7/6 MLW KINGS OF COLOSSEUM TV REPORT: Wow, what a show! Lawlor vs. Fate for MLW Hvt. Title, Hammerstone Open Challenge, Rey Horus vs. Myron Reed

By Matt Castleberry, PWTorch contributor


JULY 6, 2019

Announcers: Rich Bocchini, Jim Cornette

-The MLW Intro aired first this week.

-A voice-over announced the card for the night, as a view of the Chicago skyline was shown.

-The Kings of Colosseum intro played.

-Rich Bocchini welcomed us in to Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois. Rich ran down the lineup for tonight’s show, and Jim Cornette talked about his live Cornette Experience with Salina de la Renta later tonight. Rich then tossed it to the ring.


Alexander Hammerstone made his way out first, the rest of the Dynasty in tow. MJF and Richard Holliday carried around an American flag. Hammerstone took the mic from the ring announcer. Alex said tonight was very special, because it was a Star Spangled Hammer Challenge. He said he represented a true hero, unlike the sweathogs here in Chicago or the felons from the Hart Foundation. He said MLW would bring in the cream of the crop to face him, but he was the creamiest of them all.

Rich asked who would answer the challenge, and we finally got our answer. Kotto Brazil would be Alex Hammerstone’s opponent tonight, and to be honest it didn’t do much for the crowd or the announcers. Kotto made his way to the ring, as MJF TRIED to join Rich and Jim on commentary, but his mic wouldn’t work. MJF pitched a fit and walked off, but came back again and his mic was working. MJF said that the reason his mic didn’t work initially was that Court Bauer knew once he did commentary he wouldn’t be able to afford anyone else, because he was the best there was.

The match finally started, as Hammerstone charged Brazil, but Kotto sprang over him with help from the corner ropes. Brazil used a springboard forearm, but it did no damage to Hammerstone who shrugged it off. Kotto then went for a roll up, but it was blocked by the much larger Hammerstone. Hammerstone missed a stomp attempt, and got rolled up for a one count. Kotto then hit a headscissor takedown in Hammerstone, and followed it with a majistral cradle for two. Kotto cinched in a front facelock, but Hammerstone picked him up and just tossed him away, and followed that with a big boot to the face.

Alex took control with a few punches, and then hit a pump handle fall away slam. Hammer tried for a backdrop suplex, but Kotto flipped out of it. Alex tried charging Kotto, but caught a foot to the face. Kotto charged Alex, but Alex caught him and hit a swinging facebuster on Kotto. Alex picked up Kotto, and tried for the nightmare pendulum, but Kotto got out and landed a few kicks. Kotto then hit a satellite ddt, but couldn’t make the cover. Kotto caught Alex with a boot to the face in the corner, and then followed it with a leaping clothesline and an inside out enziguri. Kotto climbed up top and hit a one legged dropkick, that took Hammerstone off his feet, and went back up top to hit a frog splash for a two count!

Kotto went up top a third time, but Richard Holliday distracted him long enough for Hammerstone to come knock him off the top and crotch him in the corner. Hammerstone picked Kotto up from the second rope and hit a stalled vertical suplex, in which Hammerstone held him vertical for over ten seconds. Hammerstone then picked him up and hit the nightmare pendulum for a three count.

WINNER: Alexander Hammerstone

(Matt’s Thoughts: When Kotto was announced as his opponent, I wasn’t exactly stoked, but the match turned out pretty good. Hammerstone continued to look like a monster out there, but Kotto gave him enough of a challenge to feel like it wasn’t just a lopsided match. I don’t know who they plan to build to take on Hammerstone yet, but I would like to see him and Davey Boy Smith Jr. go one on one.)

-The Dynasty brought the flag in the ring afterwards and held it up for the crowd, as Alex Hammerstone posed in the corner. MJF took a microphone and told the truck to cut the music. MJF said in case you hadn’t seen what happened, your winner and STILL your National Champion was the “God Amongst Men” and the third member of the greatest faction in wrestling history, Alexander Hammerstone. MJF said he knows a lot of people don’t understand him, so he would speak really slow. The crowd started chanting “perro”, to which MJF said their mom’s were barking like perros all night long. MJF then challenged the Hart Foundation for the tag team titles.

-Cornette reviewed what CONTRA Unit had been doing since their inception in MLW, and talked about the repercussions of Jacob Fatu winning the MLW title tonight. Rich talked about how it all started right here in Chicago, and reminded us about Jacob Fatu leaping off the top of the cage onto Tom Lawlor.

