


Announcers: Jim Ross, Excalibur, Golden Boy

-A video package aired hyping the launch of AEW and the success of Double or Nothing with clips from Double or Nothing.

-They showed Ross at ringside with Excalibur and Golden Boy. Ross said he thinks the match Cody has taken is ill-advised. Excalibur went on to talk about that match and other key matches on the show.


The announcers talked about Daniels being a veteran who knows all the tricks of the trade. Excalibur talked about Cima being the lead trainer for CWE in China. Ross said the night is just beginning and they haven’t seen anything yet. Fans chanted “Fallen Angel” a couple minutes in. Daniels landed a moonsault and then applied a crossfire with a back torque. Daniels landed a Blue Thunder Bomb and Angels’ Wings for the first believable near fall of the match at 5:00. (AEW is choosing new camera angles to film the action compared to what we see in other groups, including here a roving camera behind the last row of the floor seats pointed at the ring. It was a nice view. They also have the crane camera floating from a wide shot to a close-up over the wrestlers in the ring.) Cima came back with his own near falls and eventually landed a top rope meteora for the three count. After a handshake, Daniels left and Cima celebrated briefly while still selling his back from the beating early in the match. He also looked at the camera and yelled that he was going to be ready for Kenny Omega.

WINNER: Cima in 8:00. (**1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: Solid match, and it didn’t overstay it’s welcome at all and it wasn’t trying to be cute or clever or ironic. It worked. After the finish, they went into a video package of a series of big spots from the match in relatively rapid fashion, which is a cool touch I hope they keep up.)

-They went to the announcers who discussed the challenge Omega faces against Cima in a few weeks at Fight for the Fallen.


Referee: Aubry Edwards

Justin Roberts continued to ring announce. He said there was a 20 minute time limit for the match. Ross said it’s hard to believe they’re wrestlers because they’re so petite. At that point, the non-petite Nyla Rose came out. As Rose entered the ring, Riho looked nervous. Ross said she’s the favorite. Yuka and Riho tried to double-team Nyla early, but she overpowered them. They eventually worked together to try to suppler her, but instead Nyla suplexed both of them. Ross said she looks like the woman who is going to dominate the whole division. She put them both in a camel clutch at once. They wiggled backwards and put their foot on the bottom rope to force a break. Nyla threw Yuka onto Riho, then Yuka knocked Nyla out of the ring. Fans popped and chanted for her. She then springboard launched onto both opponents at ringside, although she had shaky legs on the top rope before the springboard launch. Back in the ring Yuka dropkicked Riho off the top rope for a two count. Riho landed a 619 on Nyla. Yuka landed a top rope dive on Nyla. Riho and Yuka battled next as Nyla rolled to the corner. They exchanged moves and pin attempts. Nyla threw Riho off of Yuka. “It was like she was moving a stuffed animal off her bed,” said Ross. Nyla brushed off Yuka strikes and played to the crowd. Yuka made a comeback and dropped Nyla to a knee. Nyla blocked a lariat and then one-arm slammed her for a believable near fall. It was a lax cover. The announcers pointed out she could have had a win there. She stuck Riho on the top ope and then leaped off the top rope with a guillotine knee to the back of her head. Ross called it a reckless, uncaring maneuver. (It was awkward Riho stayed in position so long to take the move.) Nyla took her time and didn’t make the cover. Yuka knocked Nyla off balance on the top rope, but Nyla knocked her down and then went for a flip sexton. Riho moved and then climbed to the top rope. Nyla caught Riho mid-air, but Yuka then dove off the torpor onto her. Nyla caught her, but then fell back and it led to a near fall. They made a ten minute announcement at this point with ten minutes left.

Yuka and Riho battled next with Nyla selling exhaustion in the corner. Yuka went for a springboard splash, but Riho lifted her knees. Nyla then wanton the attack on Yuka and delivered a stout power bomb. Riho broke up the pin. “This is awesome!” chanted fans. Nyla delivered a Death Valley Driver on Riho for a near fall. They both looked tired. When they both stood, Riho surprised Nyla with a roll-up for the three count. Riho shoved down Yuka afterward, and Yuka looked heartbroken.

WINNER: Riho in 13:00. (***)

(Keller’s Analysis: They told the story well of two undersized underdogs working together at times to survive and against each other to try to win throughout with some exciting exchanges and near falls that keep the crowd engaged.)