Simon Gotch was standing by backstage. He said abandon hope all ye who enter. Simon said last time in Chicago this door, pointing to the door behind him, was his gateway to hell. He said tonight Jacob Fatu would serve as the ferryman to the afterlife. The door behind Gotch opened, and Tom Lawlor, sporting a shaved head, was standing behind him. Before Gotch could finish his statement, Lawlor attacked Gotch laying him out. Lawlor then spoke into the camera, calling out Josef Samael and Jacob Fatu. Lawlor asked if they were ready, because he was. He said tonight the door closes on CONTRA.

Jim Cornette gave a short history lesson on wrestling in Chicago, as he spoke about George Hackenschmidt taking on Frank Gotch at White Sox stadium. Jim said it was big news back then, and speaking of big news MLW had some to announced. Rich said the news actually broke yesterday, but here was more about it. That was followed by a video announcing MLW’s first PPV, Saturday Night Super Fight, Nov. 2 in Chicago.


Myron Reed would make his way out to the ring first, along with his new stooge Jordan Oliver. Both men had the tape on their mouth, and Oliver was carrying a sign that said #Justice. Rey Horus made his way out second, the obvious crowd favorite tonight. As he made his way into the ring, Reed and Oliver bailed out of the ring and continued to complain to the crowd.

Reed finally made his way into the ring, but immediately rolled back out, wasting everyone’s time. The bell finally rang, as Reed finally came in and stayed. Horus went for a lockup, but Reed kicked him in the stomach. The two traded evading moves while rope running, but Horus hit a one legged drop kick. Reed rolled out of the ring to waste even more time, as Jordan Oliver checked on him. Reed and Horus locked up again, after Reed returned to the ring, and Reed locked in a headlock. Horus slipped out, and the two men ran the ropes again, Horus hitting a headscissor takeover, and followed it with another one legged dropkick.

Reed rolled out of the ring again, and Horus looked to be going for some sort of tope, but Oliver stepped in the way. While Horus was distracted by Oliver, Myron Reed TRIED to sneak in behind Rey, but Rey saw it coming. Reed had his front kick attempt blocked, but then ducked under a clothesline, and then his an enziguri for a one count. Reed tossed Horus out of the ring and distracted the ref, as Jordan Oliver attacked Horus and then tossed him back into the ring for a two count by Myron Reed.

Reed missed a charge into the ropes, and Horus hit a springboard armdrag sending Reed outside. Horus was going to try a suicide dive, but Reed moved, and Horus slid out of the ring instead. Horus jumped back up on the apron and hit a wrecking ball dropkick onto Reed, as Horus jumped into the ring. Jordan Oliver came into the ring and ran at Horus, but Horus back dropped him over the ropes onto Myron Reed, taking both men out! Horus went for another dive, but the ref stepped in his way stopping him because he needed to check on Oliver and Reed. Horus decided he was going to dive anyway, and leapt over the ref and hit a tope con giro onto Reed and Oliver!

Horus grabbed Reed and hit a stiff chop, before tossing him back in the ring. Horus made the cover, but only got a two count. Horus sent Reed into the corner and followed him in with a clothesline, but as Horus went back across the ring Reed followed HIM and hit a front kick into the corner on Horus. Reed tried the same thing,but Horus followed HIM into the corner with a flying forearm. Horus whipped Reed BACK across the ring, but Reed reversed it. Horus slid out of the ring by the ringpost, and goaded Reed to follow him out. Reed did follow, and Horus immediately went back into the ring. As Reed was sliding in, Horus hit a guillotine leg drop from the second rope on Reed, getting a close two count.

Horus picked Reed up, and attempted some sort of suplex, but Reed countered into a botched stunner. Reed then went up top, hitting a springboard 450, but only got a two count. Reed picked Horus back up, landing several stiff forearm shots. Horus fought back, but it was cut off initially. Horus and Reed exchanged rope running reversals, but Horus hit a spanish fly out of nowhere for a close two! Jordan Oliver got up on the apron, but Horus knocked him off and sent him face first into the railing. That was a big distraction, though, as Reed was up top waiting for Horus to turn around. Reed came off the top with a spinning springboard european uppercut for the three count!

WINNER: Myron Reed

(Matt’s Thoughts: You expect two of the top workers in MLW to put on a great match, and that’s exactly what you got. Reed grows on me every week, and having a lackey like Jordan Oliver now will only help his heel persona grow. I think he is one of the most underrated guys in MLW right now. Rey Horus is as good as it gets in the ring, and once again you saw it tonight. Even in a loss he looked good. My only problem is that he is on a bit of a losing streak now, so it might be time to give him a win. I’d like to see these two go at it again.)

-Oliver and Reed continued to beat up on Horus after the match. Rich said the newest member of the broadcast team, Georgia Smith, was standing by with the Hart Foundation.

-Georgia said she was happy to be in MLW, and had Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Teddy Hart with her this evening. She asked the Harts about the challenge by the Dynasty earlier in the evening. Smith said they accepted the match, but on their terms. Smith said it would be a ladder match, which started in Stampede wrestling. Smith said there would be one other stipulation, as the Hart Foundation worked under Freebird Rules, he wanted Brian Pillman Jr. to step up and be part of the match. Teddy asked if he could tell Brian the good news, and Smith agreed. Teddy pulled Brian into the interview, and told him he would be in the match against the Dynasty. Smith said he believed in him, and said that the pressure would make him a diamond. Pillman said there would be no prisoners, they were doing it old school Hart Dungeon style.

-Jim Cornette stood in the ring for the first ever live Jim Cornette Experience. He introduced his guest, the Empresaria Salina de la Renta. Salina made her way to the ring, looking like only she can, and made a full lap around it before entering. Cornette thanked Salina, but she cut him off and said he could call her Ms. De la Renta. Cornete corrected his introduction, and began running off Salina’s accolades. Jim said Salina had accomplished so much already by the age of 22, and said she had just won an award. Salina said she came from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, and had just won an award for the top female entrepreneur of the year. Jim asked about LA Park being here tonight, and asked if he might cash in his Battle Riot win tonight. Salina asked why she would stand out there in front of him and people like THIS and let them in on her secrets. Jim then asked about Konnan, who would be returning to MLW. Salina said she wasn’t worried about Konnan, and said the last time he was here he got humiliated. She said Konnan was the type of man who couldn’t keep a superstar, or please a woman (yikes). Jim said that was a ridiculous statement to make. Konnan came out from the back, and made his way to the ring. Konnan took the mic from Jim, and did his normal K-Dawg entrance speech. Konnan said Salina is trying to say he can’t please a woman, but if she wants to get on all fours he can disprove that right now on live TV. Salina said he was disgusting, and she didn’t have time for his bs. Konnan said it was ironic she talked about disgusting, and then finished his statement in Spanish (my spanish is bad, I’m sorry). Konnan then said it was funny she was here at this time tonight, because usually Salina was walking the streets of Southside Inglewood. Konnan said the reason HE was here is because he had a new crop of luchadores, just like Rey Mysterio and Psicosis or Fenix and Pentagon, but he had these guys signed already so she couldn’t touch them. Salina said this was typical of Konnan, but she had a secret to share with everyone that would end his career if he wanted to keep messing with her.

-Rich recapped what happened earlier this evening, as Simon Gotch was attacked by Tom Lawlor. Rich said he attacked first, because the Von Erichs weren’t there tonight to back him up, as they were in Israel doing press work for MLW partners there.

-A vignette for Dr. Wagner Jr. aired. He would soon be making his MLW debut.

-Rich and Jim recounted how Salina had said she would ruin Konnan if he continued to push her. Jim said Konnan had nothing to say about it as he left the ring. They then told us about the Harts accepting the challenge from the Dynasty again, and the stipulations they put on the match. The Dynasty was standing by backstage with a response to the Hart response. MJF stood in the background singing, a pair of AirPods in his ear. Hammerstone was excited at what the Harts had said, but MJF just stood there singing still, which infuriated Hammerstone a bit. Hammerstone told MJF the news that they wanted to put Pillman in the match, and all three celebrated. Holliday said there was BETTER news, it was a ladder match. MJF was not obviously not pleased about the ladder match. Holliday reassured MJF that it would be fine, because he was 6’4, and the ladder would be no problem. They accepted the Hart’s stipulations, but MJF was not thrilled about it.

-Jim said that they were running long tonight, but BEIN sports had given the okay and that they would be on the air to the conclusion of the main event tonight.

-The CONTRA vs. Tom Lawlor vignette aired, showing all the chaos caused over the last few months. Every step was recapped, from the beginning attack until the Von Erichs were brought in as Lawlor’s backup.

-The main event tale of the tape was shown, as Jim and Rich read off the stats on both champion and contender. A video of all the previous MLW champions was shown, and then we went to the ring.


Jacob Fatu made his way to the ring first, the CONTRA flag draped over his shoulders. Josef Samael escorted him to the ring alone, as obviously Simon Gotch had been disposed of earlier in the night by Lawlor. It showed Salina de la Renta at ringside, as Jim mentioned this match would affect her too. Jim also told us this match would be presented commercial free, for our enjoyment. Filthy Tom Lawlor made his way out next, and he looked fired up. Fatu wouldn’t let Lawlor in the ring at first, but the ref finally blocked Fatu off so Filthy could get in. Official introductions were finally made, and it would be time to fight!