-Kip Sabian joined the announcers at ringside as he’ll face the winner of the next match.


Ross compared MJF (Maxwell Jacob Freeman) to a young Paul Heyman. (I thought he was going to say Terry Taylor, actually. The brief heel Taylor run in the UFC was great, although I think he’s a mix of Alex Shelley and Colt Cabana with a touch of Miz.) MJF asked booing fans if they were having flashbacks of being shoved into lockers. He called them nerds and said he’ll give them something they’re going to love. “That mother of yours whose basement you live in, she swallows. I hate to break it to you.” He called himself the youngest and fasted rising star in pro wrestling today. “Are you guys seriously going to talk while I’m talking?” he asked. He told them if he wanted to hear his opinions, he’d turn on TLC and watch returns of “My 600 Pound Life.” He threw some gaming terms out there which Golden Boy said “didn’t really connect.” He said he’d offer an olive branch. He said he used to love video games, so they’re not all that different. He started a “Video Games!” chant. He said, “Then I lost my virginity.” They cut to a fan in the crowd who wasn’t amused.

Luchasaurus brought Jingle Boy to the ring on his shoulders. Then Havoc made his ring entrance. Golden Boy said MJF said he’s the fastest-rising star in pro wrestling, but Adam Page might take issue with that. Ross said he walks to the ring “with that BMF walk,” although he wondered if Justin Roberts really introduced him as being 295 pounds. Golden Boy said if Page is pinned in this match, whoever pins him could be first in line for a title shot after Page faces Jericho for the AEW Title at All Out. Jungle Boy showed off nice athleticism early against Page. Havoc then entered and took it to Jungle Boy with an aggressive flurry of moves. MJF snuck in and scored a near fall with a crucifix on Havoc. Page re-entered and went after MJF, but MJF dropped to the floor. Page fallaway slammed Jungle Boy, then springboard dove onto MJF at ringside. Havoc then caught Page with a running lariat. MJF went after Jingle Boy in the ring, then celebrated and crudely gestured toward fans. Jungle Boy drop-kicked MJF in the face, then flip dove onto a crowd of all three at ringside. Jungle Boy chopped away at MJF in the ring. Havoc caught Jungle Boy on the top rope and set up a superplex. Page joined in and powerbombed them both into MJF who was charging toward them. Jungle Boy and Havoc kicked Page, then Jungle Boy huracanrana’d Havoc onto his head. Page then went after Jungle Boy and hit a Heat Seeker, but MJF put Jungle Boy’s foot on the bottom rope to stop the ref count.

Eventually MJF and Page squared off and exchanged blows. Ross said they’ll be two of the biggest players in AEW going forward, noting they are 23 and 27 years old respectively. MJF tried to use the middle for leverage on a cover on Page, but Jungle Boy broke it up. Jungle Boy went for a slingshot, but Havoc grabbed him and threw him onto Luchasaurus at ringside. MJF kicked Havoc and set up a Heat Seeker, but Havoc escaped and scored a near fall himself. MJF eye-poked Havoc to avoid an Acid Drop. Page then entered and delivered a Last Rights to Havoc for the win.

WINNER: Page in 11:00. (***)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good presentation of all four wrestlers. They framed MJF as more than a sideshow cheap heat mic guy and as a serious young contender who is a big part of the future of AEW. He was more sneaky and opportunistic than impressive in any physical way here, so they should establish that as part of his AEW journey at some point. Jungle Boy was the star here athletically. Page didn’t really stand out, but at least he won.)

(4) CODY (w/Brandi Rhodes) vs. DARBY ALLIN

The announcers talked about Darby being a car accident when he was 5 and his uncle, who was drunk driving, died. They said he was scarred by that and brings a body bag to the ring with him because of that. Ross said he saw him backstage and he seemed to be not entirely present. He said maybe he needs someone to talk to. Cody made a standard low key ring entrance, although his t-shirt said “Throne Breaker.” Cody looked like a big heavyweight against the thinner and shortly Darby, whom he just methodically overpowered and tossed around early. Darby slammed Cody’s hand against the ringpost to slow Cody. Cody sold a potential broken wrist or hand. Cody clotheslined Darby who flip bumped. That led to a two count.