Lawlor and Fatu went at each other right away, with Fatu taking quick control sending Lawlor over the top rope. Fatu sent Lawlor off the apron and into the guardrail, and followed him out continuing to punish Lawlor. Lawlor tried to fight back with chops, but Fatu hit a backdrop suplex onto the apron. Fatu continued to slam Lawlor from railing to table, to apron, before rolling him back into the ring. Both men exchanged blows in the ring, but Lawlor was put on the mat by Fatu without much trouble. Lawlor tried fighting back again, but a rake to the eyes and a body slam put Tom down AGAIN. Fatu tried to come off the second rope with a headbutt, but missed. Lawlor locked on a rear naked choke, but Fatu fought out. Lawlor locked it in a second time, but again Fatu tossed him off his back. Lawlor landed a couple of dropkicks, and then a third time locked in the choke.

Fatu this time, slammed into the corner to get Lawlor off. Fatu charged Filthy, but Filthy got a boot up. Lawlor tried a body press off the second rope, but Fatu caught him midair, and tossed him aside. Fatu tried for the springboard moonsault, but Lawlor rolled out of the way! Filthy got back to his feet, and while the ref was talking to Josef Samael, Lawlor kicked Fatu between the legs. Lawlor tried for a sunset flip into a pin, but Fatu wouldn’t go down. Fatu tried a sitdown senton, but missed. Lawlor landed several kicks to the seated Fatu, but it just fired Fatu up. Fatu stood up and took off his shirt, but Tom still peppered him with knee strikes and kicks. Lawlor locked Fatu in a front facelock, but Fatu fought out and took Lawlor down as he countered a DDT attempt with a handstand. Fatu then hit a crazy handspring moonsault off the ropes for a close two! Fatu waited for Lawlor to climb back to his feet and charged him, but missed a splash in the corner. Lawlor followed with chops and strikes in the corner, and then a discus clothesline. Lawlor tried another off the ropes but ran into a Fatu superkick. Fatu followed that with a big samoan drop, and then hit the springboard moonsault for a three count!

WINNER: Jacob Fatu to capture the MLW Hvt. Title.

(Matt’s Thoughts: Holy cow! Fatu did it! The Samoan Werewolf beat Tom Lawlor! I didn’t think they would pull the trigger yet, but they did! Wow! It was a good match for the way it needed to be designed. Lawlor tried to ground the beast, using kicks, knees, and chokes to try and wear the big man down. No matter what Lawlor did, though, Fatu seemed to always have a counter. Fatu’s athleticism for a man his size is UNREAL sometimes. The handstand out of a ddt, and then the handspring moonsault he did were just sick. Lawlor was left lying, and Fatu looks like an absolute unstoppable beast.)

-Salina left ringside on her phone, and looked seriously worried now. Fatu and Samael celebrated in the ring, and held up the CONTRA flag for everyone to see. Neither Jim or Rich could find the words to really describe what had just happened. Rich and Jim recapped how Fatu won the match, and Jim said Tom could have some major injuries. Rich said CONTRA Unit had now hijacked MLW.

FINAL ANALYSIS:What. A. Show. Jacob Fatu is a star and an unstoppable beast, and I absolutely love it. He and Lawlor put on a nice brawl in the main event, but Lawlor put Fatu over big. I love how every week MLW continues to put on good matches in a short period of time, progress storylines forward without it looking hokey, and make you feel like you’re always going to get a coherent product. I will be redundant, but kudos to Court Bauer and the amazing job he has done since the reboot. The show ends, and you are ready for more! Over the next few weeks, we will get to see a Tag Team Title ladder match between the Harts and the Dynasty, we will get Konnan and Salina going at it more, we will see what a real CONTRA Unit take over looks like. Not to mention that Mance Warner is still after Promociones, and Low Ki still has business with CONTRA. Oh, and that’s on top of bringing in Austin Aries, Dr. Wagner Jr, Savio Vega, and others. Then there was the big news of the FIRST EVER MLW PPV coming in November, where all the tiles WILL be defended, and we will see some dream matches take place! If you can’t get excited over MLW right now, I don’t know if you ever will. I’m still pumped from the show I just watch, so that means I need to dive back in for some more action! Next week we start on the road to Never Say Never. What will we find out? I’m not sure, but I can GUARANTEE you it will be good. Until then… Matt out!!!

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