Darby eventually applied a wristlock on Cody. When Cody retreated to ringside, Darby dove through the ropes and speared Cody. He then rammed Cody’s hand onto the steps, but Cody swept Darby onto the top of the steps. Cody then dove through the ropes onto Darby and let out a yell. Ross said that was uncharacteristic of Cody. Justin announced that only five minutes were left in the 20 minute time limit. Darby took control in the ring and scored a near fall, then climbed to the top rope. Cody caught him up there and set up a top rope move. The crane camera gave everyone a great view. Cody then inverted suplexed him to the mat. Fans chanted “A-E-Dub!” Cody was slow to make the cover after landing hard, and Darby kicked out at two. Darby bit Cody’s hand and then yanked on his wrist.

Darby leaped backwards off the top rope and landed hard on the edge of the ring apron. Yikes! That was scary impact. Cody then put Darby in his body bag and delivered a Disaster Kick. Cody pulled him out of the bag and scored a two count. Darby stood, then collapsed. Cody made another cover, but Darby kicked out again. Cody whipped him with his belt. Ross said Cody was frustrated because he couldn’t finish Darby. Darby countered Crossroads and then delivered an over-the-top stunner. Cody countered quickly with a Crossroads. The match ended with Cody on top for a two count but time expiring before three. The announcers asked for more time.

WINNER: Time limit draw. (***)

(Keller’s Analysis: Interesting choice to go 20 minutes with those two and have Cody come up short of being able to put the smaller, lesser known Darby away within that time. Slow start, but dramatic final half.)

-After the match, Shawn Spears (the former Tye Dillinger) entered the ring with a chair and smashed Cody in the head. Cody was bleeding heavily from the back of his head, although it appeared on the opposite side as the chairshot. MJF was first on scene so Spears left through the crowd. Brandi, Daniels, Sky, and Kaz checked on him. They replayed it a few times. The announcers speculated that Cody might not be cleared in time for Fight for the Fallen. Ross said they’re not doctors, but said certainly CTE testing is called for.

(Keller’s Analysis: Stiff unprotected chairshots to the head are stupid and outside the bounds of entertainment in 2019. Shame on whoever is responsible, not only because of what it can do in this instance, but for the example it sets for other wrestlers trying to “keep up” and prove something. This shouldn’t happen again in AEW. Given that the cut was on the opposite side of the point of impact with the chair, not sure if he suffered a hard-way cut upon landing or it was a blade job.)

-The announcers said the last official match is up next, and then Jon Moxley would face Joey Janella in an unsanctioned match afterward. Ross called it the old term, “a lights out” match.


Before the match, Omega whispered something to ring announcer Justin Roberts. Roberts then did a “Street Fighter” style announcement to start the match, a tip of the hat to the setting. After some back and forth rapid-fire three-on-three spots, the Lucha Bros. & Laredo Kid took it to the Bucks & Kenny including a triple dive onto a crowd at ringside that got a rise out of the crowd. Kenny, who had  raspberry red hair for this and a Japanese word painted on his back, tagged in and took control against Pentagon Jr. The Bucks cheered him on at ringside as he rallied. Ross commented that Kenny’s hair looked weird to him. They worked to a spot against Laredo Kid with consecutive top rope moves by Kenny and the Bucks. Kenny stood on his chest for a two count. The Lucha Bros. and Laredo Kid took over with sustained offense against Matt Jackson. Ross talked about several momentum changes for the match, but said if it ended now, he’d give it to Lucha Bros. & Laredo Kid.

Matt tagged in Omega who fended off all three opponents with some snap dragon suplexes. He climbed the ropes, but Lucha Bros. intervened. Pentagon launched Fenix over Kenny onto Nick at ringside. Chaos broke out with Kenny under a pile. Nick kicked Laredo Kid. Everyone began superkicking everyone. Kenny and the Bucks delivered triple Liger bombs for a near fall. The ref counted all of them as near falls. Fans chanted, “This is awesome!” Kenny landed a V-Trigger on Laredo and then set up a dive, but Fenix stopped him with a cutter. Nick then gave Laredo a neckbreaker. Fans chanted, “Fight forever!” The Bucks set up a Pentagon for a potential Meltzer Driver on the floor, but Laredo and Fenix intervened. That led to some sort of a counter where bodies flew onto each other at ringside. Kenny caught Laredo mid-air, meanwhile, with a V-Trigger and a Tiger Drive 98 for a near fall. Justin announced ten minutes remained in this match. Kenny delivered a running boot and then finished hi with a One Winged Angel for the three. Ross said someone would have to convince him that the Bucks aren’t the best tag team in the world.

Kenny and Pentagon Jr. had some words after the match mid-ring. Then Kenny circled the ring and took selfies with fans and fist bumped fans, Ross, and Justin.

WINNERS: Omega & The Bucks in 20:00. (****)

(Keller’s Analysis: A little too chaotic spot-fest for my tastes in some ways, but it was also a real showcase for the big moves and athleticism of everyone in the match and breathtaking and exciting. Kenny really stood out with his ring presence and the little touched he adds to his moves in the build up to executing them.)

-Justin scared fans with the ring announcement that the event is officially over, and when the lights go out, the event will be over. When they come back on, the final match would take place and it’d be unsanctioned. (Seriously, some fans in the background were panicking.)

(6) JON MOXLEY vs. JOEY JANELA – Unsanctioned No Rules Match

Mox’s AEW entrance music and ring entrance made its debut. As he walked out, Justin added his extra twist to “Jon” just as he did with John Cena back in the day as Mox came out. Ross said, “Don’t expect a great wrestling match. This is not Brisco vs. Funk.” Golden Boy said Mox said his prep for this match was shotgunning beers. “That’s how I prep,” quipped Ross. Mox threw some hard chops to start. Janela threw him out of the ring and dove at him. He drove him into the ringside barricade, then celebrated. It didn’t take long for it to end up in the crowd. Ross said Mox has “a little bit of Terry Funk in him, and that’s not a bad thing.” Back at ringside, Janela used a prosthetic leg as a weapon. Mox threw him into the ringside steps, then brought it back into the ring. Mox slammed Janela onto a chair. Mox smiled as they went to a close-up of bleeding above his right eyebrow. Ross said they’re still waiting for an update on Cody.

Janela leaped off the top rope and flipped at Mox, but Mox moved and he crushed a chair instead. Mox then pulled a barbed wire covered chair. As Mox used the chair, fans chanted “You sick f—!” He bowed. The fans cheered and clapped and laughed. Mox climbed to the top rope. Janela head scissored Mox off the towrope onto the chair, although he mostly overshot it. Janela then hit him across the back with the chair. Ross called him “a human pin cushion.” Janela pulled a table out from under the ring. He leaned it into the corner. Mox lifted Janela into a fireman’s carry. Janela pulled himself down using the top rope and battled Mox on the ring apron. He sent Mox hard off the ring apron with a Russian leg sweep onto the table. “A-E-Dub!” chanted the fans. Back in the ring Mox drove Janela hard into the chair in the corner, breaking it in half.

Janela looked up and gave Mox two middle fingers. Mox dropped an f-bomb. Ross apologized. Mox then brought a giant barbed wire board into the ring. Janela countered Mox and tossed him into the barbed wire. He got stuck in the barbed wire. Janela pulled him loose and made the cover, scoring a near fall. (No one believed that’d be three, though.) Ross plugged Ambrose vs. Omega at All Out. Ross said, “It sold out in a hiccup.” They exchanged blows mid-ring. Ambrose popped out of the corner with a clothesline. Then he lifted Janela, but Janela slipped free and connected with two superkicks. Janela pulled a ladder out of the ring. He climbed a tall ladder in the ring. Ross said he lost his mind. He then leaped off the ladder, as the ref held on to hold it up and pleaded with him to drop down. He landed on Mox with a diving elbow, breaking one of the tables Mox was on at ringside. One table survived, though. Janela pulled another giant barbed wire board out from under the ring. Fans backed away for safety. Mox surprised Janela with a DDT mid-ring. Mox then delivered Janela over the top rope onto the barbed wire time with an Attitude Adjustment.

Janela had to grab the barbed wire to detach it from his tights. Moxley threw him back into the ring and trash-talked Janela. Mox threw a barrage of rapid-fire knees to his head. Then he reached under the ring and pulled out a big paint bucket. He pulled out a bad and poured out hundreds of thumb tacks. Mox sat on Janela and took off Janela’s boots and socks. Then he suplexed him onto the tacks. He landed sideways, so his arm and shoulder were covered more than his back. Mox tried again and dropped him feet-first onto them. They were stuck in his heels. He screamed in agony. “You sick f—!” shouted the fans. Janela began yanking them out of his foot. Then he gave Mox the middle finger. Mox went back to the bucket and poured even more tacks onto the mat. He delivered a Paradigm Shift DDT on Janela for the win, although Mox landed on the tacks when he landed the DDT. He looked like he was barely holding it together when he sat up. Janela’s feet were shown with tacks stuck in them. Excalibur noted that this style match is Moxley’s roots.

WINNER: Moxley in 17:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was a statement match for AEW and Moxley that they are going places WWE hasn’t gone in a long time. Mox also wanted to shed, as Ross noted after the match, any sense of him having a PG side to him anymore. If you like this type of gimmick filled hardcore match, this was a good version of it.)

-Fans stood and applauded as Mox’s music played. Then Omega ran out and attacked him with a V-Trigger. He followed with a springboard foot stomp onto tables that Mox was sandwiched between. Golden Boy said Omega hasn’t forgotten what Moxley did to him at Double or Nothing. Omega tossed him around near the ramp and stage, then hit him with the unused mic from the band set-up. Mox fought back. Kenny stomped his head and then mounted him with a barrage of punches. Mox still had tacks stuck to his lower back and spine area. Omega then grabbed drum sticks and began playing drums before hitting Mox with them. Omega then picked up an electric guitar and smashed Mox with it across his back. Two referees helped Mox to the back. The announcers observed he seemed to be smiling. Mox shoved the referees. Omega then ran out with a trash can lid and attacked him as the show ended.

Tonight after AEW Fyter Fest, join me live with guest cohost Rich Fann from the PWTorch Dailycast “Deep Dive” to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and a live on-site correspondent from Daytona Beach, Fla.

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  1. I tuned in for Moxley, think he is super talented, but that match was crap. There is no place for thumbtacks and barbed wire in modern wrestling, I would be embarrassed if a non wrestling fan walked in on me watching that, I bet the folks at TNT are writing memos galore about what will and won’t be allowed on their show.

    • You might not care for it, but some of us do. To say there’s no place for it is a little presumptuous.

      I thought the match was great. I honestly enjoyed most all of the show. A+ outing for AEW!

      • But I hate WWE style with scripted promos and goofy cartoon babyface. Moxley as presented in New Japan could be my guy, but matches where guys lie around while there opponents scrounge for minutes at a time scrounging under the ring and building playsets then clearly cooperating with them to fall through them is not entertaining to me.

        • Maybe NJPW is your wrestling company then? AEW doesn’t look like it’s going to be any one style, but a bit of a blend of everything instead. I’m not a fan of the lucha style, but I’ll watch it on their programming and be fine with it because I see what they’re doing.

          Your argument against some of the spots being too choreographed really can apply to any match, and isn’t exclusive to hardcore. For instance, triple suplexes off the top? Spots where people stand on the outside waiting to catch someone on a dive instead of moving? Reversals of double suplexes, regardless of the size difference? It’s just part of the show.

          • True, the stuff you mentioned looks just as choreographed, I don’t like lucha style much, or hardcore stuff at all unless it’s the end of a blood feud. I’m hoping Cody and Dustin and Jericho and Jim Ross can guide them to an old school style, but the Bucks and Omega will insist on a lot of flips and dives, I’ll still watch on TNT, so time will tell.

  2. Maybe it’s because I’m 59 years old, or maybe I don’t fit into this PC world (which might explain getting banned by some of the PC wrestling websites, but I am delighted to see what looked like the old NWA shows I grew up on in the late 60s and early 70s. I don’t watch PG wrestling and with the way these wrestlers go beyond what we’re used to, I’m sold on AEW. This is what oldtime fans want.

    • I loved the old NWA too, but you would never see Johnny Valentine pummel Wahoo McDaniel to the ground, then stop, crawl under the ring and pull out a two tables and a ladder. This show didn’t remind of the NWA at it’s best, but of ECW at its worst.

  3. Once again the pre-show was a turnoff. While the triple threat was a fun match, the rest of the pre-show would have turned me away from the main show, if the main show wasn’t free.

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